Petrol snow blower Champion ST556

Petrol snow blower Champion ST556

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The cloudy autumn will end very soon and snow will replace the boring rain. Snowflakes will whirl in a bizarre dance, and the wind, howling, will scatter them around. You will not have time to blink an eye, but already around the snowdrifts, which not only decorate the site with their whiteness, but also do not allow cars and people to move freely. You can clear snow with a traditional shovel, but if the area is rather large, this will be difficult. A technician can come to the rescue. There are a lot of small snowblowers capable of moving around the site without harming plantings.

One of the most reliable is the Champion 556 snow blower. It is the most compact of all models in this range. It is produced in China by the American company Champion, which specializes in the production of equipment for farms and private households. Used by this company's snow blowers and utilities.

Main functions

This snow blower not only removes snow, forming a half-meter passage, but can also throw it up to 8 m in any direction.

Attention! The height of the snow cover for one-time snow removal should not exceed 42 cm.

Snow is removed in two stages. On the first, the toothed auger mechanism destroys the thickness of the snow, and on the second, the rotor impeller throws snow in the desired direction. The ejection is due to centrifugal forces.

Warning! The snow blower Champion ST 556 removes well even packed snow, but the snow cover compacted by graders or frozen after a thaw is beyond its strength.

But if the snow is loosened by hand, it can be removed in this case as well.

Reviews of the Champion 556 snow blower are only positive. It handles snow removal very well and is easy to operate. This is provided by the technical features of the snow blower mechanism.

Advantages of the Champion 556 snow blower

  • It is very easy to operate and does not require special training.
  • All moving parts of the mechanism are reliably protected, which makes it safe to operate.
  • The ability to switch speeds and the presence of reverse gear.
  • The economical gasoline engine can be easily started manually. Both valves are located at the top. To turn the snow blower in place, it is enough to unlock the split pin connection of any of the wheels with the drive shaft.
  • If a solid object accidentally falls into the CT 556 bucket, then damage will not happen. It is protected from it by the fastening of the metal auger to the drive shaft by means of shear bolts.
  • To protect the covering of the surface to be cleaned, such as paving stones or tiles, it is possible to change the height at which the plastic snow blower runners are located. It can be adjusted and fixed in the selected position with a threaded connection, thereby adjusting the depth to which the bucket is immersed in the snow.

To make the right choice, you need to understand the capabilities and the way the mechanism works.

Main characteristics

  • The CT 556 snow blower has a tank that can be filled with 3.5 liters of fuel, and the oil tank holds 0.6 liters.
  • When working, the snow blower captures a strip of snow 56 cm wide.
  • The deflector through which the snow is thrown is capable of turning 190 degrees.
  • To ensure an hour of uninterrupted operation, you will have to spend 800 ml of gasoline.
  • The maximum forward speed of the snow blower is up to 4 km / h, and backward it can move at a speed of 2 km / h.
  • The diameter of each pneumatic tire of the snow blower is 33 cm.
  • The weight of the fully equipped mechanism is 62 kg.

More details about the capabilities of CT556 can be seen in the video:

The heart of all snow blowers is the engine. The Champion ST 556 has gasoline. Its power meets the needs of the snow blower, the design is ergonomic and the design is thoughtful. The engine power of the CT 556 snow blower is five and a half horsepower, and its working volume is 168 cubic centimeters. The shaft rotates counterclockwise and the engine can be started with a manual lanyard starter. The engine weighs almost 16 kg.

Like all snow blowers, the CT 556 engine is adapted to work at temperatures below 0 degrees, so it requires high-octane gasoline, and lubricants must have a high degree of viscosity.

Since the CT 556 operates in winter conditions associated with snow fog, a simple foam rubber membrane was chosen for the air filter, therefore Champion 556 cannot be operated in summer, even if special sweeping brushes are installed.

The ST 556 petrol snow blower is controlled using cable drives brought to the handles. Two grooves of the pulley, which are attached to the output shaft of the power plant, are respectively responsible for the rotation of the rotor and the movement of the wheels. Both gears are engaged by means of pressure rollers, which are controlled by cable drives.

Attention! Caked or sticky snow is removed by turning on a low gear, just falling out - turning on the middle one, and the transportation of the device - at the highest.

The snow blower is completed with the necessary tools and some spare parts.

The Champion CT 556 is a reliable and easy-to-use device that makes snow removal a pleasure.


Igor, 42 years old, Kimry

I bought a snow blower Champion ST 556 and I am very satisfied. The build quality is very high, it is reliable in work and has not let down yet. True, just in case, before the first launch, I still checked the clamps and threaded connections. But everything turned out to be in order.

Constantine, 35 years old, Veliky Ustyug

I recently built a house and in the very first winter faced the problem of clearing snow, which we have a lot. The snow blower Champion ST 556 helped. The machine is compact, easily runs along all paths. Convenient to fill with gasoline. True, the membrane on the air filter somehow froze, but quickly coped with the problem. In general, the unit is very good.

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