Chio Chio San tomatoes: photos, reviews

Vegetable growers always face a choice when they decide to plant a new tomato variety on the site. Unfortunately, there is no such thing that would suit absolutely everyone. Therefore, information about the variety is very important for tomato lovers. According to the reviews of summer residents, the Cio-Cio-San tomato is a deservedly beloved variety with its own characteristics.

Characteristics and features of tomato

For vegetable growers, any parameters are important, starting with the appearance of the plant and fruits, and ending with the nuances of agricultural technology. Indeed, in order to get a good harvest, it is necessary to place the plant in favorable conditions for it. Description and photo of the Cio-Cio-San tomato will be a necessary help for gardeners.

First of all, you need to know that the amazing variety of Cio-Cio-San tomato belongs to the indeterminate. In other words, the bush grows non-stop. The height of one plant is more than 2 meters. This is an important characteristic of Chio-Chio-San tomatoes, which determines the nuances of plant care.

You will need to set up supports and tie up the tomato. Although the need for supports is dictated by another condition - the variety of pink tomatoes Cio-Chio-San is very productive, and up to 50 fruits of excellent quality ripen on one bush. The stems will not be able to withstand such a weight without help.

The second characteristic that dictates the characteristics of care is the ripening period. Chio-Chio-San - medium ripening tomatoes. This means that the variety is grown in seedlings and the ripe fruits are harvested no earlier than 110 days after the first shoots appear.

The description of the appearance of the tomato should start with the fruit. After all, they are the main goal of gardeners.

According to reviews, the tall bushes of the Cio-Cio-San tomato variety are decorated with clusters of oblong fruits of amazing taste. On one hand, up to 50-70 fruits can ripen at the same time, each weighing at least 40 grams. Therefore, one bush is able to provide the owner with six kilograms of tomatoes.

The tomatoes are creamy and pink in color. The pulp is firm, juicy, fleshy and sweet. The hostess is happy to use such tomatoes for juice. And this is despite the fact that its color turns out to be pale, but the taste suits all lovers of a tomato drink. Prepared fresh salads and canned tomatoes of this variety are very tasty. When salted in jars, the fruits do not need to be cut, they fit perfectly in a container and look appetizing. And gourmets highlight the spicy taste of sauces and seasonings made from ripe mid-season tomatoes of the Cio-Chio-San variety. The only type of processing for which the variety is unsuitable is fermentation.

These wonderful fruits grow on tall bushes with an attractive appearance. Thanks to the description and photo of the Cio-Cio-San tomatoes, you can see how decorative the plants look on the site. The bush is decorated with fan-shaped clusters of small oblong fruits. The bright pink color of tomatoes goes well with the green foliage, and the shape gives the bush an extraordinary appeal.

The height of the bush is large, the plants stand out on the ridges and in the greenhouse. They require the standard steps that tall tomatoes need - garters, shaping and pinching.

Judging by the description of the variety and reviews of summer residents, the Cio-Cio-San tomatoes are characterized by good keeping quality.

Important! The ripe fruits of the Cio-Cio-San tomatoes are harvested on time. If you overexpose them on the branches, they will crack, and you will have to forget about storage.

It should be noted that the Chio-Chio-San tomato is resistant to diseases and weather factors, which is extremely important for vegetable growers. The hybrid variety is almost not affected by fungal infections. It sets fruit well even during the strong summer heat, bears fruit until frost - as a result, several bushes provide fruits for the whole season. All these parameters are clearly confirmed by the video about the tomato:

Step-by-step description of growing


A mid-season tomato variety Chio-Chio-San is grown in a seedling way. Depending on the region, seedlings begin to be planted in a permanent place in May - June. And the sowing of seeds begins no later than March. The stages of growing seedlings include standard items:

  1. Rejection of unusable seed material. The purchased seeds are visually inspected and sorted out. According to the description of the mid-ripening variety of Cio-Chio-San tomatoes, the seeds in the fruits ripen small. All the same, you need to select whole from them, without damage or damage.
  2. Soak. Provides seed disinfection and accelerates germination. A weak solution of potassium permanganate is prepared for soaking. Then the seeds are washed with clean water.
  3. Hardening. The procedure is important and necessary, especially in regions with cool climates. At home, a kitchen refrigerator is used for hardening.

While the seeds are undergoing pre-sowing preparation, it is necessary to prepare the soil and containers.

For sowing seeds, use a special soil for seedlings or prepared with your own hands. According to the description of the properties of the Cio-Cio-San tomatoes, the seeds should be placed in moist soil to ensure good germination. Embedding depth 1.5 - 2 cm.

The container with the sown seeds is covered with foil until shoots appear. As soon as they appear, the seedlings are immediately transferred closer to the light. Caring for Chio-Chio-San tomato seedlings consists of the usual actions for vegetable growers - watering, gentle loosening, maintaining optimal temperature, lighting and humidity. Everyone achieves these parameters based on home conditions.

The appearance of 2-3 true leaves on seedlings is a signal for a pick.

Important! Seedlings of tall tomatoes are grown only with a dive into separate containers.

When transplanting tomatoes, be sure to deepen the seedlings to the leaves in order to accelerate the appearance of new roots. According to gardeners, after diving, the Chio-Chio-San tomato seedlings need careful care so that the plants grow healthy, as in the photo:

Therefore, watering - if necessary, hardening, nutrition, protection from pests - these items are performed on time and efficiently.

Transfer to a permanent place

According to the description of the Cio-Cio-San tomato variety, the plants grow equally well both in greenhouses and in the open field. But transplanting before the end of spring frosts is not recommended. The scheme of planting tomatoes Chio-Chio-San 45 x 65 cm Plants form depending on the distance between the bushes. If planted closer, then leave one branch. If planted wider, then two or three. The yields under cover are slightly higher, but those who grow the variety outdoors are also happy with the result.

Some branches with large tassels have to be tied up separately, otherwise they can simply break.

We will consider below how to care for the planted Cio-Chio-San tomatoes.

Care for mature bushes

The summer residents do not have any particular difficulties in caring for the Chio-Chio-San variety. The tomato does not belong to the picky ones, therefore it responds well to the usual actions.

  1. Watering. Here, the criterion is the drying of the topsoil. You should not pour the Chio-Chio-San tomatoes, but you should also not let the roots dry out. Water for irrigation is taken warm and watered in the evening so that the plants do not get burned.
  2. Top dressing. The amount and composition of nutrient solutions depends on the degree of soil fertility. You can use folk recipes or standard complex fertilizers. It is important not to forget that the Chio-Chio-San tomatoes are fed on the ridges only after watering. Otherwise, the plants may be damaged. The frequency of dressings is maintained once every 10 days.
  3. Stealing. In the description of the Cio-Cio-San tomato variety, this procedure is indicated as mandatory, so you need to remove the stepsons correctly (see the photo below).
  4. Weeding and loosening. This procedure helps to get rid of pests and possible diseases, and also provides the tomato bushes with sufficient nutrition.

In addition to the listed actions, gardeners have to pay attention to disease prevention.

Pests and diseases of mid-season tomato

Growing Chio-Chio-San tomatoes, gardeners do not have to fight such a formidable disease as late blight. But pests can annoy.

The cultivar can suffer from attacks:

  1. A spider mite that feeds on plant cell sap. The largest surge is observed with increased dry air.
  2. Whiteflies. Especially often the insect is harmful in greenhouses, sucking out the sap from the plants.
  3. Nematodes. Destroying the root system, they oppress tomatoes, which are stunted and may die.

To avoid such a nuisance, vegetable growers regularly perform preventive treatments, thoroughly disinfect the soil and greenhouse premises, and maintain optimal humidity and temperature. Outdoors, Chio-Chio-San tomatoes are less susceptible to parasite infestations.


Alla Goreeva

My favorite variety. I love beautiful tomatoes, these are beautiful. And also delicious. I have been growing the Chio-Chio-San variety for only three years, so I do not consider myself an experienced summer resident. But there were no problems with Cio-Cio-San. Very beautiful when preserved. I also roll up green fruits, because the variety does not like to be on the branches for a long time. If not collected on time, the fruits crack and then are not stored.

Evgeny Zabolotsky

This year I tried to grow the Chio-Chio-San variety for commercial purposes. Has attracted resistance to late blight. It turned out to be true. It was not necessary to fight the formidable disease, despite the unstable weather. We are happy with the harvest, and the quality of the fruits too. Feeding does not require much, it is even harmful to overfeed. The usual timely care and the variety will reward an unrivaled harvest.

Svetlana Karplyuk

The variety first attracted by its name. I love opera, and I could not imagine what qualities a Cio-Cio-San tomato should have in order to evoke such feelings. However, in the first year I was surprised. Taste, productivity, decorativeness, unpretentiousness - all in one. Now, to provide a family with fresh and canned tomatoes, five roots are enough for us (we also treat our neighbors). Here is such an amazing variety of Cio-Cio-San.

In support of these words, an informative video:

Watch the video: Caring for tomatoes (September 2021).