When to sow carrots in the suburbs

Every child knows that juicy, sweet, crunchy carrots are not only tasty, but also very healthy. It is grown on their plots by many gardeners for subsequent use in the preparation of various culinary dishes. Sow the crop directly into the soil in the spring. Sowing times may vary depending on the region. So, we will try to clarify when to plant carrots in the Moscow region, and what varieties are better for this.

The best time to sow

Carrots are notable for their unpretentiousness, but in order to get a really good harvest of root crops, you need to know when to sow the seeds of this culture. So, you need to think about sowing after the probability of strong and prolonged frosts has passed.

Attention! The optimum night temperature should not drop below + 70C. In the Moscow region, such temperature indicators are typical for the beginning of May.

That is why many gardeners traditionally sow the seeds of this vegetable on the May holidays.

Carrot seeds take a long time to germinate. Sometimes it takes up to 22 days from the day of sowing the seeds into the soil until the shoots appear. The ripening period of a vegetable depends on the variety of the crop. So, early ripe carrots ripen in 65 days from the moment of germination of the grains. Late-ripening varieties ripen in 130-150 days. It is worth noting that the seeds of late ripening varieties are sometimes sown in the Moscow region in April under film.

Some farmers use the lunar calendar to determine the sowing date of a particular crop. Carrots are a root crop, which means that they need to be sown at a time when the moon is waning, or, more precisely, is in the last quarter.

In this regard, it is worth highlighting the periods recommended for sowing a crop: from April 19 to 25 and from May 19 to 24.

Sowing rules

Before planting carrots in the ground, it is necessary to prepare the seeds: treat them with a manganese solution and soak them for a day in a nutrient medium. Swollen seeds are sown in open ground. In order to avoid thickening of crops, the seeds of root crops can be pre-glued on a strip of toilet paper, observing the necessary intervals between the grains. By sowing seeds mixed with sifted dry sand, dense plantings can also be avoided.

Carrots are quite demanding on the sun and cannot grow in the shade, which means that a well-lit, sunny plot of land should be chosen for it. Tomatoes, legumes, cucumbers, potatoes, and onions are good precursors for vegetables.

Warning! Sowing root vegetable seeds is not recommended on land where zucchini, parsley, parsnip or celery were previously grown.

Particular attention should be paid to the choice of "neighbors" for the vegetable. So, carrots and onions provide mutual assistance in the fight against onion and carrot flies.

The soil for growing carrots should be loose. Otherwise, the roots will have a distorted shape. The filling and juiciness of vegetables depends on the moisture content of the soil. Watering plants should be carried out regularly in large quantities. With each watering, the soil must be moistened to the full depth of germination of the root crop.

Important! You need to water the carrots once every 3-5 days, depending on the weather, not allowing the soil to dry out.

Irregular watering can lead to cracks in the root crop. Some other rules and tricks for growing good carrots can be found in the video:

What carrots are best planted in the suburbs

In order to get a good harvest of carrots, it is necessary not only to sow the seeds on time and take proper care of the crops, but also to choose the best varieties on the market.

First of all, you should decide by what time you need to get the root crop. If a vegetable is to become a source of vitamins and a fresh treat for the whole family, then early maturing varieties should be preferred. When carrots need to be used in conservation, the root crop must ripen simultaneously with other vegetable crops, which means that early or mid-season crop varieties should be grown.

Advice! To prepare a vegetable for the winter, you should prefer carrots with a long ripening period, they are perfectly stored, and will delight with their freshness until the onset of the new season.

Early maturing varieties

What kind of carrots to sow in the spring in the Moscow region in order to treat children and grandchildren with vegetables in the middle of summer? The answer to this question is extremely simple: the earliest and most delicious. Among these varieties with excellent taste should be highlighted:

Saturno F1

Saturno f1 is an excellent hybrid with excellent root appearance and excellent taste. The vegetable ripens early enough, just 50 days after the planted seeds have sprouted. So, the owners who sow the variety "Saturno f1" in April under the film, get a good harvest already in early July.

A dark orange vegetable, up to 19 cm long, contains a large amount of sugar and carotene, which means that it can become a delicious and very healthy treat for all family members. Including it can be used in the preparation of vegetable puree for feeding the smallest children.

Important! Carrots "Saturno f1" are resistant to cracking.

The Bureau

This is another widely demanded variety of early maturing carrots for the Moscow region. It is distinguished by large roots with tender and juicy pulp. The vegetable ripens quickly enough: after 65 days from the day of seed germination, you can start harvesting.

The external qualities of the "Bureau" carrots are excellent: the roots are bright orange, up to 18 cm long, have a cylindrical shape. The advantage of the variety is its resistance to cracking. You can store root vegetables for 3-4 months.

Among other early-ripening varieties of carrots with good taste and agrotechnical qualities, one should highlight Victoria f1, Artek, Tushon, Amsterdam, Chanson Royal.

Medium early varieties

A few slices of carrots in a jar of canned cucumbers can serve as a garnish for a pickle. And rolling salads is not at all possible without the use of this unique vegetable. For the preparation of pickles and other winter preparations, it is better to plant medium-early varieties of carrots, which will ripen simultaneously with other vegetables in the garden.

Abaco f1

This hybrid carrot can be sown as early as early April. She is not afraid of cold weather and short-term frosts. Root crops ripen on average 110 days from the day of germination. The Dutch hybrid is resistant to most diseases and cracking. Differs in high productivity.

Carrots "Abaco f1" grow up to 20 cm long. Its shape is slightly tapered and almost perfectly flat. The root vegetable is great for canning and storage.

Beauty maiden

These carrots really deserve the attention of every gardener. It combines all the best qualities characteristic of the culture: the roots are very juicy and sweet. The concentration of carotene in them is increased, which allows us to talk about the benefits of the vegetable. The color of carrots is also largely determined by the content of this substance: carrots are colored bright orange. The shape of the vegetable is conical, classic, up to 16 cm long, and weighs no more than 140 grams. At the same time, the total yield of the variety is high: 5 kg / m2... The characteristic qualities of the variety are resistance to blooming and cracking.

Seeds of the Krasa Devitsa variety are sown in late April - early May. Harvest with this sowing schedule after about 130 days. The purpose of root vegetables is universal: they can be widely used in the preparation of winter preparations, baby purees, fresh salads and culinary dishes.

Among other varieties of carrots with an average ripening period, one should highlight "Altair f1", "Negovia f1", "Olenka" and, of course, the familiar to many carrots of the "Nantes" variety.

Late ripening carrots

Harvesting late-ripening carrots begins in October. The vegetable is not afraid of cold weather and can be in the garden until the onset of winter. Adaptation to long-term storage allows you to lay the root crop in the cellars before the onset of the new harvest season. Among such varieties with a long ripening period, the best for the Moscow region are:

Autumn queen

The “Queen of Autumn” got its name for a reason. This carrot has a high yield, which can reach 9 kg / m2... The taste of the root vegetable is excellent: the vegetable is sweet and very juicy. The length of the roots reaches record sizes and may surprise even a seasoned grower. So, each carrot has a length of 20 to 25 cm. At the same time, the roots have an elegant conical shape and weigh only 180-200 grams. Carrots of the "Queen of Autumn" variety ripen approximately 150 days after sowing. At the same time, a mature vegetable is excellent for long-term winter storage.

Important! Carrots of the "Queen of Autumn" variety successfully withstand frosts down to -40C.

The emperor

Another variety of carrots suitable for the Moscow region is "Emperor". This vegetable does not have a high yield, but its appearance and taste make it the best among its peers. Carrots "Emperor" are dense, but juicy. When a root crop breaks, you can hear a characteristic ringing crunch. The vegetable also features a sweet, fresh aroma. The taste of the root vegetable is excellent, since it contains a large amount of sugar and carotene.

A vegetable of this variety is sown in early May. It takes at least 160 days to ripen. During this time, the root crop acquires an aligned cylindrical shape. Its length reaches 30 cm, and its weight is 150-180 grams. You can safely store vegetables until next spring. During this time, they will not lose their taste and appearance.


Surely no housewife in the kitchen can do without carrots. It is added to soups, main courses, pies and canned food. Candied fruits and baby purees are prepared from carrots. Every kid knows her taste since childhood. This prevalence is justified by the rich microelement composition of the root crop and its excellent taste. Growing carrots on your site sometimes seems to be a very painstaking task, because you need to plant very small seeds with certain distances, wait a long time for seedlings to appear, and then weed, thin out, loosen crops and protect them from carrot flies in anticipation of a good harvest. But all these worries can become much easier if you know some of the secrets of growing carrots and approach the process competently. At the same time, it is worth remembering that for family and friends there is no more tasty and healthy carrot than the one that is grown with love and care with your own hands.

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