Spicy Green Tomato Salad Recipe

Spicy green tomato salad is an unusual appetizer that is prepared with the addition of pepper, garlic and other similar ingredients. For canning, choose unripe tomatoes of a light green or whitish hue without traces of damage or deterioration. Dark green and too small specimens are not recommended to be used, as they contain toxic substances.

Spicy Salad Recipes

For a spicy salad, you will need green tomatoes, carrots, peppers, and other seasonal vegetables. Billets are obtained hot or raw vegetables are pickled. If desired, the degree of pungency can be adjusted by changing the amount of hot peppers or garlic.

It is preliminarily recommended to prepare glass containers and sterilize them. For this, cans are treated with hot water or steam. The containers are sealed with nylon or metal lids.

Hot pepper recipe

Chili peppers are the main ingredient for sharp pieces. When interacting with it, it is better to use gloves so as not to irritate the skin.

The process of cold cooking green tomatoes with hot peppers includes the following steps:

  1. Unripe tomatoes (6 kg) are cut into slices.
  2. A bunch of celery should be finely chopped.
  3. Hot peppers (3 pcs.) And garlic (0.3 kg) are peeled and rolled several times through a meat grinder.
  4. The components are mixed in one saucepan, 7 tablespoons of salt and one spoonful of vinegar are added to them.
  5. The prepared mass is laid out in sterilized jars and sealed with plastic lids.
  6. The workpieces are kept cold.

Recipe with carrots and horseradish

Horseradish is another component of sharp workpieces. The recipe for a hot snack is as follows:

  1. Unripe tomatoes (5 kg) should be cut into four pieces.
  2. Horseradish root (3 pcs.) Should be peeled and minced.
  3. Two carrots are grated on a Korean grater.
  4. Four bell peppers should be peeled and chopped into half rings.
  5. The components are mixed in one container.
  6. A dill umbrella, a couple of laurel leaves and peppercorns are placed at the bottom of each glass jar.
  7. For the marinade, they put 5 liters of water to boil. After signs of boiling appear, pour 150 g of salt and 2 cups of sugar into the pan.
  8. Remove the hot marinade from the heat and add 150 ml of vinegar.
  9. The jars are filled with marinade and set for 5 minutes to sterilize in a container of boiling water.
  10. The blanks are closed with iron lids.

Bell pepper salad

Unripe tomatoes can be paired with bell peppers. Vegetables are used raw, so the containers should be treated with hot air or boiling water to avoid the spread of harmful bacteria. You can control the severity of the snack by changing the amount of dry red pepper.

The procedure for preparing green tomato salad for the winter is divided into certain stages:

  1. Unripe tomatoes in the amount of 1 kg should be coarsely chopped.
  2. Garlic (2 cloves) is chopped on a grater.
  3. Two bell peppers need to be peeled and chopped into half rings.
  4. The ingredients are mixed, add two tablespoons of salt, sugar, vinegar and olive oil to them.
  5. Hot pepper is added in the amount of ½ teaspoon.
  6. Optionally, use chopped greens (cilantro or parsley).
  7. For storage for the winter, the jars are sterilized, after which they are filled with salad.
  8. The containers are sealed with nylon lids and placed in the refrigerator.
  9. You can add a snack to the diet after 8 hours.

Pepper and carrot recipe

Spicy homemade products are made by combining a variety of seasonal vegetables. The pungency can be adjusted with garlic and chili peppers.

The recipe for the snack is shown below:

  1. Unripe tomatoes (3 kg) are cut into slices.
  2. Then they are poured with boiling water twice for 15 minutes, then the water is drained.
  3. Peel and cut two bell peppers in half.
  4. Hot peppers (2 pcs.) Are processed in the same way.
  5. Chop the carrots into several pieces.
  6. Garlic (1 head) is peeled and cut into wedges.
  7. Peppers, carrots and garlic are minced using a blender or meat grinder.
  8. For the marinade, they put water to boil, where half a glass of salt and a glass of sugar are poured.
  9. When the boil begins, remove the liquid from the stove and add a glass of vinegar.
  10. Tomatoes are placed in jars and poured with hot marinade.
  11. The jars are preserved with lids and left to cool upside down.

Mustard recipe

Mustard is a spice that stimulates the stomach, increases appetite and aids in the absorption of foods high in fat. When added to homemade products, mustard combined with chili peppers makes them especially spicy.

An appetizer is prepared according to the following recipe:

  1. Unripe tomatoes (1 kg) are cut into slices.
  2. Hot peppers are chopped into thin rings.
  3. The celery and dill greens (one bunch each) should be finely chopped.
  4. 8 teaspoons of dry mustard are poured into the bottom of a glass jar.
  5. Then herbs, peppers and tomatoes are laid. Greens remain the top layer.
  6. The brine requires a liter of boiling water, where two large tablespoons of salt and one spoonful of sugar are dissolved.
  7. Vegetables are poured with brine and placed in the cold.

Recipe with cilantro and garlic

You can make a spicy green tomato salad in a simple and quick way. This will require garlic and cilantro.

The salad recipe looks like this:

  1. A kilogram of fleshy green tomatoes is cut into slices.
  2. Chili peppers must be chopped into thin rings.
  3. Greens (a bunch of cilantro and parsley) should be finely chopped.
  4. Garlic (3 cloves) is passed through a press.
  5. Prepared components, except for tomatoes, must be mixed in one container. A tablespoon of salt and two tablespoons of sugar and vinegar are added to them.
  6. The resulting marinade is insisted for half an hour, after which a container with tomatoes is poured into it.
  7. For a day, the salad is placed in the refrigerator, after which it is included in the diet.

Cobra salad

"Cobra" is called a spicy snack, which is obtained from tomatoes with the addition of spicy ingredients. To prepare such a salad, you need to follow the steps in the following sequence:

  1. A bunch of parsley must be finely chopped.
  2. Hot peppers (2 pcs.) Are peeled and crumbled in half rings.
  3. Slices from three heads of garlic must be passed through a crusher.
  4. Green tomatoes (2.5 kg) are cut into slices and placed in an enamel container.
  5. The remaining components are added to the tomatoes, as well as 60 g of sugar and 80 g of salt, mixed and added with 150 ml of 9% vinegar.
  6. The resulting mass is placed in a glass container.
  7. Then fill a wide saucepan with water, place the jars in it and set it to boil.
  8. For 10 minutes, the jars are pasteurized, after which they are sealed with iron lids.
  9. The appetizer is served with meat or added to a barbecue marinade.

Georgian salad

Georgian salad is prepared from green tomatoes, which, due to the presence of spicy herbs, acquires a spicy and rich taste.

The process of preparing green tomato salad is divided into several stages:

  1. Unripe tomatoes in the amount of 5 kg should be cut into cubes, add salt and leave for 3 hours. During this time, juice will stand out from the vegetables and bitterness will go away.
  2. After the specified time, you need to mash the tomato mass with your hands and drain the juice.
  3. Onions (1 kg) are cut into half rings and fried in a pan.
  4. A kilogram of carrots is chopped into strips. In the oil left after cooking the onions, you need to fry the carrots.
  5. Bell peppers (2.5 kg) should be peeled and cut into half rings. It is processed by frying in oil.
  6. Onions, carrots and peppers are mixed in a common container, tomatoes and chopped slices from one garlic head are added to them.
  7. From spices, you need ground red pepper, suneli hops and saffron (one large spoonful of each).
  8. Add a teaspoon of fenugreek and salt to taste.
  9. Nuts (0.5 kg) need to be chopped into pieces or grind in a mortar.
  10. The salad is poured over with warm water and stewed over low heat for 15 minutes.
  11. The finished workpieces are placed in sterilized jars. Add two large tablespoons of vinegar to each container.

Marinating in adjika

A spicy salad for the winter can be obtained from green tomatoes, which are poured with adjika. Such an appetizer is prepared in the following way:

  1. First, prepare a dressing for green tomatoes. For her, red tomatoes (0.5 kg each) are taken, which need to be washed, and large specimens are cut in half.
  2. A pound of bell pepper must be peeled and cut into strips.
  3. For hot peppers (0.3 kg), the seeds should be removed.
  4. Garlic (0.3 kg) is divided into wedges.
  5. The ingredients are ground in a meat grinder or blender, and then mixed in a common container.
  6. Unripe tomatoes are cut in half and poured with adjika.
  7. The mixture is placed on the stove, brought to a boil, then the fire is muffled. In this state, you need to boil them for 20 minutes.
  8. At the stage of readiness, add fresh chopped herbs (cilantro and parsley).
  9. The salad is laid out in jars, which are closed with metal lids.

Salad with vegetables and sesame seeds

An unusual snack is obtained using green tomatoes, hot peppers and soy sauce. The recipe for its preparation is as follows:

  1. Half a bucket of tomatoes is cut into quarters.
  2. Pour 5 large tablespoons of sugar and salt over the tomatoes.
  3. Garlic cloves (25 pcs.) Are passed through a crusher.
  4. Two bunches of cilantro and green onions must be finely chopped.
  5. Two chili peppers are cut across, the seeds are left.
  6. Fry half a cup of sesame seeds in a pan.
  7. The components are mixed and poured with sesame oil (1 tablespoon) and sunflower oil (250 ml). Be sure to add half a cup of rice or apple cider vinegar.
  8. The mixture is transferred to prepared jars.
  9. For 15 minutes they are put to pasteurize in a wide saucepan filled with boiling water.
  10. Then the jars are closed with lids, turned over and left to cool.

Cabbage recipe

For home canning, not only green tomatoes are suitable, but also white cabbage. With its use, the recipe for preparing blanks takes the following form:

  1. A kilogram of unripe tomatoes are cut into slices.
  2. A head of cabbage (1 kg) should be chopped into thin strips.
  3. Cut the onions into cubes.
  4. Cut two bell peppers into strips 2 cm wide.
  5. The components are combined in one container, add 30 g of salt and put a load on top. It is better to make preparations at night, so that juice is released by the morning.
  6. In the morning, the resulting juice must be drained, and add 0.1 kg of sugar and 250 ml of vinegar to the resulting mass.
  7. Of the spices, 8 black and allspice peas are used.
  8. You need to cook vegetables for 8 minutes, after which they are laid out in glass jars.
  9. The containers are placed in a pot of boiling water and sterilized for 15 minutes.
  10. Ready jars are sealed with lids.


A spicy salad of green tomatoes is prepared in a cold way, then it is enough to chop the vegetables and add vinegar and salt to them. With the hot method, vegetables are heat-treated. They are put on fire for a few minutes or poured over with hot brine.

Garlic, chili peppers, horseradish or mustard are used for spicy preparations. These ingredients not only provide the necessary pungency, but are also good preservatives. Use herbs and spices as desired. Sterilization of cans and lids will help extend the shelf life of the salad.

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