Florist lunar calendar for October 2019: transplant, planting, care

The lunar calendar for October 2019 for flowers is not the only guide for a florist. But the recommendations of the schedule based on the lunar phases are worth considering.

Lunar calendar for florists for October 2019

The moon is Earth's closest celestial neighbor and therefore interacts with many processes on the planet's surface. The night star controls not only the tidal processes in the seas, many centuries ago people noticed that the life cycles of plants are directly related to the lunar phases.

That is why it is recommended to plant and grow flowers in October 2019 taking into account the lunar calendar. Although this schedule remains secondary to florists, its advice should be kept in mind.

The influence of the moon extends not only to tides, but also to biological cycles

Moon phases

To understand the essence of the lunar calendar, it is not necessary to remember exactly the optimal dates for landing and transferring. You can focus on the phases of the moon themselves:

  1. The growing moon is a good time for the development of the above-ground part. During this period, it is especially useful for flower growers to manipulate stems, leaves and buds. In October 2019, the growth of the moon falls on the 1st - 13th, as well as on the 27th - 31st, after the next new moon.
  2. The full moon is the day on which the lunar calendar advises flower growers to give their plants a break and not do any work for them. In October 2019, the full moon will take place on the 14th.
  3. The waning moon is good for fast rooting. According to folk observations and the lunar calendar, at this time all vital juices rush to the root system, respectively, the flowers take root faster in a new place, planting and transplanting is less traumatic for them. The waning moon will take a segment from the 15th to the 27th.
  4. New Moon is another day when houseplants need to be given rest. It is better not to touch them, not only on the 28th, directly on the day of the new moon, but also the day before and after - on the 27th and 29th.

Roots and stems grow best in the waning and waning phases of the moon, respectively.

Favorable and unfavorable days

A short table will help you navigate the work schedule in October 2019:

Work with perennials and houseplants

Auspicious days

Forbidden days

Planting and replanting

For a transplant and a new landing, the 1st, 4th, 11th, 17th and 27th, as well as the last 2 days of the month, will be optimal.

You cannot transfer flowers to a new place 7 and 9, it is not recommended to do this from 12 to 15 and to the new moon - from 27 to 29

Watering and feeding

Watering allowed 10-12, 15-17

Better not to water the soil 7-9, 18, 25-29


You can trim the stems and leaves 3-4, 19, 21-23

Do not touch the above-ground parts 1-2, 9, 13, 15, 27-30

Florist's calendar for October 2019 for works in a flower garden

The lunar calendar can give more detailed recommendations for October 2019 regarding gardening. Days suitable for planting and transplanting may not be suitable for nursing, and vice versa.

Flower transplant in October according to the lunar calendar

Perennials that stay in one place for several years in a row manage to deplete the soil. Therefore, they are advised to regularly replant, this should be done outside the flowering period, in spring or autumn. Autumn planting is practiced more often - perennials quickly take root in a new place and, with the onset of spring, start up active growth.

Transplanting perennials in the garden in October 2019 is best:

  • in the waxing moon phase - from 1 to 13, while it must be remembered that 7, 8, 9 are poorly suited for transplantation;
  • in the phase of a waning luminary - after the 15th and until the end of the month, with the exception of 12-15, as well as 27-29.

Important! Flower growers cannot transplant tubers to a new location on October 14th. On this day, the lunar calendar shows the full moon, and, therefore, it is better to give the plant roots and stems complete rest.

In the second month of autumn, very many days are suitable for planting.

Planting flowers in October according to the lunar calendar

In general, the timing of planting new perennials in the garden coincides with the timing of replanting plants. In both cases, in the fall of 2019, the flowers should take root in the soil as quickly as possible in order to survive the winter well.

However, the lunar calendar gives separate recommendations for flowers growing from seeds and bulbs:

  1. It is best to plant bulbous perennials in the first half of the month. The first 4 days are considered optimal, as well as the period from 10 to 17, with the exception of the full moon.
  2. The seeds can be sown in the soil throughout the month. In 2019, it is better to do this before the new moon - on the 3rd, 4th, 10th and 11th, and during the waning moon - from the 17th to the end of the month, excluding the days of the new moon.

The lunar calendar advises taking into account the phases of the night star, but focusing primarily on the weather. Seeds and bulbs are never planted in frozen soil, if the fall is planned to be cold, planting work is best done early.

Florist's calendar for October for the care of garden flowers

Planting and replanting are not the only jobs for the florist in October 2019. Perennials in the garden must be prepared for the cold - to clean up the flower beds and create all the conditions for full wintering.

The lunar calendar 2019 advises to distribute work in this way:

  • Most perennials require pruning before winter. It is better to spend it on the waning moon at the end of the month, when the life juices rush to the roots. The 17th, 19th, 21st and 23rd are considered good days, but you should not touch the flower beds on the new moon.
  • In October 2019, the flower beds in the garden must be properly watered in order to create a moisture reserve in the soil, this will protect the roots from freezing. Watering is best done on 10-12 and 15-17, also the lunar calendar allows you to water the flowerbed on the 30th, but this must be done for cold-resistant plants. Simultaneously with watering, it is recommended to apply top dressing, the florist needs to add complex minerals without nitrogen content to the soil.
  • The most important step in preparing for winter is shelter for the winter. It is necessary to carry it out for flowers, depending on winter hardiness. Species sensitive to frost are covered by flower growers according to the lunar calendar 2019 at the beginning of the month - from the 2nd to the 9th. For winter-hardy varieties and species, covering work can be transferred to the waning moon at the end of the month - from 19 to 3.

It is also necessary to loosen, water and fertilize the flower beds according to the astronomical schedule.

Advice! 17 and 19, as well as 23-15, you can loosen the soil. These procedures will provide good air permeability to the soil and improve moisture saturation during irrigation.

What perennials can be propagated in October

Not all perennial plants are suitable for autumn planting and transplanting. The following varieties respond best to reproduction in the fall:

  • badan, lungwort and brunner;
  • aquilegia and astilba;
  • primroses and herbaceous peonies;
  • roses, chrysanthemums and asters;
  • irises, delphinium and lilies;
  • daylilies and phloxes.

In the fall of 2019, flower growers can plant daffodils, tulips and hyacinths. However, they need to be propagated if the temperature has not dropped too low yet. The optimal time for the reproduction of flowering perennials is September and the beginning of October, so the florist needs to carry out work as early as possible.

Florist's calendar for October 2019: indoor plants and flowers

Plants that are constantly kept in room heat are affected by lunar changes in the same way as perennials in the garden. It is necessary to replant them and carry out other work in 2019, taking into account the recommendations for October.

At home, there is also work for a florist in the fall.

Indoor flower transplant calendar for october 2019

The 2019 lunar disk change calendar gives some pretty detailed advice on how to take care of houseplants:

  1. In the first days, the transfer to the growing moon goes very well. The optimal days for transferring to another pot are 1, 2, manipulation can be done on 10 and 11. After the full moon, on the 15th and 16th, you can also transplant.
  2. On the 17th, the procedure is recommended exclusively for climbing indoor plants. But 20 and 21, tuberous and bulbous flowers should be transplanted. From 24 to 26, it is allowed to carry out the procedure for all indoor flowers, although the days are not the best, but only neutral.

Important! 3 and 4, if desired, indoor flowers can be transplanted. But this must be done by transshipment, it is the least traumatic.

Planting lunar calendar for october 2019

For a new rooting in the ground, the same days are suitable as for transferring flowers to another pot. Florists need to take into account that for both manipulations it is important to choose the days when the plants will take root in the soil as quickly as possible.

Good survival rate is provided by both the growing and the waning night luminary in 2019. This means that growers need to be guided by numbers 1-11 and 16-26. In the first case, the stems and leaves of flowers start to grow actively, in the second, roots begin to actively develop.

You can root the shoots on the same days that are suitable for transplanting.

What plants can be propagated in October

October does not always become a warm enough month, and in 2019 it is quite possible to expect early cold weather from it. However, houseplant care is different from perennial gardening. Flowers in home warmth will not suffer from frost, which means that most of them are allowed to be propagated in the fall.

Geranium, tradescantia, dichorizandra, oplismenus, netcreasia and syngonium respond especially well to autumn breeding.

The ideal days for preparing cuttings and tubers for propagation are 26 and 27. Before starting work, growers should study the characteristics of the selected plant and make sure that reproduction in October will not harm it.

Tips for caring for houseplants and flowers in October

The florist can provide the plants on the windowsill with competent care in 2019, having previously familiarized himself with the features of each of them. It is necessary to take into account the timing of the beginning of the dormant period - for some flowers, life cycles slow down earlier than others:

  1. Gerbera, geranium, fragrant callis, fat woman and others retire in October. Watering from this time is reduced to a minimum, and fertilizing with minerals is done no more than once a month, or fertilizers are completely postponed until spring.
  2. Some indoor flowers do not have a well-defined life cycle and are able to continue flowering and vigorous growth under favorable conditions. For example, if you water and feed evenly indoor maple abutilon and drip whiteperone, then their condition will not worsen at all.
  3. Certain types of indoor flowers in October 2019 are just getting ready to bloom and start active growth. According to the lunar calendar, it is imperative to provide feeding and watering for azaleas, Decembrists, clivias and ginuras.

Autumn flower care is determined not only by astronomical cycles, but also by plant species.

For watering and fertilizing according to the lunar calendar, 10-11 are ideal. A good day for spraying and sprinkling with a shower head is October 16th.

Attention! From 7 to 10, as well as 18, it is recommended to process indoor flowers from harmful insects and at the same time clean the windowsill.

What days should you refrain from work

The lunar calendar offers flower growers a fairly wide selection of days for basic work. You can choose the time for rest as you wish throughout the month.

But it is best to postpone all work in the garden and on the home windowsill on the 14th, 27th, 28th and 29th. On these days, according to the lunar calendar, a full moon and a new moon period are scheduled. Flowers at this time are extremely sensitive to any manipulation, and therefore it is better not to touch them at all.


The lunar calendar for October 2019 for flowers helps to bring gardening and homework in line with natural rhythms. At the same time, the instructions of the lunar calendar should not contradict the real weather conditions, otherwise adherence to the schedule may turn to harm.

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