Tomato varieties for open ground

Tomato varieties for open ground

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Tomatoes have long secured the title of the most demanding and thermophilic culture. Of all the members of the nightshade family, it is they who will require the most thorough and regular care from the gardener, both in the greenhouse and in the open field. But not every tomato variety is suitable for outdoor cultivation. What varieties of tomatoes are best suited for growing outdoors, we will consider below.

Most popular varieties

Over the past years, these varieties of tomatoes for open ground have taken leading positions in cultivation in our climate. All of them are rather unpretentious and have good taste and commercial characteristics.


Gardeners of our climatic zone prefer the tomato variety Riddle for planting in the open field. It has short bushes with few foliage and 5-6 tomatoes per cluster.

The size of the Riddle tomatoes is not very large, and their weight is unlikely to exceed 85 grams. The puzzle has a pretty good flavor profile. Ascorbic acid, which is contained in the pulp of Riddle tomatoes, gives them a slight sourness. They are suitable for both home cooking and twists.

The resistance of these plants to root rot and late blight makes them ideal for growing in open beds. The yield of the Riddle will be about 3-4 kg per square meter.

F1 North

Bushes North F1 in open beds will be able to stretch up to 70 cm in height, and the first tomatoes will begin to ripen on day 85. Moreover, each brush is capable of withstanding up to 6 fruits.

Rounded tomatoes North F1 are evenly colored reddish. By weight, a ripe tomato can be either 120 or 130 grams. They are quite meaty in their density, so they make an excellent ingredient for salads. But despite this density, North F1 tomatoes withstand transportation and storage very well.

F1 North will not be intimidated by tobacco mosaic, anthracnose and alternaria. In addition, this variety grows well both in the open field and in the greenhouse. But it should be borne in mind that the productivity of plants in the open air will be less than greenhouse ones.

The most delicious varieties

The varieties of tomatoes for open ground presented below, according to many gardeners, are the sweetest and most delicious.

Bull heart

The size of the Oxheart plants is immediately striking. Their large, spreading bushes can be up to 150 cm high, so they need to be tied to any support or trellis.

Advice! Considering the size of the Oxheart bushes, the most optimal planting density will be 3 - 4 plants per square meter.

The appearance of the bovine heart tomatoes is known to many gardeners due to the original heart-shaped fruit, each of which can weigh from 300 to 500 grams. Tomatoes of the Ox heart begin to ripen at 120 - 130 days. The color of the Bull Heart fruit depends on the particular variety and can be red, yellow or orange. At the same time, they have almost the same taste. All varieties of Bovine Heart tomatoes are distinguished by their universal application.

Bull hearts are very often grown for sale. This is due to the fact that its plants have good resistance to the most common diseases, and the fruits will perfectly tolerate even long-term transportation and storage. Subject to the necessary growing conditions, up to 9 kg of fruit can be harvested from each square meter.


Gourmet tomatoes are among the first to ripen. In just 85 days from seed germination, the first tomatoes of this variety can be harvested.

Important! Gourmet bushes are very compact in size, therefore they do not require tying to a support.

In addition, they do not have much foliage, so up to 10 plants can be planted per square meter.

Gourmand tomatoes have an even round shape and a weight not exceeding 125 grams. Until fully ripe, the skin retains a dark green color at the base of the peduncle. Ripe tomatoes Gourmand have a rich raspberry color.

These tomatoes have received this name quite deservedly. Gourmand tomatoes are very sweet and fleshy. Most often, salads are made with Gourmet tomatoes, but they can also be fried and stewed.

Advice! This tomato variety has a low pulp density and is completely unsuitable for canning as a whole.

Gourmet has good resistance to many types of rot. From each square meter, the gardener will be able to harvest up to 7 kg of the crop.

The best early maturing varieties

These varieties and hybrids of tomatoes for open ground will ripen the very first. As a rule, their ripening period will not exceed 90 days.


Daria tomato plants are not very distinguished by their size. When grown in open beds, their height will not be more than 110 cm. On one fruit cluster of this variety, from 5 to 6 tomatoes can grow, which ripen on 85 - 88 days.

The weight of Daria tomatoes in most cases will be between 120 and 150 grams, but there are also larger specimens. At maturity, they turn a rich, bright red color. Daria's round tomatoes have a very tasty pulp, which is used with equal success both for cooking and for preservation.

Daria's immunity is able to resist diseases such as fusarium, tobacco mosaic and alternaria. Subject to the growing conditions, the yield per square meter can reach 17 kg.

Abundant F1

Abundant F1 is a hybrid variety. Its determinant plants with small, dark green leaves will only grow up to 100cm in height. When grown in open beds, the first tomatoes of Izobilnoye F1 will ripen in 85 days.

Important! Hybrid Abundant F1 is desirable to tie to a support.

In addition, to increase its yield, the gardener will occasionally have to pinch the bushes.

The rounded flat tomatoes of this hybrid will not grow over 70 to 90 grams. Reaching the ripening period, they are evenly colored in a deep pink or red color. The medium density of the pulp and good taste allow the tomatoes of the Abundant F1 hybrid to be used with equal success both for salads and for preservation.

Like other hybrid varieties, Izobilny F1 has increased resistance to many diseases, especially fusarium and tobacco mosaic. His bushes tie up very amicably and give off the harvest. From each of them, the gardener will collect up to 2.5 kg of the crop, and from a square meter of planting area up to 7 kg.

The best mid-season varieties

The middle varieties of open ground tomatoes will be able to ripen no earlier than 100 days after the formation of the first sprouts.


Orange is characterized by tall semi-determinate plants up to 150 cm in height and strong fruit clusters with 3 - 5 fruits.

Important! It is necessary to grow its plants in one or more stems. In addition, they need regular pinching and removal of excess leaves.

The video will tell you how to remove stepsons correctly:

Orange tomatoes have a very beautiful rich orange color. The weight of these rounded tomatoes is usually 200 - 400 grams. The pulp of tomatoes has an average density, good taste and commercial qualities. In addition, they perfectly tolerate transportation and storage. Orange is one of the best orange varieties suitable for canning and harvesting.

With 5 - 6 plants planted on an area of ​​square meter, the gardener can harvest up to 15 kg of the crop.

Mother's Siberian

Mother's Siberian bush can grow up to 150 cm in height. At the same time, such dimensions do not affect the density of planting - up to 9 pieces can be planted per square meter of the bed.

Red tomatoes of the Mamin Sibiryak variety grow in a cylindrical elongated shape. Their weight can vary greatly: the smallest tomato will weigh 63 grams, and the largest can exceed 150 grams. Due to their elongated shape, these tomatoes are most often used for pickling, but fresh they are not inferior to other varieties.

Many medium-sized varieties of open ground tomatoes are jealous of the unprecedented yield of Mom's Siberian. From a square meter of planting area, the gardener will collect up to 20 kg.

The best late-ripening varieties

These varieties of outdoor tomatoes begin to ripen between 120 and 140 days after the first sprouts appear.

Leaf fall

Tomatoes on semi-determinant leaf fall bushes ripen between 120 - 130 days. In this case, from 3 to 5 tomatoes are formed on one brush.

Important! A distinctive feature of Listopad is undemanding to the composition of the land in the beds.

With proper watering and good lighting, it can grow even in unfertilized soil.

All Leftopada tomatoes have the same flat-round shape. Their weight will not vary much and will average from 150 to 160 grams. Ripe tomato of the Listopad variety has a rich red color and excellent taste. The pulp of the Falling Leaf has a high percentage of sugar and ascorbic acid, which gives it a sweet and sour taste at the same time. Tomatoes Leaf fall can be used not only fresh. They will perfectly show themselves in the preparation of tomato paste and juice, as well as in preparations for the winter.

Tomatoes Leaf fall can be eaten fresh and pickled. In addition, you can get excellent tomato paste and juice from the Listopad tomato variety.

Listopad tomatoes are distinguished by very good commercial qualities. They do not deteriorate during transportation and are characterized by good keeping quality. From one square meter of plants of the Listopad variety, you can harvest from 6 to 8 kg.

The finish

Its compact bushes with a small amount of foliage will grow up to only 70 cm and will not require a garter and pinching from a gardener.

Round bright red Finish tomatoes are small in size, and their maximum weight will be about 80 grams. They have excellent density and crack resistance. This is not only a very tasty tomato variety, but also very healthy. Its pulp contains a high content of organic acids and vitamins. In order to preserve all the useful substances, it is better to use Finish tomatoes fresh, but they can also be salted and processed into juice and tomato paste.

Excellent taste in Finish tomatoes are perfectly combined with good product characteristics. They have excellent transportability and disease resistance. In addition, the plants have a stable yield and a harmonious return of fruits. The yield of a garden bed with an area of ​​one square meter will delight the gardener with 6 - 7 kg of tomatoes.

Before planting the considered varieties of tomatoes, we advise you to watch a video about the rules for caring for tomatoes in open ground:


Natalia, 47 years old, Korenovsk

We have a southern climate, so I plant all varieties of tomatoes both for greenhouses and for open ground in ordinary beds. This year, in addition to my beloved Bull's Heart, I planted new varieties of tomatoes, I chose them from a photo. Most of all I liked Izobilny and Mamin Sibiryak. Their appearance was no different from the photos on the packages. And the taste turned out to be much better than I expected. I will also plant them.

Olga, 31 years old, Kotovsk

This spring I chose the varieties Lakomka and Bull's Heart for open ground for planting, I liked the reviews about them the most. In the description of tomato varieties, it was indicated that the varieties were early ripening, but Lakomka ripened much earlier than the Bull's Heart. And it tasted sweeter to me. My Oxheart tomatoes grew not as tasty as they should have been. Perhaps they lacked something, but I will not plant them any more. But I can safely recommend Gourmet.

Nadezhda, 29 years old, Krasnokamsk

We tried many varieties, but I especially remember the Leaf Fall. His tomatoes ripen quite late, so we treat them annually to remove phytophthora. We tried many methods, but the most effective method turned out to be with a copper wire. All tomatoes grow smooth and beautiful. Outwardly, they fully correspond to the photo on the package with seeds. They also keep very well. Of all the late varieties we tried, only this one was our favorite.

Alexander, 58 years old, Kubinka

All varieties of Bovine Heart were planted, but the red variety turned out to be the most delicious. Others do not quite match it in terms of pulp density and their taste is a little watery. And it seemed to us that the Bull Heart tomato variety is not very suitable for twisting. These tomatoes are best eaten fresh or added somewhere.

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