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Due to the peculiarities of the Russian climate in most of the country, gardeners mainly grow early and mid-ripening tomatoes - late tomatoes simply do not have time to ripen in a short summer. Most early tomatoes have small fruits, and their taste is not as rich as we would like. The exception to their rule is the King of the Early Tomatoes, which pleases with large, beautiful and very tasty fruits.

Description of the King of the Early tomato, photos and reviews of those who planted this variety on their plots can be found in this article. Recommended agrotechnical techniques are described here that will help grow this large-fruited tomato.

Characteristics and description of the variety

This variety is the fruit of the labor of domestic breeders, and it was bred relatively recently - 12 years ago. The tomato, indeed, has a very short growing season - tomatoes of the King of the Early variety ripen on the bushes already on the 85-90th day from the moment the first shoots appear.

The variety is suitable for growing in the open field and in a greenhouse, but the Tomato King feels best under temporary film shelters. In such cases, the tomatoes are planted in tunnels or under other shelters, and when the seedlings get stronger, the day and night temperatures stabilize, the protection is removed, and the tomatoes simply grow in the garden.

Extended description of the King of the Early variety:

  • plant of determinant type, standard;
  • the height of the bushes is average - 50-60 cm;
  • stems are powerful, well branched and highly leafy;
  • leaves are large, dark green, potato type;
  • in the greenhouse, the tomato ripens on the 85th day, in the open field a little later - by the 90-95th day after germination;
  • the yield of the King of the Early variety is 4-5 kg ​​per bush or 12 kg per square meter;
  • fruits are large, their average weight is 250-300 grams;
  • the shape of the tomatoes is round, the tomatoes are slightly flattened on top;
  • the peel of the fruit is thin, but strong, so the fruit does not crack;
  • the pulp is juicy, sugary, colored deep red;
  • the King's taste is very high, especially in comparison with other early-ripening tomatoes;
  • tomatoes are quite mature, they tolerate transportation well, since the fruits have a high percentage of dry matter;
  • the disease resistance of the variety is average, therefore it is necessary to carry out timely prevention.

Yield indicators for the King of the Early tomato variety are rather conditional - the number of fruits strongly depends on agricultural practices and conditions in which the tomato will be grown.

Important! The King of the Early is a pure variety, so the gardener may well collect the seeds of this tomato on his own.

Pros and cons of the variety

Tomatoes King of the Early for their short history of existence fell in love with many gardeners and summer residents. And there are several reasons for this:

  • fruitful variety;
  • large and tasty fruits can be obtained in record time;
  • the tomato is suitable for growing in the ground and in the greenhouse;
  • you can plant a tomato in any region of the country (in the south and in the center - in the ground, in colder areas - under a film);
  • you can use the crop for any purpose (eat it fresh, prepare juices and puree, preserve it whole).

The King of the Early Tomatoes are excellent for growing for the purpose of selling, because the fruits are stored for a long time and do not lose their attractiveness during transportation.

Attention! The first fruits turn out to be much larger than the next, the mass of tomatoes from the lower brushes can reach 500 grams. But the top tomatoes, which will be smaller (about 150-250 grams), are good for preservation.

If you read the reviews of gardeners about the King of the Early tomato, you can also find out about some of the shortcomings of this variety. For example, farmers note some capriciousness of the tomato, its strong dependence on watering and dressing. And the variety is also prone to several "tomato" diseases, so you will have to carry out prophylaxis a couple of times during the summer.

Growing rules for the King

In principle, the King of the Early tomato variety is grown in the same way as other early ripening tomatoes. The farmer will first have to grow the seedlings or find them commercially.

Step by step agrotechnical measures look like this:

  1. Sowing seeds for seedlings is carried out in mid-late March. The seeds are sown in a soil suitable for tomato seedlings and harvested in a warm place until the seedlings hatch.
  2. Sprouted seedlings must be provided with sufficient light. In the northern regions, lamps may be needed for additional lighting of tomatoes. If the tomatoes do not have enough light, their stems will become thin and long, the seedlings will weaken.
  3. In the phase of two true leaves, tomatoes are planted in individual containers. If peat tablets or cups were immediately used for seedlings, then you can not dive the tomatoes.
  4. In the house, tomatoes need light, watering and a couple of dressings. A week before transferring the seedlings to the greenhouse or to the garden, it is necessary to harden the tomatoes.
  5. Tomatoes King of the Early are transferred to the ground in mid-May. If you are using a temporary shelter, you can plant tomatoes in the first days of the month. An early variety is planted in the greenhouse already in the second half of April. By the time of planting, the seedlings should be 1.5-2 months old.
  6. Between the neighboring bushes, you need to leave from 50 to 70 cm, the interval between the rows is 70-100 cm. For such a "waste" of the land, the King of the Early will thank you with a plentiful and tasty harvest.

Attention! Do not save land in the process of planting tomatoes King of the Early. This tomato needs a lot of nutrients and air. If the greenhouse is small or there is no room at all on the site, you can plant this variety denser, but then you should pick off excess leaves and side shoots, and also feed the tomato beds well.

If the gardener does not follow the rules of planting the "royal" variety, he will not see a good harvest. That is why the reviews about this tomato are so contradictory: a tomato needs space, food and a lot of light, then the harvest will be plentiful and the fruits large.

What is the care

This tomato is not one that can grow on its own, like grass by a fence. The king of early ripe tomatoes needs competent and constant care:

  1. Although the bush belongs to the determinant type, it still has to be pinned. The fact is that this variety gives many side shoots, if they are not thinned out, the plant will not have enough light and air, it will inevitably start to hurt. Shoots and whole ovaries are also removed when there are too many fruits on the bushes - the tomatoes simply cannot ripen in such an amount.
  2. To prevent the tomatoes from getting sick and rotting, it is advisable to cut off a few of the lower leaves. This is done when the fruits of the lower ovaries are formed.
  3. You will also have to tie up the bushes, although their height is not too large. The King's shoots are powerful, but they still often do not support the weight of large fruits. If you do not tie the bush to a support, its branches will begin to lie on the ground, start up roots, which will lead to decay of both plants and fruits.
  4. Insufficient watering of tomatoes is indicated by cracks near the stalk (as in the photo). The king of tomatoes needs a lot of water, this variety responds best to drip irrigation.
  5. The land must be loosened and weeds must be removed. It is recommended to use organic mulch (straw, sawdust, humus).
  6. The Early King needs to be fed often and abundantly, otherwise there will be no good harvest. You can use any fertilizers: mineral complexes or individual components, any organic matter, except for fresh manure and chicken droppings (you can prepare liquid infusions).
  7. In intense heat, it is advisable to shade the bushes using a mesh or special fiber.

Important! If you follow all the recommendations, the tomato should not get sick. But preventive measures, nevertheless, are necessary, therefore, several times per season, the bushes are treated with special means (chemical or folk).

You need to pick tomatoes on time, since the King's fruits are prone to cracking from overripe. And it is better to release the bushes from excess weight in a timely manner, then the plant will have enough strength to ripen the next batch of tomatoes.


Victor Stepanovich, 63 years old, Yekaterinburg

I live in the Urals and tried to grow this variety in my greenhouse. As a result, I didn't like it. Of course, maybe I did something wrong, but almost immediately after planting, the seedlings got sick. Dark spots began to appear on the leaves, they were lethargic, hung like rags. I tried to save tomatoes, processed them with several universal means - nothing helped. But at the neighbor's site, the King grew up and gave a good harvest. So, next year I will try again, because I really want to grow tasty, "non-plastic" tomatoes at home.


The King of the Early variety is not a tomato for the lazy. It will delight you with good harvests, will give large and tasty fruits only if it is well looked after.

This tomato needs space, it needs frequent feeding and good watering. But the taste of fruits among the early varieties has no equal to the King - the tomatoes are juicy, sugary, sweet and very beautiful.

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