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Tomato Monomakh Hat

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Today there are varieties of tomatoes that will decorate both the gardener's table and his garden. Among them is the variety of tomato "Cap of Monomakh", it is very famous. There are gardeners who have never grown this variety, but would like to get acquainted with its characteristics. Let's figure out whether it is so profitable to grow this tomato and how complicated the process itself is.

Description of the variety

What beautiful words the seed producers do not write on the packaging! But sometimes it happens that you are waiting for one result, but in reality everything turns out differently. Tomato "Cap of Monomakh" has been known since 2003 and bred in Russia, which is an additional positive factor. Breeders bred it with reference to our unstable climate, which is extremely important.

It is distinguished by the following qualities:

  • large-fruited;
  • high productivity;
  • compactness of the tomato bush;
  • excellent taste.

The variety is quite resistant, can be grown both in greenhouses and in the open field.


To make it easier to study the information of producers, we present a detailed table below, where the characteristics and description of the variety are indicated.


Description for the variety "Cap of Monomakh"

Ripening period

Medium early, from the moment the first shoots appear to technical ripeness, 90-110 days pass

Landing scheme

Standard, 50x60, it is better to plant up to 6 plants per square meter

Description of the plant

The bush is compact, not very tall, from 100 to 150 centimeters, the leaves are soft, allow the sun to illuminate the fruits well

Description of the fruits of the variety

Very large, pink in color, reaching a weight of 500-800 grams, but some fruits can exceed one kilogram


To late blight and some viruses

Taste and commercial qualities

The taste is exquisite, sweet and sour, the tomatoes are beautiful, subject to storage, albeit not for a long time; have a bright aroma

Tomato yield

Up to 20 kilograms of selected tomatoes can be harvested per square meter.

The dry matter content is estimated at 4-6%. It is believed that lovers of large-fruited tomatoes rank the Monomakh Hat variety as one of the leading places. Having grown such tomatoes once, I want to do it again. The tomato variety is unpretentious, it even tolerates drought.

Growing secrets

Tomatoes "Cap of Monomakh" are no exception, 60 days before planting in open or closed ground, it is necessary to sow seeds for seedlings. This figure is approximate, and if we talk about accuracy, then the seedlings are planted in the ground after 40-45 days from the moment the first shoots appear. Then she will give a good harvest.

Advice! Seeds should be purchased only in specialized stores, beware of packages from unknown agricultural companies with vaguely printed information.

The plant must be pinned. As it grows, it usually forms three trunks, two of which are best removed at the beginning, so as not to injure the tomato. After planting the seedlings in the ground in a permanent place, you need to make sure that the plant is well tied up. The peculiarity of the variety is that under the weight of the fruit, the branches often break. Beginners can lose the cherished fruits without knowing about it.

In order for the fruits to be large, as in advertising photos, you need to start forming a brush: remove small flowers, leaving up to two pieces and shake the plant slightly during the period of abundant flowering. When grown in greenhouses, this process is necessarily complemented by airing. After additional pollination, it is better to water the plants slightly. This will allow his pollen to germinate.

Additional tips:

  • the first flower of the variety "Cap of Monomakh" is always terry, it must be cut off;
  • the first brush with flowers should not have more than two ovaries, otherwise all forces will be spent on the formation of these fruits;
  • seedlings are planted in the ground strictly before flowering.

Additionally, we provide reviews that will be of interest to everyone, without exception. A small video about tomato:

Variety reviews

Elina S, 48 years old, Angarsk

Tomato variety "Cap of Monomakh" I have been growing for three years in a row. Here's what I noticed: it bears fruit best when there is little difference between day and night temperatures. In a year when the summer is especially warm, we collected at least 5 kilograms of delicious tomatoes from the bush. I always use them in salads and make sauces because they are very juicy and tasty. There are no difficulties in leaving, but removing stepchildren is a common thing.

Polina Andreeva, Volgograd

The characteristic and description of the variety "Monomakh's Hat" attracted me for a long time, but the usual varieties of tomatoes "Sugar giant" and "Babushkin's secret" were grown. Once a neighbor gave seeds, and since then, "Monomakh's Hat" has always been on our table. For those who come across it for the first time: do not feel sorry for the stepsons, delete them immediately, while they are small! Also, this variety has a lot of barren flowers, I have already learned to distinguish and remove them. We collect the main crop from the bottom, the first brush will be the largest. The higher, the fewer flowers, they are empty and do not produce really large tomatoes. The fruits themselves are sugary, tender. The skin is thin, it can burst, so ripe tomatoes, in my opinion, are not very beautiful. But is it really important to us, lovers of summer salads? Weighed tomatoes, one fruit of this variety can weigh from 360 grams to 600. There was no more, although I often hear that kilogram ones are ripening. The bush in the open field reaches 120-130 centimeters stably.


Large-fruited tomatoes occupy a separate niche in the seed market. They are very tasty and especially popular in the European part of Russia, where the weather conditions match their requirements. Try and you grow a variety of tomato "Cap of Monomakh" on your site!

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