Master class: topiary sunflower made of coffee and satin ribbons

Master class: topiary sunflower made of coffee and satin ribbons

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There are many ways to make topiary from sunflowers. The most beautiful flowers are obtained from satin ribbons. The attractive sheen of smooth fabric makes a bright sunflower literally emitting light, like a little sun. Such a souvenir is able to truly warm the heart of the master or someone who will be presented. But making the petals with your own hands is a rather painstaking work, and you need to approach it with special care. Only then will the result be magnificent.

Do it yourself sunflowers

To create a flower you need:

  • roasted coffee grains;
  • satin ribbons (yellow and green);
  • wire, wand;
  • computer disk or foam ball;
  • candle or lighter;
  • scissors;
  • tweezers;
  • instant glue.

For decorating a flower, beads, figures of ladybirds, butterflies or other insects are suitable. Topiary can be made in the form of a single flower, but several different in size sunflowers will look much more interesting.

A step-by-step instruction on how to make a flower based on a computer disk:

  1. Cut a yellow tape 5 cm wide into pieces 6 cm long. About 40 pieces of such details will be required.
  2. Fold one end of the strip in half and cut off part of the fabric at an angle of approximately 45 °.
  3. Holding the slices with your fingers, burn the edges above the candle fire. Squeeze the fused edge with tweezers so that the slices fit securely.
  4. At the opposite end, visually mark the middle of the cut. At this point, carefully fold the halves of the tape, making folds on each. In this case, one of the folds should be combined with the edge of the tape, and the other with the fold of the second half. The cut remains straight. In general, the whole structure looks like a bow fold.
  5. Burn and squeeze a section with tweezers. The petal will turn out like this. Make a lot of petals and stick them along the edge of the disk in 2 rows, overlapping the upper parts with the gaps between the lower ones.
  6. On the reverse side, insert a stick for the stem into the hole in the disc. A piece of the branch must be wrapped with a green ribbon, inserting leaflets between the turns. For reliability, grease the connection between the stem and the disk with glue.
  7. From green ribbon make sepals and leaves. For this, the tape must be cut into pieces with a length of 11 cm. Fold the segment in half so that one part occupies a perpendicular position with respect to the other. Wrap the end, which is on top, away from yourself, combining the edges with the edges, and the slice with the slice.
  8. Lay folds on the cut sides. While holding, melt the slice, pinch with tweezers. Stick to the disc on the side where there are no petals. With sepals, you need to fill the entire lower surface of the disk, slightly releasing them beyond the edges and hiding the place of attachment of the stem, as shown in the photo.
  9. Fill the empty space between the yellow petals with coffee beans. They will have to be glued in several layers to hide the surface of the disk and form a small bulge, like a real flower.

After the top part of the topiary is made, you need to prepare a flower stand. For this purpose, a beautiful pot, vase or other container is suitable. To fix the flower in the container, a solution of gypsum or alabaster is often used. These compounds quickly harden and form a strong and rather heavy monolithic massif. The stem of the flower is well held in it. Gypsum divorced by water you just need to fill in 2/3 of the volume of the selected container and install the sunflower stalk in it.

When the gypsum hardens, the pot can be filled with coffee beans, artificial moss or grass, sisal or ribbons. Decorate to your liking.

Sunflower made of coffee and satin ribbons

Other ways to create a sunflower

When making a souvenir with your own hands, you can always find options. Instead of a disk, you can use a foam ball. To make a sunflower flower look like real, the ball must be cut in half. In this case, the stalk is fixed in the center of the flat side.

The petals can be folded in the manner described for making sepals in the previous embodiment. You need to glue the petals on the lower side of the hemisphere, you can make 1 or 2 rows of yellow elements. After that, decorate the rest of the space with green sepals.

Fantasy sunflower made in a different technique. For the base of the flower, a foam ball is used here, completely pasted over with coffee beans. The petals and braid of the stem are made of gold-colored ribbon. The wire can be easily bent, giving the stem the most bizarre shape with your own hands.

For the petals, you need to cut the squares from the tape. If its width is 5 cm, then the length of each segment should be the same. Collapse the square diagonally, then again, combining all the slices. Roll the triangle in half so that the sharp corners coincide. Make a cut, as in the photo.

Fuse it over the candle and pinch it with tweezers, passing one of its sponges between the layers of fabric. This will result in a neat flat seam, and the petal will be voluminous. The bottom corner (where sections of the tape) should be cut off with scissors parallel to the upper, front edge. Slices to melt, but not join. Decorate the coffee ball and stem with the finished petals. You can arrange them arbitrarily. Glue a coffee bean or bead inside each element.

Design options for flower arrangements in the manufacture of topiaries from sunflowers can be many. The master will be helped by imagination and accuracy in work. A sunny flower and the aroma of your favorite drink will accompany it all day, giving joy and a cheerful mood.

Kansashi Sunflower

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