How to fry potatoes with potatoes: recipes for cooking

Mushrooms with such a poetic name as volnushki are known to almost every mushroom picker. Their pink or light cap with turned-up edges is painted with rims and framed with fluffy fringes, thanks to which they are difficult to confuse with any other varieties of mushrooms. Usually they are used for pickling, sometimes for pickling. But not everyone knows that these mushrooms, when used in the right way, are delicious fried. Fried with potatoes, if made correctly, they can become a signature family dish that can surprise relatives and friends at festive feasts.

Is it possible to fry waves with potatoes

Of course, it is quite possible to fry the waves on your own, adding to them only a number of spices and herbs, such as onions and garlic. But in combination with potatoes, these mushrooms acquire additional satiety, and special fullness, and unique taste.

Moreover, the dish can be improved indefinitely by adding new interesting ingredients and spices to it.

How to fry waves with potatoes

Almost any waves are suitable for frying, except for the oldest and largest. It is better not to put such mushrooms in the basket initially, as they can accumulate too many substances harmful to health.

After collecting, the waves, like any other mushrooms, are disassembled, removing wormy and broken ones. Then they are cleaned of various debris and washed. When cleaning, pay particular attention to the "fringe" under the bonnet. It should be cleaned off, since it is in it that the maximum amount of bitter substances is concentrated. Be sure to cut off the lower part of the leg, if this has not been done yet when collecting in the forest.

In general, waves, despite their high nutritional value, are classified as conditionally edible mushrooms. This means that they contain a bitter milky juice, which not only can reduce all the taste qualities of dishes from the waves to zero, but also lead to poisoning of the body. To cope with this problem, the waves need to be pre-soaked in cold water for 24 hours after collection. During this time, it is advisable to completely change the water several times.

In addition, before frying, the mushrooms must be boiled in salted water for 30 to 60 minutes. After cooking, the water must be drained, and the mushrooms are allowed to drain in a colander. Then you can start frying them.

Potatoes are usually fried separately from the waves at first because they tend to take longer to cook. But then all the ingredients are mixed and fried together so that they have time to soak up the spirit of each other.

Whether pickled or salted waves are fried with potatoes

Of course, a dish made from fried potatoes with salted or pickled waves turns out to be very tasty. Before cooking, it is only customary to rinse mushrooms in cold water to get rid of excess salt. And they add them already to lightly fried potatoes, so that when these two ingredients are combined, they take from each other all the most delicious and aromatic.

How to cook fried potato rolls according to the classic recipe

It is not difficult to cook potato waves according to the classic recipe. If you do not take into account the time of preliminary preparation of the mushrooms, then the process itself will take about 30-40 minutes.

You will need:

  • 400 g of waves;
  • 500 g potatoes;
  • 1 large onion;
  • a pinch of ground black pepper;
  • 2 bay leaves;
  • salt to taste
  • 50-60 g of butter for frying mushrooms;
  • 50 ml of vegetable oil for frying potatoes.


  1. Prepared boiled waves are cut into several pieces and fried in butter over moderate heat until golden brown.
  2. Onion, chopped into thin rings, are fried in another frying pan for 6-8 minutes. Spread out on a plate.
  3. Peel the potatoes, cut them into thin slices and place them in an onion pan with the addition of oil.
  4. Fry until golden brown over moderate heat. Then the heating is reduced to a minimum and, without a lid, the potatoes are brought to an almost ready state.
  5. Combine mushrooms, potatoes and onions in one pan, add salt and all the seasonings and mix well.
  6. Fry for another 5 to 10 minutes, then turn off the heat and leave the dish to infuse for another 10 minutes.

How to cook fried rolls with potatoes and carrots

The recipe for fried wines with potatoes and carrots will surprise you with a not quite standard taste and simplicity.

You will need:

  • 700 g of boiled waves;
  • 6 potatoes;
  • 2 carrots;
  • 2 onions;
  • 4 cloves of garlic;
  • 2 tbsp. l. butter and vegetable oil;
  • 10 g parsley;
  • salt to taste.


  1. Cut the mushrooms into pieces of approximately the same size and fry first in a dry frying pan without oil for about 10 minutes.
  2. Then add vegetable oil and fry for another quarter of an hour.
  3. Peeled and finely chopped garlic and onion are fried in butter, using another pan.
  4. Peel potatoes and carrots, cut into thin strips.
  5. Fry together over medium heat, uncovered, for about 20 minutes.
  6. Combine all the ingredients in one pan, add spices, mix and keep on fire for about 10 minutes.

Attention! Carrots give the finished dish a pleasant reddish hue and some barely perceptible sweetness.

How to fry potatoes with onions and herbs in a pan

Onions and spicy herbs perfectly complement and set off the taste of the waves, and it is very easy to fry mushrooms and potatoes according to this recipe.

You will need:

  • 2 kg of prepared waves;
  • 10 pieces of onions;
  • 1-1.2 kg of potatoes;
  • 30 g each of dill, parsley, basil;
  • 80-100 ml of sunflower oil;
  • ½ tsp black peppercorns;
  • a pinch of salt.


  1. The purified waves are boiled for 20 minutes in water with the addition of 1 tsp of salt and a pinch of citric acid per liter.
  2. The water is drained, a fresh solution is diluted with the same concentration of citric acid and salt, and the mushrooms are boiled in it again.
  3. Allow all the liquid to drain, cut into small slices.
  4. Fry mushrooms in a deep frying pan until golden brown.
  5. The onion, peeled from the husk, is cut into thin strips, added together with oil to a frying pan with waves and fried for about a quarter of an hour.
  6. Chop the greens with a sharp knife and sprinkle the mushrooms with pepper and salt with it, stir and fry until tender for 8-10 minutes.

How to fry frozen mushrooms with potatoes

Volnushki can be easily frozen for the winter after soaking and boiling in salt water. In frozen form, these mushrooms can be stored for quite a long time, at least a year. And since all the necessary preparation has already been carried out before freezing, it remains only to use them for frying according to any of the above recipes.

Before frying with potatoes, the waves are defrosted at room temperature or slightly doused with boiling water to speed up the process.

The time for frying the thawed gifts of the forest should be at least a quarter of an hour. Otherwise, the technology of frying them with potatoes is no different from using fresh mushrooms.


Fried wolves with potatoes are so attractive in taste and at the same time nutritious that it is hard to forget it. Moreover, you can experiment and add new spices and ingredients each time, refreshing the taste of your favorite dish.

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