Pepper Tomato: Giant, Orange, Striped, Yellow, Pink, Red

Who said tomatoes should only be round and red? Although this particular image is familiar to most people from childhood, but in recent decades, the appearance of the vegetable you have seen does not mean anything. In order to understand exactly what is in front of you, you need not only to carefully look at the fruit, but also preferably to cut it. So, for example, recently very popular pepper-shaped tomatoes, not only externally, but sometimes also in section, strongly resemble their fellows in the Solanaceae family - sweet peppers.

What kind of variety is this - pepper-shaped tomatoes? Or is it a separate variety? And how to understand their diversity and understand what corresponds to reality and what is just the fantasy of manufacturers? You can find out about all this from this article dedicated to such an exotic and very attractive variety of tomatoes as pepper tomatoes.

Variety of varieties

The first pepper-shaped tomatoes appeared in Russia about 20 years ago and at first were represented only exclusively by foreign varieties and hybrids. But already in 2001, the first variety appeared and was registered in the State Register of Russia, which was called Pepper Tomato. Already soon after its appearance in the markets and in the collections of amateurs, one could observe pepper-shaped tomatoes other than red colors - orange, yellow, pink.

After some time, pepper-shaped tomatoes appeared with a very attractive and original color, with stripes, spots and strokes.

Important! Most of these varieties were of foreign selection, but from our tomatoes, striped pepper tomato became very attractive for gardeners, which impressed with its appearance and original shape.

In the 2010s, the Cuban pepper-shaped black tomato appeared and was actively cultivated by many gardeners. Of course, such a tomato variety was an absolute exotic at that time, since there are not so many varieties of black tomatoes that still differ in yield and taste.

Finally, for the harsh climatic conditions of open ground in many regions of Russia with short and cool summers, varieties of folk-bred tomatoes from Minusinsk have become promising. Among them, a long-fruited pepper-shaped tomato also appeared, which could not fail to attract the attention of both amateurs and professionals who are keen on growing various interesting tomatoes.

Pepper tomatoes differ not only in the color and appearance of the fruit. Some of them are indeterminate, while others grow no more than 70-80 cm and then their growth is limited. Yield indicators, as well as the characteristics of the tomatoes themselves, can also vary quite a lot.

But all these varieties, except for the unusual elongated shape, are not yet distinguished by the earliest ripening periods and rather dense, fleshy pulp, which can be ideal for both salads and canning.

Verified and registered varieties

For beginners in the gardening business, it is very difficult to understand all this endless variety of even only pepper-shaped tomato varieties and understand which of them is suitable for its growing conditions.

First of all, we can proceed from the fact that not all popular varieties of pepper-shaped tomatoes are registered in the State Register of Russia.

Therefore, the review of the most popular tomato varieties will begin with those that have received official registration at the moment.

The table below summarizes the main characteristics of all registered pepper varieties.

Variety name

Year of registration in the State Register

Features of the growth of the bush

Ripening terms

Average weight of fruits, in grams

Fruit taste assessment

Average yield (kg) per sq. meters




Medium ripe




Pepper Giant



Medium ripe



About 6

Pepper Yellow



Medium ripe



3 โ€” 5

Pepper Orange



Medium ripe



About 9

Pepper Red



Medium ripe




Pepper Fortress



Medium ripe




Pepper Raspberry








This variety of tomatoes was obtained by the specialists of the NK.LTD agricultural company and was one of the first to be registered back in 2001. As the first pepper-shaped tomato, it certainly deserves attention, although in some of its characteristics it is inferior to its later counterparts. The variety can traditionally be classified as mid-season, like most pepper-shaped tomatoes. Ripening of tomatoes occurs approximately 110-115 days after germination.

Pepper tomato is an indeterminate variety. With proper agricultural technology, the yield can reach 6.5 -8 kg per square meter. meters. On average, tomatoes are small in size, but in good conditions they reach 100-120 grams.

Attention! Tomatoes are suitable for stuffing due to their dense, thick walls.

They are also good for whole-fruit canning, since they can easily fit into jars of any size.


Already in 2005 Siberian breeders Z. Schott and M. Gilev created the tomato variety Pepper-shaped Giant. In 2007, it was registered by the agricultural firm "Demetra-Siberia" from Barnaul. The name of this variety speaks for itself. But its gigantic fruits can only be called in comparison with the previous variety. According to its characteristics and appearance of tomatoes, it really resembles the Pepper tomato variety.

True, the average weight of its fruits is about 200 grams, and with good care it can reach 250-300 grams. The color of tomatoes at the stage of full ripening is deep red. In length, tomatoes can reach 15 cm. The taste of tomatoes is sweet, rich tomato. Tomatoes are very good to use in salads, for drying and for stuffing.


Summer residents and gardeners amicably appreciated the pepper-shaped giant tomato variety and are happy to grow it on their plots.

Anna, 34 years old, Omsk

I am very pleased that I was advised to grow this variety. This summer the weather was not very good, and the rest of the tomatoes turned out to be not very tasty. And the Giant pepper has a very sweet, acid-free, fleshy flesh. There are very few seeds. And the tomatoes themselves are so beautiful, unusual. They can be used everywhere - both for freezing and for drying, and canning whole those fruits that are smaller in size.

Natalia, 41 years old, Moscow

I planted the Pepper-shaped giant tomato in the greenhouse this year. The bushes were not that very powerful, but they reached a height of two meters. The tomatoes have ripened very unusual, elongated, in the form of huge icicles. And on the break of the pulp - sugar appears directly. Themselves are juicy and sweet. It is very good to cut them into sandwiches.


In 2005, the assortment of yellow tomatoes was replenished with a new variety of pepper-shaped tomato. The author of the variety and the originator was L.A. Myazina.

The variety is classified as indeterminate and mid-season. The tomatoes themselves are small in size, of medium density and have a bright yellow hue. Like most yellow tomatoes, they taste great.

Attention! The variety of these tomatoes itself is characterized by increased heat resistance and drought resistance.

Resistant to many diseases, including tobacco mosaic virus, root rot and apical rot.

Among other interesting yellow pepper-shaped tomatoes, the following varieties can be mentioned:

  • Roman candle;
  • Midas;
  • Banana legs;
  • Golden fang.


At the same time, the specialists of the Agros agricultural firm bred the pepper-shaped orange tomato variety. Plants of this variety are also indeterminate, therefore, they need compulsory pinching and garter.

Attention! Seedlings of Pepper Orange tomatoes turn out to be strong and quite capable of tolerating some lack of lighting, unlike many other varieties.

Tomatoes are larger than their yellow counterparts and average 135-160 grams. The fruits are characterized by excellent taste and good yield, which can be more than 9 kg per sq. It is interesting that tomatoes of such an amazing look and taste are quite capable of being grown in the open field of the middle lane. Although record yields are easier to achieve in a greenhouse.


According to reviews, this variety of tomatoes is considered one of the best orange tomatoes in terms of a set of indicators.

Svetlana, 37 years old, Belgorod

Last year, I got the seedlings of this variety from a neighbor. I liked these tomatoes so much, although I only had three bushes, that this year I decided to find the seeds and grow them myself. The seedlings did not grow in the most suitable conditions and nevertheless felt great. At the end of May, I decided to plant them under arches so that they would not be damaged by possible frosts. As soon as the warmth came, I tied all the bushes to the stakes and led them into 2 trunks. There were many fruits on the bushes, and they were so beautiful. I did not notice any sores. They have already begun to ripen closer to August, but how tasty and juicy they were. A bit dense, but ideal for preservation, although I used to cut them into salads with pleasure.


The Red Pepper Tomato was obtained by the breeders of the agrofirm "Aelita" already in 2015. In general, this variety is not particularly remarkable. All of its characteristics are very similar to the orange pepper tomato. Only the color of the tomatoes is closer to the traditional red, and the average yield can slightly exceed the orange pepper.

In general, varieties of red pepper tomatoes are best known and among them the most popular:

  • Scarlet Mustang;
  • Banana;
  • Italian spaghetti;
  • Peter the Great;
  • Roma;
  • Chukhloma.


Another interesting tomato variety was obtained by breeders from Novosibirsk quite recently, in 2015 - Pepper Raspberry. Unlike other varieties, it is determinant, that is, it is limited in growth and the bushes grow quite compact.

Attention! At the same time, the declared yield of tomato Raspberry pepper in greenhouses can be from 12 to 15 kg per square meter. meters.

Tomatoes are quite large in size, their average weight is from 125 to 250 grams. When fully ripe, they acquire a beautiful raspberry hue. And they do not ripen so long - about 100 days, so they can be counted among the early ripening varieties. Well, and most importantly, they are distinguished by an excellent, sugar taste, which can compete even with well-known meaty salad varieties, such as "Bull's Heart".


This variety of pepper-shaped tomatoes also appeared relatively recently, in 2014, but has already gained popularity among gardeners. The explanation for this popularity is quite simple - the variety is not only determinant, but also standard. The bushes reach a height of only 40 cm and grow very strong and squat, which is reflected in the name of the variety. It is very easy to grow outdoors, it easily adapts to different weather conditions and has good resistance to various diseases. The variety is early maturing and ripens in 100-110 days from germination.

The fruit forms a beautiful pink color, although a green spot may remain on the stalk, which does not affect its taste at all. Pepper Tomatoes Krepysh are very tasty, sweet, with an average weight of about 150 grams. The yield of this variety is not too high, about 4 kg per square meter. But unpretentiousness and taste characteristics justify this disadvantage.

Other popular pepper-shaped varieties

Many varieties of tomatoes, despite the fact that they did not have time to get into the state register, are happily grown by summer residents, but, unfortunately, their characteristics can vary greatly, depending on the manufacturing company.


The appearance of the Pepper-shaped striped tomato immediately fascinates the inexperienced gardener - yellowish stripes and stains of different sizes are indistinct against the red-orange background.

The variety is medium early, that is, it ripens within 105-110 days. The opinions of the gardeners who grow it vary greatly about its growth strength. Most argue that it is determinant and does not grow taller than 70 cm.

Tomatoes are quite large, 100-120 grams, tied in bunches on the bushes. In one bunch there can be 7-9 fruits, and the bunches themselves on the bush form up to 5-6 pieces.

Tomatoes have a dense skin and are therefore ideal for canning. Due to their good taste, they are quite suitable for salads, but here the opinions of gardeners differ. Many people believe that they are ideal for canning, since they look very beautiful in cans, but fresh varieties are more juicy and more tasty. In addition, against the background of general unpretentiousness, they are unstable to top rot of tomatoes.

Long Minusinskiy

This variety of folk selection refers to indeterminate, it can be carried out in 2 or a maximum of 3 stems. Ripens not very early, 120-130 days after germination. The tomatoes are elongated, with a spout at the end, fleshy, and contain very few seeds. They vary in weight from 100 to 200 grams. Subject to proper agricultural practices, they can produce up to 4-5 kg โ€‹โ€‹of fruits from one bush. Moreover, for 1 sq. do not place more than 4 plants per meter.

Tomatoes are well stored, in a cool place they can last almost until December.

Cuban black

This variety of tomatoes has many different names - Cuban Pepper, Pepper Black, Brown Cuban. Ripens quite late, in greenhouses it can grow under 3 meters. In the open field, the bushes are usually more compact - a little over a meter.

Good yield results are obtained when grown in two stems. Productivity in good conditions can be up to 10-12 kg per bush.

The fruits themselves are of a very original shape, not very elongated, but corrugated, the color when fully ripe is closer to brown, does not reach black. The taste is very good, although many criticize the rather dense skin. The average weight is 200-350 grams, but it can also exceed 400 grams.


Thus, the variety of pepper-shaped tomato varieties allows, if desired, to grow on the site the entire palette of colors and sizes, with different ripening periods.

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