How to pickle mushrooms quickly and tasty at home: recipes with photos for the winter and for every day

How to pickle mushrooms quickly and tasty at home: recipes with photos for the winter and for every day

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Champignons have a high nutritional value, are suitable for all processing methods, they are included in a one-time menu and are harvested for the winter. Salting champignons at home in a quick way is the best option for long-term storage and use for every day. Edible appearance with a delicate structure of the pulp does not require hot processing and pre-soaking.

How to quickly pickle mushrooms at home

Greenhouse mushrooms and mushrooms grown in natural conditions are suitable for salting. For winter harvesting, forest specimens are more often used, since they differ in a pronounced smell and taste.

With prolonged hot processing, the nutritional value of the fruit bodies decreases. The easiest and fastest way is hot or cold salting.

Before cooking, mushrooms are processed:

  1. The crop is sorted by size and age, young specimens will go completely for salting, the stem of mature mushrooms is cut off, its structure becomes rigid with age.
  2. A film is removed from the cap of adult mushrooms; for young ones, this measure is irrelevant. The protective layer is not hard, but as it grows, bitterness appears in the taste, which can be removed only by boiling. Salting does not provide for heat treatment.
  3. The base of the leg is cut off with a thin layer; in adult mushrooms, the leg is separated from the cap.
  4. The workpiece is washed and dried.

To exclude the presence of insects in forest mushrooms, you can immerse them for a short period of time in a weak solution of salt and citric acid, then rinse the mushrooms.

For salting, use enamel, glass and wooden dishes. Aluminum, copper or tin products are not suitable for this purpose, since the metal is oxidized, and the workpiece becomes unusable. Previously, the dishes are washed with soda and water, then poured over with boiling water. Glass jars are sterilized.

Small caps are not touched, large specimens are divided, in this form they will be salted better and will lie more densely in the container. Spices are used to taste. So that the spicy smell does not interrupt the taste of the mushrooms, take a small amount of seeds or dill inflorescences.

Advice! It is better not to include garlic in the preparation for long-term storage, it is added before use.

Before serving, the mushrooms can be garnished with a sprig of herbs

How to quickly pickle mushrooms using the cold method

There are quite a few quick recipes for salted champignons. But the most popular way is the classic recipe of Russian cuisine. The set of spices is designed for 1 kg of fruit bodies, it can be increased or decreased as desired, the main requirement is compliance with the proportions with respect to salt.

All quick recipes for cold processing have the same spice mix. Other components may be present in the composition, but the cooking technology is practically the same.


  • Salt - 1.5 tbsp l .;
  • parsley - 50 g (1 bunch);
  • horseradish - 1 root or 2-3 leaves;
  • currant leaves, cherries - 8 pcs.;
  • dill inflorescences - 1 pc.


  1. Salting begins with the leaves.
  2. Champignons and chopped parsley are placed on them with their hats down.
  3. Sprinkle with salt.
  4. Finish filling the container with the same set as you started.

Important! Fruit bodies are packed tightly so that there is no free space.

Salted champignons completely retain their shape after processing

The load is placed on top. In a few days, the champignons will start juice. A week later, the blank can be used in the menu. The mushrooms quickly absorb the salt and are cooked through. If the container is large, it is placed in a cool place or the workpiece is laid out in jars and closed with nylon lids. The top layer must be in the brine.

Quick salting of mushrooms with onions and chili peppers

According to the recipe, the time to readiness is about three hours. This is a quick snack to the table. For 3 kg of champignons take:

  • chili pepper - 3 pcs.;
  • salt - 200 g;
  • onions - 4 pcs.;
  • dill - you can use seeds or herbs;
  • garlic - 1 head;
  • sugar - 1 tsp

Quick Snack Technology:

  1. The processed fruit bodies are sprinkled with salt and left to marinate for 1 hour, periodically the mass is shaken.
  2. All vegetables and dill are finely chopped.
  3. They take out the mushroom blank from the salt, place it in a wide cup, pour in the vegetables and sugar, mix everything and leave for 15 minutes.
  4. Packed up in jars along with spices, the caps are tightly packed and placed in the refrigerator.

After an hour and a half, they serve on the table, you can pour sunflower oil on top of the appetizer and sprinkle with herbs

A quick recipe for salted champignons with oil and vinegar for the winter

You can add a bunch of dill and garlic to the preparation, but these products are not essential.

Components of the marinade for 0.7 kg of mushrooms:

  • bay leaf - 2-3 pcs.;
  • peppercorns - 7-10 pcs.;
  • salt - 1 tbsp. l;
  • sugar - 1 tbsp. l .;
  • vegetable oil - 70 g;
  • apple cider vinegar - 100 ml.

Algorithm of actions:

  1. Fruit bodies are cut into 4 parts.
  2. Cook for 5 minutes in a weak saline solution.
  3. Take it out of the container, allow excess liquid to drain.
  4. They are laid out in banks.
  5. A marinade is made from 0.5 liters of water, all the ingredients are added, boiled for 3 minutes and the workpiece is poured.

If the mushrooms are intended as winter harvesting, they are rolled up. Salting at home with a quick method will allow you to use champignons in a day.

Before serving, the dish is decorated with chopped parsley or dill.

Quick salting of champignon mushrooms with soy sauce

You can quickly prepare mushrooms for one-time use or winter harvesting according to a recipe with the following set of components:

  • champignon caps - 1 kg;
  • a mixture of peppers to taste;
  • oil - 50 ml;
  • mustard (seeds) - ½ tbsp. l .;
  • water - 500 ml;
  • vinegar, salt and sugar - 1 tsp each;
  • soy sauce - 70 ml.


  1. The hats are divided into 4 parts.
  2. All components are combined with water.
  3. Before boiling the marinade, parts of the mushroom preparation are introduced.
  4. Stew in a closed container over minimum heat for 10 minutes.

Processing method with the addition of mustard

If the goal is harvesting for the winter, they are immediately poured into cans along with the liquid and sealed.

Advice! The product should cool down gradually, so it is covered.

If the snack is prepared for quick use, it is allowed to cool, laid out in any convenient dish, and placed in the refrigerator.

Quick salting of champignons with sugar

Housewives use a method of quick preparation of salted mushrooms with sugar at home.

Components of the preparation for 400 g of champignons:

  • apple cider vinegar - 100 ml;
  • sugar - 2 tbsp. l .;
  • laurel, pepper, cloves - to taste;
  • salt - 2 tsp;
  • water - ½ l.

Instant cooking sequence:

  1. The hats are left intact.
  2. Mushrooms are put into the water and all the ingredients except the preservative are boiled for 7 minutes.
  3. Vinegar is introduced and kept on fire for the same amount of time.

If the product is prepared for the winter, it is immediately rolled up, if on the table, it is allowed to cool and used

How to quickly pickle mushrooms with garlic and green onions

For salting 1 kg of champignons, you will need the following components:

  • green onions - 1 bunch;
  • vegetable oil - 2 tbsp. l .;
  • allspice - 1 pinch;
  • salt - 1 tbsp. l .;
  • garlic - 1 head;
  • water - 250 ml;
  • bay leaf - 2-3 pcs.

Cooking sequence:

  1. The mushroom blank is cut into several slices.
  2. Water is poured into the container and salt is poured.
  3. Boil mushrooms in brine for 7 minutes.
  4. The mushroom mass is taken out of the water.
  5. Laurel and spices are added to the preparation.
  6. Onions and garlic are chopped, poured into mushrooms, poured with oil.

A load is placed on top and sent to the refrigerator for 10 hours. The appetizer is ready.

How to salt mushrooms at home quickly, in a day

To make the product ready in a short time, mushrooms are salted in a quick way with a set of spices:

  • Korean spices - 3 tbsp. l .;
  • mushroom preparation - 1 kg;
  • apple preservative - 3 tbsp. l .;
  • oil - 3 tablespoons;
  • sugar - 2 tbsp. l .;
  • salt - 1 tbsp. l .;
  • water - 0.5 l.

There is no definite sequence. All spices and pieces of mushroom preparation are mixed and boiled for 20 minutes, then packaged and put away in a cold place with a temperature not higher than +4 0C. The next day, the dish can be included in the menu.

How to quickly salt mushrooms with lemon juice

For salting champignons at home using a quick method, you will need the following components:

  • mushrooms - 400 g;
  • sea ​​salt - 2 tsp;
  • lemon juice - 2 tsp;
  • garlic, dill (green) - to taste;
  • vegetable oil - 1 tbsp. l.

Fast salting:

  1. Fruit bodies are cut into narrow plates.
  2. Garlic is crushed using any convenient method.
  3. The dill is crushed.
  4. A mushroom blank is laid out in a bowl and covered with salt.
  5. The mushrooms are infused until the liquid is released.
  6. The rest of the ingredients are added.

After 30 minutes, the appetizer is ready

How to quickly salt champignons with spices at home

To process 1 kg of fruit bodies, the following spices will be required:

  • paprika - 4 tsp;
  • ground pepper mixture - 3 tsp;
  • mustard seeds - 3 tsp;
  • salt - 2 tsp;
  • cilantro, dill, basil - 15 g each;
  • vinegar, mustard oil - 100 ml each;
  • garlic and laurel to taste.

The sequence of technology:

  1. The processed fruit bodies are divided into large parts.
  2. Garlic is sautéed in oil.
  3. Fresh herbs are chopped.
  4. The fried ingredient is added along with the rest of the recipe ingredients to the fruiting bodies.

They put the load and put it in the refrigerator, the next day you can serve it on the table. This is a snack for every day, it is not used for winter preparation.

Harvesting with herbs

Salted instant mushrooms with citric acid

A set of spices for quick salting of 1 kg of champignons:

  • water - 0.5 l;
  • salt - 1 tbsp. l .;
  • citric acid - 0.5 tsp;
  • sugar - 1 tsp;
  • pepper, dill (seeds) - to taste.

Fast salting technology:

  1. The processed raw materials are cut into large cubes, if the fruit bodies are small, you can use them whole.
  2. Prepare a fill from all components (except citric acid).
  3. The workpiece is lowered into the boiling liquid, kept for 7 minutes, acid is introduced.

The product is packaged in containers, hermetically rolled up

How to quickly salt mushrooms at home with sterilization

Components for 1 kg of champignons:

  • currant leaves - 8-10 pcs.;
  • cloves - 5-6 pcs.;
  • salt - 1 tbsp. l .;
  • pepper to taste;
  • laurel - 3-4 pcs.;
  • vinegar - 80 ml;
  • water - 2 glasses;
  • sugar - 1.5 tbsp. l.

Fast salting sequence:

  1. The mushrooms are cut into large pieces, blanched, and compactly placed in storage containers.
  2. Add laurel, currants, cloves, pepper.
  3. A marinade is made from salt, sugar and water, which should be boiled for 10 minutes.
  4. Vinegar is introduced before removing from the stove.

The workpiece is poured with hot marinade, covered with lids, sterilized for 20 minutes, rolled up.

Storage rules

Preparing salted mushrooms using the quick standard method allows you to store the product at home along with the rest of your winter supplies. In the basement or storage room at a maximum temperature of +8 0C. The sterilized blank is usable for 12 months. Snacks without vinegar are kept in the refrigerator for no more than 48 hours, with acid - within 7 days.


Salting champignons at home in a quick way is suitable for long-term storage and use in a single diet. This method of processing is more rational, because mushrooms of this type do not react well to prolonged heat treatment. The shelf life depends on the cooking technology.

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