Zucchini variety Yellow-fruited

Zheltoplodny zucchini belongs to the high-yielding varieties of Russian selection. This variety is universal and is successfully grown in all regions of Russia. Nutritional characteristics make zucchini of this variety a healthy dietary product that is suitable even for young children.

Variety characteristics

Zucchini Zucchini Zheltoplodny belongs to the early maturing varieties. Small bushes of this variety have large pentagonal leaves of a medium dissected shape. The first zucchini on this plant will begin to ripen approximately 45 days after the start of germination.

The zucchini itself with an average weight of 1 kg has a length of 20 cm. In shape, it resembles a cylinder, tapering towards the stalk. A dense orange mesh is visible against the main yellow background of the squash. The thin bark of the fruit hides light yellow or creamy flesh. Zucchini of this variety has excellent taste characteristics. Moreover, it is very rich in vitamins and minerals. This is a dietary fruit: dry matter in it will be about 5%, and even less sugar - only 2.5%.

This variety is resistant to the main diseases that affect zucchini:

  • powdery mildew;
  • rot;
  • anthracnose.

To ensure a bountiful harvest, it is better to choose a sunny site for planting. Subject to agrotechnical requirements, you can collect up to 8 kg of zucchini per square meter.

Growing recommendations

This variety can be grown both as seeds and seedlings. When planting with seeds, you should adhere to simple rules:

  1. Seeds are planted in prepared soil in late May and early June. It is better to choose a day when the minimum soil temperature is 12 degrees.
  2. It is better to let the seeds germinate a little beforehand by placing them in a damp cloth. This technique will significantly increase their germination.
  3. Before sowing seeds of this variety, the holes must be prepared. They are dug out every 70 cm and spilled well with warm water. When the water is absorbed a little, you can plant 2-3 seeds in each hole.
  4. The planted seeds should be covered with foil to ensure good heat conditions. After emergence, holes should be made in the film so that they can grow.
  5. Only one strong sprout should be left in each hole. Remove the rest carefully.

Seedlings are prepared 2-3 weeks before planting in the ground. At the same time, it is not bad to hold it under the film for the first time, so that it will better take root in a new place.

Advice! To ensure better access of sunlight to the plant and ovaries, at the beginning of its formation, remove several leaves in the center of the bush.

Also, this technique will help pollinating insects in finding flowers.

For this variety of zucchini, watering is needed once a week, 2 liters for each bush. In dry summer, increase the regularity up to 2-3 times a week.

Zucchini of this variety responds well to organic fertilizers. For top dressing, infusions of mullein and bird droppings are well suited. Top dressing is best done in three stages:

  1. Before flowering.
  2. At the moment of the beginning of flowering.
  3. During fruit set.

This variety is harvested in August-September. It is necessary to cut the zucchini so that the tail of about 5 cm remains. When harvesting, to ensure better preservation of the fruits, they are not washed or damaged.

Reviews of zucchini Zheltoplodny

Anna, 29 years old, Ufa

This is the second yellow-fruited variety that I plant. The first, unfortunately, fell ill with powdery mildew and I hardly saw the harvest. It was written on a bag with seeds of this variety that it is resistant to powdery mildew. I planted it with germinated seeds directly into the ground. The seedlings even had to be thinned out. The bushes bloomed very quickly, and many fruits were set. The zucchini grew rapidly. I plucked them small. But if the zucchini outgrows, then it remains long and does not thicken like some varieties. I liked the taste of these zucchini very much. He is very gentle. Zucchini keeps well. They lay in the pantry all winter and not one rotted. Spins work well with him. No wonder it was written on the packaging that the variety is universal. I definitely recommend it.

Ekaterina, 43 years old, Angarsk

I grow this variety for the first time. Seed germination is good. I even had to pull out some, otherwise it hurt a lot. They began to bloom and tie quickly. Zucchini of a cheerful yellow color, grows 2-6 pieces on each bush. Planting them, I could not even think that there would be so many of them! We collected zucchini until mid-September and no longer knew what to do with them. We stored them first in the garage, then when it got colder, we brought them onto the balcony. I gradually used them, but some lasted until the New Year. I liked the taste. They are dense and juicy. There is no such wateriness that is found in zucchini. I liked this variety, I will still plant it. He has good germination and yield. And its small bushes can significantly save space in the garden.

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