Tomato Windrose: characteristics and description of the variety

The choice of tomato variety for planting depends on several determining factors. For the northern regions, hybrids with high indicators of frost resistance are suitable, for the southern regions of the country, yield indicators are taken as a basis. There are tomatoes that meet almost all of the requirements. The wind rose tomato is one of the species that is distinguished by its unpretentiousness, productivity and high adaptive abilities.

Description of the tomato variety Wind Rose

The Vetrov variety was developed by Russian scientists in order to obtain a hybrid capable of growing in the northern regions of the country. It was entered in the State Register of the Russian Federation in the spring of 2003 with recommendations for growing in any chosen way: in greenhouses, outdoors or under a film of mini-greenhouses.

  1. A bush of Windrose tomatoes grows up to 45 cm, it is classified as an upright species, therefore, the formation is carried out in several stems.
  2. The leaves of the plant are narrow, light green with corrugated edges, light edging. The variety is prone to active growth of green mass, so there are always a lot of leaves on the bush.
  3. Flowers appear as the ovaries form, they are small, pale pink.
  4. The fruits of this variety have an even rounded shape with a small depression in the area of ​​the stalk.

The wind rose belongs to the early maturing varieties. According to the structure of the stems, the Windrose tomatoes belong to the determinant hybrids.

Description of fruits

The main value of the variety is smooth, flawless fruits. According to the description of the Windrose tomatoes, the main characteristics are compiled:

  • average fruit weight - 130 g;
  • the skin is thin but dense;
  • the surface is glossy, without build-up;
  • the shade ranges from pink to dark pink;
  • the pulp is juicy;
  • the taste is classified as sweet and spicy;
  • the number of seeds is minimal.

The Windrose hybrid is classified as a salad species: this means that the main area of ​​application is considered to be fresh. According to numerous reviews about the Wind Rose tomato variety, it is perfect for pickling and preparing blanks like an assortment, where several vegetable crops are mixed.

Main characteristics

The wind rose is popular with those who grow tomatoes in open ground by seedlings, as well as those who prefer greenhouse cultivation. The yield of the variety remains stable when choosing any method. This is one of the many advantages of a hybrid.

The following signs are considered the main characteristic features of Windrose tomatoes:

  • to achieve technical ripeness, tomatoes need about 95 days from the moment of seedling emergence;
  • if the minimum requirements are met, the bushes bear fruit stably for several weeks;
  • the variety is resistant to low temperatures;
  • adapts to the instability of climatic conditions;
  • to be grown in greenhouse beds and in the open field;
  • due to the compactness of the bushes, the culture can grow in small areas.

According to the reviews of summer residents, under favorable conditions and compliance with the basic rules for caring from 1 sq. m of plantings, about 7 kg of fruits are harvested per season.

Advice! When grown by the greenhouse method, it is recommended to form high ridges: this will provide additional protection against frost and protect the topsoil from freezing.

When planting the determinant variety Rose of Winds, it is not required to establish additional supports, since the bushes are not tall and are able to withstand the weight of the fruit without the risk of sagging to the ground.

The hybrid is characterized as resistant to many major diseases of tomatoes: this is explained by high adaptive and protective indicators, as well as belonging to the early maturing type. The active phase of the growing season falls on a time period when favorable conditions for the development of diseases inherent in the culture did not come.

Advantages and disadvantages

According to reviews of the Wind Rose tomato variety, we can conclude that the hybrid has almost no flaws.

If we are talking about the advantages of the variety, then its main characteristics are information about high yields, resistance to changing climatic conditions and excellent taste of fruits.

If they talk about the shortcomings of the variety, then they mention the need to add additional mineral complexes to the bushes in order to improve the quality of the soil. This measure is able to increase productivity indicators.

Planting and care rules

Seeds for seedlings of the Wind Rose variety begin to be sown in late March - early April. This period is suitable for planning a burial landing during the first week of June. Care & Fit Tips:

  • disinfection of the soil;
  • stage-by-stage seed preparation;
  • additional fertilization with mineral mixtures;
  • selection of a site with neighbors suitable for the culture.

Growing seedlings

The seeds of the Wind Rose variety must be placed in a root biostimulator. This rule applies to all early ripening tomato varieties. After soaking for 12 hours, they are dried at room temperature. If necessary, the seeds are processed additionally:

  • hardening (recommended for northern regions);
  • germination (when planting a small amount of seedlings, in order to exclude the admission to sowing of non-viable material);
  • calibration (for sifting empty seeds).

The sowing soil is hardened or calcined. It depends on the individual preferences of the summer resident. To warm up, the soil is placed in an oven and kept at a temperature of +70 ° C.

For hardening, it is frozen at -10 ° C 2 - 3 days before sowing.

The Wind rose variety is usually sown in common containers, and after the emergence of shoots and the appearance of the 3rd - 4th leaf, a pick is carried out. Weak shoots are left on the windowsill at a temperature of +22 - 24 ° C and a stable supply of sunlight. Strong seedlings begin to prepare for planting in a permanent place of growth.

Transplanting seedlings

Seedlings are transplanted as the soil is prepared:

  • for greenhouse cultivation, plantings are planned for early-mid-May, provided the soil warms up to +18 ° C;
  • for mini-greenhouses, a period is chosen when the possibility of recurrent frosts is excluded;
  • for open ground, the terms may shift, depending on climatic conditions, while the open soil must be warmed up to at least +15 ° C.

Dig up the soil 1 week before planting. Organic plants are added. When planting, mineral fertilizers are laid. Those who planted the Wind Rose in their personal plot recommend adding a bucket of hot water to the hole before planting. This method helps the sprouts to adapt faster and to endure the change in temperature without energy expenditure.

Mini-greenhouses are additionally covered with plastic wrap, since greenhouse plantings are carried out before planting on open soil, which means that the age of the seedlings implies additional care.

For planting, the size of the bushes is taken into account. According to the manufacturer's recommendations, each sprout is planted at a distance of 35 - 40 cm from the other. The row spacing is up to 60 cm. This arrangement will allow unhindered garters, pinching and harvesting.

Tomato care

Windrose tomatoes need regular weekly watering. They are able to withstand periods of short-term drought and calmly react to slight waterlogging, but violation of the irrigation rules immediately affects the yield.

Advice! In the 2nd week after planting, additional preventive treatment for late blight is carried out. The bushes are sprayed with a solution of tobacco or special chemicals.

For dressing, mineral complexes with potassium and phosphorus are used. Liquid mixtures are applied at the root every 2 weeks. This is not a requirement, but it can help increase yields.

To get rid of weeds and prevent the appearance of insects, tomatoes of this variety are mulched immediately after planting. For mulching, sawdust, coniferous needles are suitable.

Bushes do not need pinching: due to their short stature, the formation of a bush is not practiced. In order for the bush to withstand the weight of the formed tomatoes, several garters are made.

Advice! It is advised to plant calendula or marigolds next to tomatoes. This neighborhood protects the tomatoes from insect infestations.


The wind rose tomato has almost no flaws. With a low demand, it gives an excellent harvest. The palatability of the fruit has made this variety especially popular in recent decades.

Reviews of the tomato wind rose

Petrova Anna Igorevna, 68 years old, Chernogorsk

Windrose chose tomatoes by description and photo on one of the forums. At first I was attracted by the appearance: I love strong, even fruits of a traditional shape without additional edges. In addition, I consider one of the advantages of the color of these tomatoes. I shot the first crop at the end of June. Tomatoes did not disappoint me. The tomatoes are tender, sweetish to taste. Suitable for salads and hot dishes. Now this is one of my favorite varieties.

Dolmatova Alla Valentinovna, 56 years old, Chuysk

I want to share with summer residents my story of acquaintance with the Wind Rose tomato variety. For health reasons, last year I missed the stage of planting for seedlings of late varieties. I don't like early hybrids, but I had to plant them. I did not cook the seeds, sowed it somehow and did not hope for a good harvest. I also chose a variety of tomatoes from a photo, as it seemed to me, with a pretentious name: "Wind Rose". As a result, I got a wonderful harvest, enjoyed the taste, made a lot of preparations. Now I only need the Wind Rose!

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