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What to do with seedlings if you need to leave for a week

Friends, we live in the Moscow region, for the next week we are promised daily rains and cold nights + 5-9 degrees. Yesterday I covered street tomatoes with covering material (white) on the arcs, it was all wet from the rain, the ground was wet and the tomatoes, respectively, too. We need to leave for a week for sure and there will be no one to shelter or open them. What to do? If you shelter and leave, there will be no ventilation, if you do not shelter, I think they will certainly not be happy about this. Cover and leave holes open on the sides? Will they get sick? The same question about the greenhouse. Leave the windows open? Sorry for so many questions. Head spin


There is ventilation under the cover - the non-woven fabric passes air, and with it it is warmer, after all. We’ll listen to what experienced gardeners say, I’m most interested, even though I don’t have tomatoes in the garden.

I can’t say about the exhaust gas, but in the greenhouse of the window I would have left it open.

I would not cover. Poplar fluff flew, the dog rose blossomed, and this is 100% that there will be no return frosts. I think that everything with them will be in order and without covering. Cover and leave ventilation. From a gust of wind, the cover will develop like a sail, or even worse, wet and heavy will break the seedlings. And open the greenhouse, and then all the heat burn.

In such cases, I put on a piece of covering in the greenhouse on an open window. Both heat and ventilation

For weeks, a maximum of +15, and so the average temperature in the afternoon will be 12-13 degrees. So I'm afraid. Even in my greenhouse, the openings on the door on both sides are not closed. We did not specifically mount them yet. You think this ventilation will not be enough?

It is better to cover the tomatoes in the garden with a film, open the ends for ventilation, Ganichkina advised

Of course enough. You are leaving for a week and not for a month, everything will be fine with tomatoes both in the greenhouse and in the exhaust gas. About the shelter poletilenom. Do not. The collective farms began to plant seedlings in the fields, and this happens after the threat of frost has passed.

Zhenechka, DO NOT COVER WITH FILM, OTHERWISE BURN AT 15 DEGREES. We have already experienced this. I can advise you to leave it open on one side. You can look at my photos.

Zhenya, at night we went down to +6.

Thank you so much. The film is not covered, only covering material. Slots on the sides remained. I think everything will be fine.

Everything will be fine. Do not worry. We also appear once a week.