Bubble leaf lady in Red: description, planting and care

Bubble leaf lady in Red: description, planting and care

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To decorate their personal plot, gardeners often plant decorative, exotic shrubs. Due to its bright foliage and unpretentious care, the leading place is occupied by the Lady in Red vesicle. To grow it, you need to know the intricacies of planting and care, reproduction and pruning.

Description of the vesicle Lady in Red

Lady in Red is a new variety introduced in 2012 by English breeders. Due to its unpretentiousness and bright foliage, the shrub immediately gained popularity among gardeners. The plant translated from English means "lady in red". The bush received this name for its red foliage and decorative appearance.

Brief description of the bladderwort of the Vine-leaved Lady in Red:

  • The bush is small, grows up to 1-1.5 m. The width and density depend on the selected type of pruning.
  • The shriveled, red-brown leaf consists of 3-5 oval-shaped lobes, up to 1.2 m in diameter.
  • In June, the shrub is covered with small, pink flowers, collected in hemispherical inflorescences up to 5 cm in size.
  • In early autumn, after flowering, the bush is covered with red-brown fruits, which, when ripe, do not crumble, but hang on the branch all winter.
  • Red Lady is a sun-loving shrub, when planted in a sunny place, the foliage acquires a bright burgundy color, when grown in the shade, the foliage loses its decorative appearance.
  • The plant is unpretentious and frost-resistant.

Important! Since the shrub has a shallow root system, frequent irrigation is necessary.

To see all the beauty of Lady in Red's vesicle, you can view the photo:

Bubble garden Lady in Red in landscape design

Due to its decorative effect, the Red Lady bubblegum is used to decorate the suburban area. He is planted next to the main entrance, near the gazebos and in the recreation area. Bright foliage goes well with conifers and ornamental shrubs. Due to the dense foliage, when timely pruning is carried out, a beautiful hedge is obtained from the shrub.

The Red Lady bubble plant grows in any climate and on any soil. Also, Lady in Red is not afraid of polluted air and does not lose its decorative effect in places with poor ecology. Due to these characteristics, the bushes are planted in city squares, parks, and they look great as curbs along the roads.

Conditions for growing the vesicle Lady in Red

The Red Lady bubblegum is an unpretentious shrub. To add decorative effect, the plant is placed in a sunny place, in a nutritious, well-drained soil. In order for the shrub to have a wide crown and bloom profusely, it is grown on loamy soil with neutral acidity.

When choosing a place for planting, it must be borne in mind that Red Lady has a superficial root system, therefore, proximity to large and fruit trees is undesirable. Since tall trees have powerful roots that will begin to suck out moisture, nutrients from the soil will be at the expense of the shrubs.

Planting and caring for the Lady in Red vesicle

When purchasing a Red Lady bladder in a container, a young seedling is planted throughout the warm season. A plant with open roots is planted in spring or autumn. Many gardeners prefer spring planting, since before the frost begins, the vesicle will have time to get stronger, take root and prepare for winter.

Decorativeness and flowering depend on a healthy strong seedling. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase it from trusted suppliers or in a nursery. The purchased plant must have strong, healthy roots and shoots without signs of disease and mechanical damage.

Important! Before buying a sapling of the Lady in Red bladder plant, you need to study the description in detail and view photos and videos.

Landing site preparation

For planting the Red Lady bubblegum, choose a sunny place without drafts and gusty winds. The soil must be fertile and well-drained. When preparing the planting pit, they dig up the earth, add peat, sand and rotted compost in equal proportions. If the acidity is increased, then it can be adjusted with dolomite flour or wood ash. The prepared substrate is poured into a 50x50 well and left for 14 days.

Landing rules

In order for the plant to please with its decorative look and beautiful flowering, it is necessary to follow the rules of planting and care. Planting the red lady bladder:

  1. The nutrient substrate is removed from the planting hole, leaving the size of the hole 50x50x50 cm.
  2. The seedling is spilled abundantly and carefully removed from the container.
  3. With a lump of earth, the plant is immersed in a hole so that the root collar is not buried, but is at ground level.
  4. The young bush is covered with fertile soil, tamping each layer so that there is no air space left.
  5. The planted vesicle is spilled abundantly, the soil is mulched with peat, straw or humus.

Watering and feeding

Since the roots of the Red Lady vesicle do not go deep into the ground, but are located superficially, it is necessary to carry out regular irrigation and timely feeding. In increased irrigation, the shrub needs a hot, dry summer and when grown on loamy soil. To do this, up to 30 liters of water is shed under each adult bush 2 times a week. In other cases, irrigation is carried out as the top layer of the earth dries out.

Important! When planting in clay soil, watering should be very careful, since stagnant water can lead to decay of the root system and the death of the plant.

After watering, the soil is mulched with straw, dry foliage or rotted compost. Mulch will retain moisture, make the soil loose and breathable, and saturate the soil with micronutrients.

Plant nutrition is essential for good growth, flowering and frost resistance:

  1. In the spring, before sap flow and budding, 0.5 liters of mullein or bird droppings and 1 liter of nettle, green infusion are diluted in a bucket of water. You can also use any nitrogenous fertilizer.
  2. In the fall, before the onset of cold weather, the shrub needs phosphorus and potassium; wood ash is suitable as a top dressing.

10 liters of nutritional infusion are spilled under each plant.


If you do not carry out timely pruning, the Lady in Red vesicle will lose its decorative appearance, diseases and pests can join it. Growth and flowering also depend on the correct pruning, so it must be carried out according to certain rules:

  1. Sanitary - remove broken, damaged, weakened and not overwintered shoots. The procedure is carried out in the spring or as needed.
  2. Formative - after flowering, the branches are cut to 1/3 of the length.
  3. To form a hedge, pruning is carried out to the required height, in the middle or late summer.
  4. Rejuvenating - all shoots are cut out from the old bush under a stump, giving the opportunity to appear young shoots.

Preparing for winter

Frost-resistant bladderwort Red Lady does not need shelter. But young seedlings, when grown in regions with an unstable climate, should be hidden under a non-woven covering material. In a snowy winter, a frame is installed over the bush and covered with a snowdrift. It will retain heat, moisture and keep the seedling from frost.

Important! The shelter is removed immediately after the onset of warm days.

Reproduction of the bladderworm Lady in Red

Bubble-leaf physocarpus Lady in Red can be propagated by cuttings, branches and dividing the bush.

Cuttings are an effective breeding method. For this, planting material 10-15 cm long is cut from annual shoots. The lower leaves are disposed of, the upper ones are shortened by ½ the length. Prepared cuttings are dipped for 20 minutes in a rooting stimulator and placed at an angle in a container with moist, nutritious soil. To maintain the required humidity, a microsteam is installed above the handle. After the first buds appear, the shelter is removed, and the container is placed in a bright, warm place. After a year, a mature seedling can be planted in a sunny area.

Dividing a bush is the easiest way. In spring or autumn, the bush is removed from the ground, trying not to cause mechanical damage to the root system. It is divided by the required number of divisions. Each part must have strong roots and healthy shoots. To prevent the root system from drying out, young bushes are immediately planted in a permanent place.

Offsets - reproduction is carried out in early spring. For this, a strong, lower shoot is chosen. Dig a trench 10 cm deep and lay the branch, leaving the green top above the ground. Sprinkle the trench with nutritious soil, spill and mulch. In the fall, the rooted branch is separated from the mother bush and planted in a permanent place. When cold weather sets in, the young plant is covered with agrofibre or non-woven material.

Diseases and pests

Bubble plant Lady in Red has a strong immunity to diseases and insect pests. But if the shrub lacks nutrients, then it may suffer from chlorosis. When yellow foliage appears and the apical shoots dry out, it is necessary to start treatment immediately. If no help is provided, the vesicle begins to wither, the leaves curl, dry out and fall off. To get rid of the disease, the bush is treated with iron-containing preparations.

Also, the Red Lady vesicle with abundant watering and high humidity can suffer from powdery mildew. The foliage is covered with a white bloom, which can be easily removed with a finger. You can eliminate the disease with broad-spectrum fungicides.


The Lady in Red bubble is a worthy ornamental shrub that will adorn any personal plot. Observing simple rules of care, you can ensure that the plant will show its original catchy beauty for many years.

Reviews about the Lady in Red bladder

Mukhina Irina Ilyinichna, 65 years old, Zelenogorsk

I have been growing the Lady in Red bubble for 10 years. The ornamental plant fell in love with its beautiful red-brown foliage and pink flowering. It is unpretentious, has immunity to diseases, does not need shelter for the winter. To give a spherical shape, I carry out a formative pruning once a year. For lush flowering, I feed the bush with nitrogenous fertilizers in the spring. I advise everyone to buy a bubblegum, as it is a real decoration of the personal plot.

Ilyina Ekaterina Pavlovna, 55 years old, Yekaterinburg

I am a lover of ornamental shrubs, there are about 10 species on my personal plot. For hedges, use the Lady in Red bladder. It is unpretentious, has a beautiful red-burgundy foliage. In summer, small pink flowers appear on the plant, collected in hemispherical inflorescences. Thanks to good rooting, the variety is propagated by branches and cuttings.

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