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Care for tomatoes planted in the open ground

Dear colleagues, who plant tomatoes in open ground? How realistic is it to get a crop? What are the difficulties and features of care?


No difficulties, the varieties to choose appropriate for your region and for the exhaust gas, it is better not tall and precocious. There is only one problem: late blight, but it is also present in the greenhouse. Care in the prevention of late blight, standard. And the tomatoes in the garden are delicious!

I’ll plant it too) and the cucumbers remained with me can they be in the garden?

Kaneshna! I only plant cucumbers in the garden, only cover under arcs if it is cold.

Everything is growing under the arcs, there is no greenhouse, I thought it was just a free garden in the garden, but is it cold to cover at what temperature and not 17 fabrics?

Nah, OG, this is all that is not a greenhouse. And the arc is a removable structure, cold-pull, heat - remove. For cucumbers, cold is a small plus at the beginning of growth and autumn (August) cooling and lingering cold rains, then cover 17 is not enough, it’s so from the sun or strawberries from birds, and to warm the cucumbers 40-60, that's it.

On the contrary, I like to plant tall varieties of tomatoes in the garden, my beloved de barao is royal, they take up less places and the crops are always gorgeous.

But do not tell me, for eggplant 60 is not a hot shelter? And then I have no other. I grow them for the first time

It’s not hot at night;

How do you tie tall tomatoes, share your experience?

And de Barao stepson?

And how do you tie them up, just to pegs, or, what is more serious?

The most delicious tomatoes are those that are grown in the garden

We’ve been planting in the garden all my life without a tomato. The greenhouse has never been and never is and everything is growing beautifully.

Necessarily stepson, I do not even admit two stems.

For more serious :-). I have “horizontal bars” two rows, and I tie them with a rope, wrapping clockwise the stem of tomatoes as they grow. In August, pinch the top at a height of more than two meters. I form only one stem. Tomato plant 30 roots, 15 in a row. Between the rows about a meter distance. Usually harvest from them, 3-4 bushes is a full basket.

Angel Remember. ? You beds with pictures with bottles. Show what is growing there now. If it is possible.

Perhaps of course. Everything is growing too, cabbage, only now every day there is a battle for the harvest !. All kinds of bugs tortured, Peking already eaten up, the photo is hard to see, a long ridge, mulch in grass, celery grows well, cabbage is different quietly, except for Chinese, it went into color, the leek is not all taken root, half dried out, that there were stronger broods, survived, parsley still grows, curly edge, a little further away from the radish, eat more, mustard mustard dries out, yank, fit, here. Somehow like this!

I didn’t even plant. So damp. The shovel does not climb. Everything in the greenhouse. A decent bed. I like.

Olga, and I’ve been registered in the garden for a month now, my family says they’re crazy !. I’m planting something, I don’t end without end, now I’ve watered, the weeding has already gone, I haven’t planted cucumbers here, I have to

Angela, I have all the seedlings of cucumbers. Outgrown. I gave her away. Himself only the Chinese. Left. Yes, a couple. Small-fruited. I will re-plant. We did not know that water would rise on the Volga. This is the first time. But the tomatoes. I stuck it. But not all. Someone is eating marigolds in an og, under a non-woven fabric. In the greenhouse, not yet eaten. I can not. It’s ok to leave. Grandson is on me.

Everything is clear, I wish you good harvests, we’ll write off more than once, the group is as good as the second family, thank you, I’ve gone