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How to get rid of ants on a pygmy pear

Here is such a disaster on a young dwarf pear, ants run, what needs to be processed? thanks


Do not upload photos, the bottom line is that the leaves turn red and the top fold

Tsifoks from ants well

These are not ants, but a pear tick; it hibernates in the pear buds. It is necessary in the early spring, before the buds open, treat the trees with urea (700 g. Urea per 10 liters of water). Now it is possible to process the Healing Garden, Ecoberin, Fitoverm and Zircon only once a month. You can also treat it with copper sulfate according to the instructions, but in summer you can burn the leaves on a tree, so treat one branch and if there is no burn, then process the whole tree in a few days.

You can get rid of ants on a tree with tar. It is necessary to impregnate several layers of a bandage or marlechka with tar and make a bandage on the trunk; no ants will climb through it and not only them. I tried this method, it works.

Thank you so much

From the ants, wrap the adhesive tape from the flies!

And the fact that the leaves turn red, as in autumn, is it dangerous?

Gauze-soaked tar helps well from ants, it needs to be tied with a stem

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And I wrapped the paper tape and the great warrior passed it (the hunting belt came out)

I, too, like Natalia did)