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Is it too late to sow carrots

Is it too late to sow carrots

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Dear gardeners and gardeners, tell me, please, carrots generally went badly. There are twenty pieces in all. If you sow again, isn’t it too late?


I also have. I sowed May 14th. 10 pieces came up, I also think what to do. I decided to wait until Saturday, if everything is also deplorable, I will sow again.

I think it’s not too late and the fly is already flying off.

I am for storage, always sow in late May, early June, plant both early Nantes and late. Make grooves, slightly compact with your hand, pour boiling water, when the water is absorbed, sow the seeds and fall asleep with sifted sand, compact with your hand, cover with a film. I am on low arches, I cover with lutrasil, but this is from a fly, if the seeds are fresh, the germination rate is 99%.

Well, you do not get excited, spill with shallow on a cage from a watering can and it would be nice to cover.

You can still remove everything up to 5

If I got excited, I would have already resetted it :-). I had to hold the seeds in hot water or in vodka, I always did, but it turned out that there was no time, now I'm sitting thinking what to do :-). And all these manipulations with sand, arcs and non-fabric are not for me :-), and the scales are not the same :-). I never drive with carrots like that. Watering with sprinklers, I have 5 of them in different parts of the garden. It happens that the garden is watered for hours. I sin on seeds, I think that the old ones, from that, are tight

I just advise and tell you how I do it, then carrots happen and a month emerges, and you have 3 weeks not yet.

Alfia, try different ways. One of them is to make a groove and seal it with a board or bar or hoe and spill it well with water. The water is absorbed and mix half a glass of seeds with a glass of sand. And sow. Then sprinkled with earth and TOP DO NOT WATER! And wait for friendly shoots. Good luck

Julia uploaded the video and says that she is planting it specially for storage now, that the most delicious carrots are being poured.

So I have seeds from last year. But the deadline is until 2019. I think that on Sunday I will sow again.

You can plant up to trinity

And on my toilet. The paper did not come up well, I will sow.

Think help. ? I have a problem on the floor, I don’t know what to do, the neighbor says, you’re sowing, and then she suddenly rises. All in thought, everything grows well, one carrot failed.

And when sowed?

May 4, goats. So always sowed, everything was normal. Yesterday I decided to weed, and very small shoots began to come across. We didn’t go further, I was afraid, so I’m thinking what to do.

Well, if they appear, then everything is fine, the main thing is moisture and so that there is no crust.

Watering every day, we all May was not a drop of rain, terrible land.

Here is the reason, apparently the watering still lacked moisture.

Not at all.

Carrots can, but most likely need to be sown right now. It is very good to sow it between rows of garlic, collect 2 crops from one bed, while the garlic grows the carrots are too small, and after harvesting the garlic, it will already gain weight and in October - early November will be ready for harvesting, only later varieties must be planted.

Yes, and even carrots are often watered before germination, and then they are not watered for a long time, allowing her to find water herself.


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