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Help with mosquito and midge bites

If bitten mosquitoes, apply a cotton swab dipped in 9% vinegar to the bites. The bites will dissolve.

From midges - attach a cotton wool with vodka or moonshine to the bites.


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I mean, depending on how much you accept, you may not notice them.

I checked it inside, but there’s no lotion yet)

In the country there is always alcohol in the vial. If bitten (mosquitoes, midges, horseflies and types), moisten the fleece and wipe the bites. And everything, nothing itches.

Triple, I think, too, will do

If bitten by flying assholes, go to the bathhouse under a broom.

And if the bath is dumb.

If my husband and I are at the cottage together, then all the biting bullshit bites him, but I don’t, even if he drinks, they bite him all the same.

Every summer there are a lot of mosquitoes in the country, we save ourselves from itching after bites, anointing this place with corvalol, quickly soothes the itching.

And this year, after another bite of mosquitoes, I decided to drink tavegil, and I was stunned by the result, the itching went away, there are no inflammations. Last year, all my legs were sore and could not help myself.

I left a midge on a sick leave, my eye swelled for four days, today is the first day of normal. )