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How to mulch needles

Hello, tell me how to mulch needles correctly? To take coniferous branches or needles to collect in the forest? Tell me please.


Fallen needles.

This is called spruce fall, i.e., the top layer under the tree, along with branches and a little with the ground

Pine needles

Class! To the forest with a shovel and bags)

We call it shigolk or simply shigol 🙂

And this mixture does not acidify the earth?

Such a mulch is good, but it is also possible to get a forest anthill on the site. How to consider them if so many needles are collected.

Irina, garden strawberries (strawberries) love acidified soil.

In the fall, we covered all berry bushes with lapnik, in the spring they removed it and put it on a bed with strawberries, the branches dry, and the needles themselves fall off. Double good!

By the way, does such a mulch help from a weevil? This year, this porositin upset me greatly.

No, mulch does not save from weevil - only chemistry and even several times.