Eggplant Murzik

Eggplant Murzik

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Eggplant variety "Murzik" has long been known to our gardeners. However, there are always those who first come across this name, but I really want to try it, because the packaging says that the fruits are large, and the variety is high-yielding. Let's see if this is so.

Description of the variety "Murzik"

Below is a table with the main characteristics. This will allow everyone who decides to land him on his site to understand in advance whether he is suitable for one or another indicator.

Indicator name




Ripening period

Early ripe, 95-115 days from the moment the first shoots appear to technical ripeness

Description of fruits

Medium, dark purple with glossy thin skin, not elongated; weight up to 330 grams

Landing scheme

60x40, picking is carried out and side shoots are removed until the first fork

Taste qualities

Excellent, taste without bitterness

Disease resistance

To weather stress


High, 4.4-5.2 per square meter

The variety is great even for central Russia due to the fact that temperature drops are not terrible for it, and early ripening allows you to harvest before the onset of cold weather. It can be grown both outdoors and in greenhouses. Care is the same as for other varieties and hybrids of eggplant.

Important! The plant "Murzik" is spreading, so it is not worth planting too often, this will lead to a decrease in yield.

Since picking is a very delicate question, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the video below:

Consider a few reviews of gardeners.


There are enough reviews about this eggplant on the net. Some of them are presented to your attention.

Znakovskaya M.V., 45 years old, Angars

Seed germination is really excellent, I bought those with the trade name "Aelita". The yield is good; by the end of July, you need to leave the 6 largest ovaries, and remove the rest.

Mikhail Sokolov, 51 years old Moscow region

I grow eggplant "Murzik" for two years in a row, it is easy to prepare, the fruits are delicious. I plant about five bushes on a square, I constantly make sure that the soil is loose. A slight decrease in temperature does not affect the plants in any way. Good grade!

Zinaida Pavlova, Krasnodar

It sprouts well and gives a good harvest! We deal only with tomatoes and eggplants, they are almost the same in care. We plant in open ground in May. Early ripe with heavy eggplants. The biggest plus - eggplant "Murzik" gives a lot of ovaries, some of them must even be removed, otherwise the fruits will become smaller.


One of the varieties of eggplant resistant to our weather conditions, which is recommended for cultivation. See for yourself!

Watch the video: Eggplant and soy sauce side dish 가지나물 (December 2022).

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