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How to treat cabbage from black fleas and ticks

How to treat cabbage from black fleas and ticks

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Hello! How to treat cabbage from black fleas and ticks? They ate all the cabbage.


You can intavir, but you can dilute 2 glasses of ash in a bucket of water and pour on them.

For now, I just sprinkle ash on top. As soon as the cabbage flies begin to fly, I think it will be necessary to process it with intavir.

Rose, Alatar, but the waiting period is 3 weeks.

Everywhere they write about ash, please tell me, and what ash?

A water with vinegar will not go?

Tobacco dust.

And in what proportion is water with vinegar. Vinegar 9%

Ash should be fresh from the stove.

Galina, sift the ash from the stove from the bathhouse or buy it in a garden store and I make 1 to 1, sprinkle ash and tobacco dust on wet leaves and under cabbage and plus bitter ground pepper, a little shake, and put wormwood or dill around the cabbage. It is best to hide under arches and covering cabbage from pests until it gains strength. There is a wonderful cabbage, until the May Khrushchev regale.

Thanks, sprinkled today! I will wait for the result.

It's my pleasure. Let's hope that helps.


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