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How to breed chicken droppings to fertilize peppers and eggplant

Good evening) There is fresh chicken manure, I know, peppers and eggplants love it, but how to breed it so as not to burn the plants? Who does how? Thanks for the answers in advance)


Bucket litter on a barrel to stand a week, breed half a liter on a bucket

Uuuu bucket I will collect for a long time with eight hens 🙂

It is a pity you are far away I would share. From my 30+ ducks quickly typed and where to put it I don’t know

Grandmother collected the cows in summer and scattered around the garden in the fall, I think you can do that too

Svetulya, I think this fall and it’s true to scatter around the garden

Here, everything explains clearly.

If you need a bucket on the barrel, then dial how much is and dilute in a smaller container, for example, in a canister, tank, bucket, if everything is divided, it turns out 0. 5 liters. Chickens. Litter in a bucket of water, stir for a week in the sun and 0. 5 liters per bucket we fertilize.

Half a liter of litter on a bucket of water and beyond

Bird litter is not advisable to scatter around the garden. It must be prepared fresh and diluted 1 liter in 10 liters of water and fertilizes.

And we stored it (we have it with sawdust) this one is also impossible. Year to him

In general, if it is rotten, you can but do not overdo it. But it’s better not in the fall but before digging the garden. In the spring it will be scattered and dug up specifically. But I was once advised that fresh is not allowed. Overripe can be dug with the soil.