Sweet cherry Gronkovaya

Sweet cherry Gronkovaya

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Sweet cherry Gronkovaya is a very popular variety of Belarusian selection. The characteristics of the tree are so well matched that the cultivation of Gronkova is profitable and quite simple.

Breeding history

A group of scientists from the Institute of Fruit Growing of the Republic of Belarus worked on the creation of the variety - Syubarova E.P., Zhuk V.S., Vyshinskaya M.I., Sulimova R.M.To obtain the necessary properties, a mixture of sweet cherry pollen and the Severnaya variety were crossed. The variety was entered into the State Register in 1999.

Description of culture

The culture is vigorous, but the sweet cherry variety Gronkovaya has an average height. The tree grows quickly, reaching 4.5-5 m in adult size.

The crown of Gronkova is medium-dense, wide-pyramidal in shape. Shoots are of medium length and thickness, growing straight. The skin is brown.

The leaves are small compared to the usual size of cherry leaf blades. They have the shape of an ellipse with a pointed end, painted in dark green.

Gronkova's fruits look like a heart, one-dimensional. The skin is dark red. The pulp is of the same color, juicy. The small bone is easily detached. The weight of one berry is about 5-6 g.

The description of the sweet cherry variety Gronkovaya should be continued by listing the flavoring parameters. The fruits are sweet, with a dessert taste. Gronkovaya sweet cherry tasting score is 4.8 points.
The variety was most widespread in the regions of the Republic of Belarus - Mogilev, Gomel, Brest, Vitebsk, Grodno. It is also recommended to grow the variety in a region with similar climatic conditions - in the North Caucasus or in the Astrakhan region.

An important addition to the description will be a photo of the Gronkovaya cherry.


The main characteristic of the Gronkovaya cherry variety is the ripening period. The species belongs to the early, therefore, all other parameters depend on the characteristics of the development of early sweet cherry.

Drought resistance, winter hardiness

Gronkova's winter hardiness is high. Slightly inferior in terms of parameters to plums, pears and apples. The variety is prized for its ability to withstand lower temperatures and frost, but the tree needs shelter for the winter period. If the autumn activities are carried out correctly, then the variety can withstand frosts up to 24 ° C. A number of factors affect Gronkova's winter hardiness:

  • fertilization;
  • preparatory activities for the winter;
  • the location of the garden area;
  • terrain relief.

Important! The early start of the growing season requires caution in the event of spring frost so that the flower buds are not damaged.

Pollination, flowering period and ripening times

The variety Sweet cherry Gronkovaya is self-fertile. To get a good harvest, you need to plant other species nearby. The following pollinating varieties are best suited for Gronkovaya cherries:

  • Rival;
  • Sap;
  • People's;
  • Zhurba;
  • Iput;
  • Hotel;
  • Syubarovskaya.

Gronkovaya blooms in early spring, and the fruits are ready for harvest at the end of June.

Productivity, fruiting

The yield of the sweet cherry variety is high, fruiting is regular annually, from 65 to 90 centners of ripe berries are harvested from 1 hectare. The value depends on compliance with agrotechnical requirements and climatic growing conditions. Gronkova's first crop is harvested in the 4th year after planting the seedling.

Scope of berries

The best use of the Gronkovaya variety is to feast on fresh berries.

When the cherry is ripe, there is still not enough vitamins in the garden. Therefore, the optimal type of blanks from early varieties is compotes. Preserves or jams are best made from later varieties of cherries.

Disease and pest resistance

The Gronkovaya variety is highly valued for its resistance to diseases and pest attacks. The plant demonstrates the greatest immunity to the defeat of coccomycosis.

Advantages and disadvantages

Based on the description of the Gronkovaya sweet cherry, you can make a list of the pros and cons of this type. Among the advantages, gardeners note:

  • regular high yields;
  • winter hardiness;
  • early ripening;
  • decent taste and marketability;
  • early maturity;
  • disease resistance.

And the disadvantages of the Gronkovaya variety are:

  • self-infertility;
  • short shelf life;
  • average rate of transportation.

Landing features

Planting cherries by Gronkova is a responsible business. The correct choice of place and time will ensure the good development of the plant.

Recommended timing

For a heat-loving plant in the southern regions, autumn will be the best time. Here the winters are not harsh, and the seedling will take root well, and in early spring it will actively grow.

In the middle lane, the variety can be planted in spring and autumn. To choose when is better, they are guided by the weather. Sharp changes in winter - it is better to plant in spring, even calm winter - then autumn.

Choosing the right place

Good illumination is very important for cherries. In this case, it is necessary to plant a seedling so that it is not shaded by neighboring trees. The place should not be blown by strong winds, the occurrence of groundwater should not be closer than 2.5 m to the surface. So that there is no stagnation of moisture, not steep slopes or mounds are chosen for planting cherries.

What crops can and cannot be planted next to cherries

According to the recommendations of farmers, cherries should be combined with other stone fruit crops. For example, Gronkovaya will grow well next to cherries, elderberries, grapes or hawthorns. But currants, gooseberries, raspberries or sea buckthorn are best placed on the other side of the garden. If there is a shortage of space, it is necessary to maintain a distance of at least 5 m between the Gronkovaya cherry and the apple or pear tree.

Selection and preparation of planting material

It is optimal to purchase seedlings at a time when the choice of planting material is most extensive. It is best to contact a specialized nursery in the fall. Important! The acquired cherry seedlings Gronkovaya must have a well-developed powerful root system and a trace of grafting.

The optimal height of a one-year-old Gronkovo ​​tree is about 80 cm, a two-year-old - no more than 1 m.If the seedlings need to be transported to the site, then the roots are wrapped with a cloth soaked in water, and covered with polyethylene on top.

Landing algorithm

Prepare the soil before planting. Mix garden fertile soil and humus in a 1: 2 ratio. If there is clay or peat soil on the site, then the planting hole will need to be completely filled with the prepared mixture, having previously selected all the ground from there. Then:

  1. Dig a hole measuring 65 cm x 80 cm.
  2. Pour a mound from the prepared mixture.
  3. Install a seedling and a peg for tying.
  4. Spread the roots.
  5. Fall asleep with soil, periodically shaking the tree and pouring water on the ground.
  6. Slightly compact the soil in the peri-stem circle.
  7. Water the plant.
  8. Formative post-planting pruning is done.

Follow-up care of the culture

The cultivation of sweet cherries Gronkovaya consists of a certain set of agrotechnical measures. The health and productivity of the tree depends on the quality and timeliness of their implementation.

Regular watering is especially necessary for a young seedling in the first year of life. Then, for mature trees, 3 waterings are left in the summer.

Weeding and loosening are also very important in the first 2-3 years. So that weeds are not

slaughtered a young plant, did not become carriers of diseases or pests.

Getting a good harvest of sweet cherries of the Gronkovaya variety without pruning is problematic. The tree is pruned annually to prevent thickening of the crown.

The main fertilizers are applied in the fall for digging.

Important! Mineral formulations can only be used in liquid form.

To protect against burns and the invasion of parasites, the trunks of sweet cherries are whitewashed. Mature trees in southern regions can hibernate without additional shelter. Young people must be covered with burlap, spruce branches. Artificial materials are not used so that the trees do not snot.

Diseases and pests, methods of control and prevention

The initial preventive treatment is carried out in early spring, until sap flow has begun, and also in the fall during the period of leaf fall. To do this, use a urea solution (700 g per 10 l of water).

Name of the disease

Control and prevention measures

Clasterosporium disease

Treatment with copper sulfate, "Nitrafen", Bordeaux liquid.

Cutting the affected parts of the tree

Gray rot (moniliosis)

Spraying with Bordeaux liquid after flowering and 14 days after harvest.

Removal of diseased shoots and affected fruits, burning of leaves

Migratory pests (cherry aphid, cherry fly, leafworm)

Processing "Fitoverm", "Akarin", "Iskra-bio"


Sweet cherry Gronkovaya is a decent early variety. High yields allow you to get useful fruits at a time when other crops are just beginning to bloom.


Reviews about Gronkovaya cherry are very positive and enthusiastic.

Maria Semenova, Gomel

My favorite variety. The berry is early, sweet, aromatic and juicy. We rarely make blanks, because I want fresh cherries, of which there are never many. The tree is fully consistent with the description. Not too high, the harvest is stable, annual. I do preventive spraying twice a year - there are no diseases. I plant only with pollinating varieties. The main thing is that they are of the same ripening period as Gronkova.

Victor Panin, Astrakhan

Gronkovaya planted 5 years ago. For 2 years now we have been harvesting delicious berries. I had not grown cherries before - I was afraid of the need for annual pruning. I watched the video, talked to experienced summer residents. Everything worked out. It turned out to be quite simple. The main thing is not to miss the pruning date and not to start the tree. I don't do shelter for the winter, only in the fall I must whitewash the trunks. So far, the harvest is small, but it is increasing.

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