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How to help hens in the heat

Friends of the poultry farmers! How to help hens in the heat? We have +37.


Where are you?

Like Kazan.

We cut down the old acacia and laid the chickens. They are sitting under it like in an oasis 🙂 But this is not for long. It will dry soon. We have morning sun from one half of the pen and evening from the other. And for the chickens they made a canopy on 4 legs and closed one side, they lie there when the sun is strong. I take a picture right now

In Kazan +30! If you believe the Internet

+30 in the shade. In the sun + 35-37

thanks for the idea

Understand. Last July, we had 3-4 days in the sun +50 +52

Pour a lot of water, arrange shading and additional air access to the chicken coop, but not a draft.

They don’t enter the chicken house during the day. I don’t know why, only the testicle will be laid down immediately. Although it’s not so hot there.

And this is your barrel with a neckline? If so, what's inside?

This is an iron barrel, before there was water for irrigation. It stood unnecessarily. We put it on its side, stuffed a little hay there, settled three broiler chickens temporarily. Their laying hens pecked.

And the husband cut this white from polystyrene, such as a cover

We also have white chickens 🙂 only I have something grimy. It has been raining recently.

After the rain, and our grimy. When the husband saw them after the rain, he says that they say where this phrase came from: like a wet chicken. We bought them in mid-April, and after 2 weeks started to rush. Right now from 10 hens 10 testicles every day. One has two yolks)

Thanks. So many ideas suggested.

glad to help

And we have from 6 only 4-5 eggs. Although I feed well and porridge and combi food and weed. I have them one year old. Maybe the old ones already?

Can they rest? My 6-7 months. I add felucen, I also feed well, not with waste, but cook it specially for them. As the hand does not rise spoiled, moldy, give leftovers. All the same, the testicles for myself, but I'm still squeamish та

I also give this, as well as a grouse or a hen. We don’t give waste in principle. Only everything is fresh. In the morning I cook and have breakfast at 7 a.m. and dinner at 17 p.m. In the afternoon I give grass. Ahsoku, nettle, dandelion, quinoa. Finely chop everything. Separately there is a shell with chalk and a basin with ash and sulfur.

And so it is with me) well, it means they’re resting, anyway 4-5 is also good, I think there’s enough for a family. I have nowhere to go 🙂 in the refrigerator 60 pieces. I will probably sell)

🙂 we have a big family 🙂 everything goes for breakfast. 4 men at home. 🙂