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Is it possible to plant pepper and eggplant with fish

I heard that for a good crop of tomatoes they are planted with small, fresh fish, but is it possible to treat other broccoli (pepper, eggplant, etc.) with fish?


Wow, I haven’t heard. Just because silt is an excellent fertilizer and that’s it.

If there are no cats nearby, they will come in your absence, and they will take a fish out of the holes. AND EAT

With silt, you can bring snails or slugs with fish. There is a sad experience - birds will be torn up or cats can be left without seedlings.

Thank you, then I won’t bother :), because our cats are unmeasured and I don’t know how to save the crop, here I planted carrots on a ribbon. So after a week the whole tape in the middle of the garden, the cats went to the toilet and buried in good conscience 🙂

We have excavated cats or dogs, I will no longer experiment like this.

And how do your dogs and cats get to the site? Everywhere under the fence I have a metal mesh. Well, maybe some cat will jump, but not en masse, so as to eat fish from tomatoes

Planted with a fish, everything

We have our own sabokevich, today I crushed all the peonies

Looking for fish?

I have two cats and a dog, and the cats planted tomatoes with me (my tails), but I didn’t touch anything and didn’t touch anything with plants.

That year I buried my head under peonies, then I sniffed it and let's rub it on the ground, rolled up a stand and took a peony. Dogs twig about rotten meat