Clematis Pink Fantasy: Cropping Group and Description

Clematis Pink Fantasy: Cropping Group and Description

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Clematis Pink Fantasy was bred in Canada. Its originator is Jim Fisk. In 1975, the variety was registered in the State Register, American and Canadian gardeners began to grow it, and soon it became popular in other countries.

Description of Clematis Pink Fantasy

Pink Fantasy is a compact shrub vine with large (up to 15 cm in diameter) pale pink flowers. The length of the shoots is from 2 to 2.5 m. The middle of the flowers is purple, in the center of each petal there is a dark pink stripe. The abundant flowering of Pink Fantasy begins in July and lasts until September.

Light green trifoliate leaves are arranged on long petioles. As it grows, Pink Fantasy clings to the support on its own. Large pink flowers with 5-7 petals sometimes completely hide the foliage. Pink Fantasy is frost-resistant. Can withstand temperatures as low as -34 ° C.

Pink Fantasy is suitable for a small area. The flower grows well in a container, can be used for landscaping a balcony and a winter garden. The root system is superficial, it is recommended to deepen the root collar when planting, and mulch the trunk circle.

Clematis Pruning Group Pink Fantasy

The number of flowers on Pink Fantasy is of great importance - a profusely blooming liana looks beautiful in the design of the garden. Flowering begins in July on the shoots of the current year and continues until September. Pink Fantasy belongs to the 3rd group of cropping.

Shoots are cut in the fall, leaving 2-3 buds, the vegetative mass grows again annually. Only rhizomes hibernate in the soil. With proper care, the Pink Fantasy bush becomes more powerful every year, the number of shoots increases.

Optimal growing conditions

Pink Fantasy does not grow without support. In summer, in warm sunny weather, the shoots give an increase of about 12 cm every day. The support should correspond to the height of the clematis. To do this, you can use 3 bamboo sticks tied together 2 m long, wooden or forged trellises, undersized trees.

Important! Clematis Pink Fantasy needs shading at the base of the bush so that the roots do not dry out, a lot of sun for the flowers at the top.

Violas can be planted nearby. They will help shade the root system of flowering vines. Pink Fantasy Clematis loves water, so you cannot plant flowers next to them, which will actively consume moisture. In the first year, it is advisable to pinch the vines so that the root system develops more actively.

Planting and caring for hybrid clematis Pink Fantasy

Clematis Pink Fantasy is planted in open ground in May. Landing "on the hill" is suitable for residents of the southern regions. Residents of the Urals and Siberia are better off using an inclined planting of seedlings, when the roots are fanned out, and the root collar is buried due to the inclined position in the pit. So, Clematis Pink Fantasy will wake up faster and start growing.

Caring for Clematis Pink Fantasy provides for mulching the soil, feeding, watering, and proper pruning. For the winter, the plants are covered or simply sprinkled with earth. In the spring, they are freed from the shelter and carried out preventive treatment against fungal diseases.

Selection and preparation of the landing site

Clematis Pink Fantasy flowers in the photo and in the description are always facing south or east towards the sun. When landing, you need to take this into account. Vines planted against the wall of the house should not drip from the roof, they do not like this.

If the soil on the site is heavy, infertile, dig a large planting hole - 60 cm in diameter and the same depth. Pink Fantasy has long roots that go deep into the earth. Well-rotted compost or 3-year-old manure, coarse river sand, rotted sawdust, dolomite flour for soil deoxidation, complex fertilizers are added to the hole.

Seedling preparation

Container clematis take root best of all. If it is still cold outside, you need to wait with planting, wait until the soil warms up, and the nights will be warm. A seedling purchased in a container with shipping soil is transplanted into loose and fertile soil, into a larger pot, and placed in diffused lighting.

Advice! The transplanted Pink Fantasy is watered with "Fitosporin" and this procedure is repeated after 5-7 days to prevent fungal diseases.

2 weeks after the transplant, they organize a backlight or move the seedling to the lightest southern windowsill so that the shoots do not stretch out. Agricola, Fertiku, Kemiru universal are used for feeding the container culture. Do not exceed the manufacturer's recommended dilution rate. A weakened seedling will react badly to this. Watered regularly, clematis does not tolerate drying out of the roots.

Landing rules

When planting Pink Fantasy, it is important to properly prepare the planting pit, fill it with rotted organic matter. Drainage is poured at the bottom, then humus and peat. Sand is added on top of the nutrient substrate. A small hill is made to spread the roots of the seedling on it. Fall asleep with a nutritious substrate, deepening the root collar by 8-10 cm. Such deepening will protect the growth zone and plant buds from freezing. After planting, water the seedlings with water. Protect from bright sun and wind.

Important! If frosts begin, the seedlings should be covered with spunbond before the onset of heat.

Planting for container growing:

  1. The pot is taken high, of small diameter, too spacious a container will slow down the development of shoots.
  2. The transport soil is carefully removed.
  3. The roots are straightened and clematis is planted in a fertile loose substrate with neutral acidity.
  4. The root collar is buried 5-7 cm.

After planting, watered with water with "Kornevin", set a support in the form of a ladder.

Watering and feeding

Large-flowered Clematis Pink Fantasy loves watering and feeding. The main amount of nutrients is brought in at planting:

  • superphosphate - 200 g;
  • wood ash - 500 g;
  • "Kemira universal" - 200 g.

Top dressing is carried out in May with organic fertilizer; mullein and Kemiru universal can be used. In June, before flowering, foliar dressing is useful once every 2 weeks. Onion peel infusion is a good source of trace elements.

Advice! You can combine spraying on the leaf with fertilizers with insecticides or fungicides if clematis is sick.

Top dressing rules:

  1. Fertilizers are given on wet soil.
  2. Use solutions of medium concentration.
  3. Dry additives are scattered in small portions.
  4. Mineral and organic fertilizers alternate.

Pink Fantasy responds well to foliar feeding. With the growth of young shoots, a urea solution is used - 1 tsp. 10 liters of water. During the season, plants are watered as the soil dries, they love moisture. In the fall, after pruning, rotted manure is brought into the flowerbed, such a top dressing for the flowers will be enough for the entire next season.

Mulching and loosening

Mulching the soil under clematis is not just a convenient agricultural technique, but a vital necessity. Pink Fantasy roots cannot stand overheating and drying out. Mulch in the near-trunk circle with a layer of 10 cm will help to retain moisture, prevent the growth of weeds, and create optimal conditions for the development of the root system.

Rotted horse manure, peat with neutral acidity, decorative chips, straw, cut grass are used as mulch. After watering, the soil is loosened. A layer of mulch is added as it is eroded.


Shoots of clematis of the 3rd group, to which Pink Fantasy belongs, are cut in October at a height of 10-15 cm from the soil surface. The remaining shoots with leaves are removed from the support and sent to the compost heap. Plants are especially afraid of snowless frosts in late autumn and early winter, so it is important to properly prepare the plants for winter.

Preparing for winter

For novice florists, caring for clematis from the 3 pruning group, such as Pink Fantasy, is not difficult. After pruning, it is easy to cover them with spruce branches and spunbond. You can simply sprinkle the cut bush with earth.

Attention! Before the shelter, trimmed clematis are treated with wood ash to prevent fungal diseases.

When the snow falls, a snowdrift is thrown on top. The support can be removed so that it does not deteriorate under winter precipitation.


Pink Fantasy can be propagated in several ways - by cuttings, layering, dividing the bush. Clematis is cut in late spring - early summer. Several cuttings are cut from one long shoot with a sharp knife. 2-3 internodes are left on each. The lower leaves are cut off completely, the upper ones are shortened by half.

Rooting order for Pink Fantasy cuttings:

  1. A mixture of sand, leaf earth and vermiculite is prepared in a ratio of 1: 2: 1.
  2. Pour the substrate into a container or plastic cups.
  3. Moistened with a spray bottle.
  4. The cuttings are buried 2 cm.
  5. Before rooting, they are kept in conditions of high humidity at a temperature of +25 ° C. The roots will start to appear in 2-3 weeks.
  6. In open ground, seedlings are planted at the end of August or next spring.

Once every 5-8 years, Pink Fantasy rejuvenates, dividing when transplanted in autumn or spring. To do this, clematis is dug out, the long roots are carefully freed from the ground, and they are divided with a knife in the center. The cuts are disinfected with wood ash and the cuttings are planted in a new place.

Diseases and pests

Even if clematis looks healthy, it is useful to carry out systematic treatments for diseases and pests. Experienced gardeners plant marigolds and calendula next to Pink Fantasy. With a special smell, they scare away pests, protect the roots of the plant from overheating.

Fungal diseases develop most often when shoots break. For prevention, broken branches are cut off. You need to pay attention to dried shoots. A particularly dangerous disease of clematis is called wilt. It is expressed in the wilting of young shoots and leaves, leading to the death of the entire aerial part. Before planting seedlings in the spring, water the soil in the flowerbed with "Fundazol". Lime milk gives a good result in the prevention of wilt. One bush in the spring requires a bucket of mortar. To prepare the product, take 200 g of quicklime per 10 liters of water. Prevents the development of the disease by treatment with "Previkur" on foliage and under the root 2-3 times with an interval of 5 days. At the first signs of damage, use "Hom", copper sulfate.


Clematis Pink Fantasy is a beautiful plant, abundantly and long blooming, unpretentious, if properly cared for. It can grow in one place for 20-40 years. Easily propagated by cuttings and layering. Once every 5 years, clematis needs to be rejuvenated by dividing the bush. Preventive treatments against pests and diseases in early spring will help protect Pink Fantasy during intensive growth. A caring gardener will be able to admire the delicate pink wonderful flowers every year.

Reviews of Clematis Pink Fantasy

Irina, 35 years old, Moscow

I planted Clematis Pink Fantasy in the fall next to the unsightly fence that separated my plot from my neighbor's garden. It bloomed in the summer the following year. First, timid buds appeared, and then flowers bloomed, which grew in diameter for several days. All clematis was covered with flowers and gave the garden a fabulous beauty. The great advantage of Pink Fantasy turned out to be abundant flowering, it goes well with other flowers in the flowerbed - roses, peonies, lilies.

Sergey, 40 years old, Tver

When the question arose about vertical gardening, they decided to plant Pink Fantasy clematis. I bought the seedlings when there was still snow on the street, immediately transplanted them into containers with universal soil, watered them with Fitosporin and sprayed Epin on the leaf. I repeated this procedure every 10 days. I fed the seedlings with liquid biohumus. At the end of May, I planted clematis in the garden. They bloomed in the first year with beautiful pale pink flowers. Next year I will definitely cut Pink Fantasy cuttings and plant a few more bushes along the fence.

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