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How to spray strawberries if holes appear in the leaves

How to spray strawberries if holes appear in the leaves

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Hello, tell me how to spray strawberries, if there are holes in the leaves? Is it possible to do this when the flower stalks are put forward, when it blooms?


The holes on the leaves are most likely weevil. If the peduncle moves only urgently to process, maybe this muck lays larvae. Then the larvae gnaw buds.

When the flowers bloom, the bees get poisoned

Here I also have someone stalks some buds as if he cuts through, but I don’t see anyone, the strawberries are blooming and I don’t know what can be processed

Fitoverm a couple of times with an interval of 5-7 days

And with a phytoverm when flowering can be processed?

This is a weevil.

Well, and I’ve such a businessperson planted half a thousand bushes and am waiting for a huge harvest, but everything falls and falls and I noticed only when it bloomed, again without a crop 🙁

Dissolve 10g of boric acid powder in warm water, add 10 drops of iodine and 30 drops of green broth to dilute with a bucket of water, pour 0.5 liters per bush. This and the taste of berries improves

I rummaged in my computer and found the recipe: Composition: pour 1 glass of ash with 1-2 liters of boiling water, before cooling, 2g. Manganese, 2g. Boric acid (powder), 1 tbsp. A spoon of iodine. Strain the ashes, all this on a bucket of water. Immediately knead in a barrel and spray, until the leaves are completely wetted. This is feeding micro and macro elements and pest control.




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