Lazy webcap: photo and description

Lazy webcap - (lat. Cortinarius bolaris) - a mushroom of the webcap family (Cortinariaceae). People also call it red-scaly and hulk mushroom. Like other species of this genus, it got its name for the "cobweb" film that connects the edge of the cap of the young mushroom with the stem.

Description of the lazy webcap

The lazy webcap is a small reddish mushroom. It is distinguished by its bright color, so it is rather difficult to confuse it with other representatives of the "forest kingdom".

Bright and remarkable appearance - distinctive features of the mushroom

Description of the hat

The cap is relatively small - no more than 7 cm. Its shape is pokular at a young age, cushion-shaped, slightly convex at maturity. In older specimens, it becomes widespread, especially during dry periods. The cap is scaly, its entire surface is covered with scales of orange, red or rusty-brown color. This characteristic makes it easy to see the lazy webcap from afar and also to distinguish it from other mushrooms.

Spreading cap only in mature mushrooms

The flesh of the cap is dense, yellow, white or light orange in color. The plates are adherent, wide, not located too often. Their color changes depending on age. At first they are gray, later they turn rusty brown. The same color and spore powder.

Leg description

The leg is cylindrical, sometimes tuberous at the base. Not high, 3-7 cm, but rather thick - 1-1.5 cm in diameter. It is covered with brownish-red scales. At the top are reddish belts.

The color of the leg is:

  • copper red;
  • reddish brown;
  • orange-yellow;
  • creamy yellow.

Scaly leg distinguishes the species

Where and how it grows

Lazy cobweb grows singly or in small groups, in deciduous and coniferous stands. Forms mycorrhiza with trees of a wide variety of species. Prefers acidic, moist soils. Often grows on moss litter. Fruiting is short - from September to October. It is found mainly in the European part of Russia, as well as in Eastern Siberia and the Southern Urals.

Is the mushroom edible or not

Lazy webcap is an inedible mushroom. The pulp contains toxins, which gives the right to consider it poisonous. The amount of poisonous substances is insignificant, but when eating mushrooms, it is easy to get poisoned, and the poisoning can be quite serious.

Doubles and their differences

The double is only the peacock's webcap. It also contains toxic substances, respectively, is poisonous. It differs in the color of the scales - they are copper-red, as well as in the purple color of the plates.


Lazy webcap is a mushroom unsuitable for picking, ubiquitous in forests. A beautiful and unusual appearance attracts mushroom pickers, but it is better to bypass it. The mushroom is considered poisonous, respectively, inedible.

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