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Gornyi zucchini is a pearl of domestic selection. It combines high yields and low maintenance requirements. This variety is one of the best for making squash caviar. Its ability to grow in different climates makes it truly versatile.

Variety characteristics

This is an annual, early-ripening variety of domestic zucchini with small, weakly branched bushes. The dark green leaves of the bushes have a strongly dissected shape and long cuttings. From planting zucchini seeds to the start of fruit formation, it will take only about 45 days.

The fruits of this variety have a dull milky color and a cylindrical shape. The surface of the vegetable marrow is smooth and even. Medium-sized fruits weigh up to 1 kg. The variety is characterized by white and firm flesh with excellent taste characteristics. Gorny zucchini are ideal for home canning and cooking zucchini caviar.

A distinctive feature of Gornoye is its unpretentiousness. Zucchini of this variety are resistant to major diseases:

  • powdery mildew;
  • root rot.

The variety can grow and bear fruit even in shaded areas. Choosing a sunnier location for this variety will help increase yields. Subject to the requirements for care per square meter, it will be possible to collect up to 8 kg of zucchini.

Growing recommendations

For this variety, placement on fertile, loamy soils will be optimal. If the soil in the selected area is infertile, then it is required to fertilize it with organic matter several months before planting. When organic fertilizers are applied during planting, the plant will actively build up its green mass, which will lead to a poor harvest.

Gorny zucchini can be grown in two ways:

  1. Sowing seeds directly into the ground. At the same time, it is important not to rush and wait until the air temperature rises to 15 degrees. This usually occurs in mid-April. At the chosen place, holes are made every 70 cm. There should be the same distance between the rows. Each hole can hold up to 3 seeds. The first shoots, as a rule, begin to appear on the 5-6th day. After the appearance of the first two leaves, the weak shoots are carefully removed.

    Advice! It is better to mulch the surface of the hole than cover it with earth. Mulch, unlike soil, has better permeability and does not compact when irrigated.

  2. Sowing through seedlings. Seeds for seedlings should be prepared 2 weeks earlier than the main sowing - at the end of March and beginning of April. Ready seedlings are planted 20-25 days after sowing according to the scheme - 70x70 cm. In this case, the seedlings should be planted no deeper than 2-3 cm.

To obtain good yields, care for the Gorny zucchini variety should be regular and include:

  • Watering - every day or every other day, depending on weather conditions.
  • Loosening - once a week will be enough.
  • Top dressing - nitrogen fertilization is required at the flowering stage. All further dressings can only consist of organic fertilizers.

Important! Organic fertilizers should only be applied diluted. Application in undiluted form can lead to the death of the plant.

The Gorny variety is harvested as it ripens several times a week from late June to mid-August.

Reviews of the Gorny zucchini

Svetlana, 43 years old, Moscow

Every year I try to plant white-fruited zucchini, but I still can't get a big harvest. This year I tried the Gorny variety. She planted one batch of seeds for seedlings, then planted another with seeds. I succeeded in seedling better: germination was good, and the plants themselves were then stronger. Seeds planted in the ground did not grow so well and were weak in appearance. As a result, several seedlings bent. The bushes turned out to be medium in size, bloomed well. But, like other white-fruited varieties, the ovaries began to fall off. Because of this, the harvest was small. I liked the zucchini taste. The pulp of this variety is quite dense, they are well preserved. I can only recommend the variety because of its taste. Although, maybe they will grow better for someone than for me.

Mikhail, 51 years old, Lipetsk

This is not the first time I plant the Gorny variety. Every autumn I fertilize the vegetable garden well with organic matter, so I have no problems with germination. By the way, I always plant the zucchini in the same place. Many people say that this is not possible, but it grows with me. The main thing is not to forget to fertilize. Everything that I planted has risen. The bushes of this variety have never grown and hurt. Until they begin to bear fruit, I fertilize them with a mullein at the rate of 1 kg per 10 liters. Zucchini grows good, the largest weighed about 900 grams. We use them for conservation and processing into squash caviar. They are stored well, but not forever. If they lie for a long time, they become not very tasty. Therefore, it is better not to let them stale.

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