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What is the best way to form tomatoes in 3 stems

Friends, I want to form tomatoes into 3 stems, the stepson left under the flower brush, but the third stepson, which is better to leave: under the first stepson or immediately above the brush? I would like to hear your opinion, who did this.


I raised a maximum of two, never tried three. Little space

But this time I rarely planted, so I want to try in three

Left under the second flower brush

Thank you, I will try this way.

The strongest stepson left

No matter where it grows from?

The lower stepsons are the strongest.

I leave the first stepson under the first brush, and the second the strongest

If you have indices, with unlimited. By growth, then do not leave more than 1 stepson, if they are medium-sized, if possible, if there is a place, first, from under 1 color of the brush and then any, the strongest. I have a grade Goal. Breeding, he doesn’t make steps, releases 3-4 stepson and everything, everyone ripens in the bud. Polonaise.

Good luck.

Usually they leave a stepson under the first brush and above the first brush, well, and the main stem, it turns out three. Those stepsons. The higher ones are usually weak.