Sweet cherry Michurinskaya

Sweet cherry Michurinskaya is a fruit and berry crop that is widespread in many regions of the country. The frost-resistant variety meets most of the requirements of modern gardeners. Excellent fruit taste, early and late ripening periods, regular, abundant fruiting made sweet cherries a popular and demanded planting in summer cottages.

Breeding history of the variety

The history of the variety begins in 1994. Scientist T.V. Morozova carried out selective experiments at the I. Michurin All-Russian Research Institute. The seeds of the Leningrad cherry tree were processed. The result was a new variety - the Michurinsky variety.

Description of Michurinskaya cherry

The Michurinsky variety is represented by two subspecies:

  1. Early cherry. The subspecies are characterized by early flowering, fruit ripening. The berries are dark red, round in shape. A tree of medium height with a wide, branched, pyramidal crown. The first fruiting occurs in 4-5 years.
  2. Late cherry. Has a similar description to its early counterpart. Harvested late. The berries ripen in the second half of July.

Cherry varieties Michurinskaya have common characteristics:

  1. The tree grows rapidly. The maximum height is 3-4 m.
  2. Cherry crown is dense. Shoots are straight, thick. Leaves are dark green, oval.
  3. The variety blooms with white flowers, similar to roses.
  4. The dark red fruits are heart-shaped. The taste is sweet. The berries are juicy.

Important! Due to the high density of the skins, Michurinskaya cherries tolerate transportation well.

The Michurinsky variety favorably relates to droughts and frosts. With proper care, late and early cherries can be planted in the northern, southern regions:

  1. Krasnodar region.
  2. Rostov region.
  3. Moscow region.
  4. Leningrad region, others.

Variety characteristics

The characteristic features of the Michurinskaya cherry are the basis for the implementation of grooming procedures, the choice of the planting site, the provision of the correct growth conditions, and the development of the fruit and berry variety.

Drought tolerance

Michurinskaya cherry favorably relates to planting in the southern regions. The hot climate has a beneficial effect on the abundance and quality of the crop. The lifespan of the variety in such conditions reaches 20 years. Be sure to water the tree regularly, in a timely manner.

Frost resistance of Michurinsk cherry

The Michurinsky variety is distinguished by a high level of frost resistance. It can be safely planted in the northern, central regions. For wintering, the tree will need additional shelter, but this will not cause much trouble to its owners.

Important! The life span of the Michurinsk cherry tree in the central, northern regions is reduced to 10-15 years.

Pollinators of sweet cherry Michurinskaya

A feature of the early and late subspecies of the Michurinsky variety is non-self-fertility. To harvest delicious berries near the tree, you need other pollinating trees. The best options would be:

  1. Michurinka.
  2. Pink pearls.
  3. Biggaro Burlat.

The variety is not fast growing. Early cherry blossoms and bears fruit at the beginning of the warm season. Late Michurinskaya blooms in spring. Its first fruits are harvested at the end of July.

Productivity, fruiting

The first fruiting of early Michurin sweet cherry occurs 4-5 years after planting the seedling. The late variety yields a harvest in the 5-6th year. Both subspecies regularly produce a lot of berries.

Scope of berries

The fruits of Michurinsk cherry are used in different ways. They are great for cooking stewed fruit, juices, and preserves. Fresh sweet berries are a great summer dessert.

Disease and pest resistance

One of the advantages of Michurinskaya sweet cherry is a high level of resistance to plant diseases, harm from insects. Carrying out the necessary preventive measures to protect and protect the tree will minimize the possibility of their occurrence.

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

Due to its many advantages, early and late Michurinsk cherries are considered popular fruit and berry trees:

  1. Possibility of growth in different climatic conditions. This feature makes it possible to cultivate both subspecies in the southern, northern, and central regions of the country.
  2. High level of resistance to diseases, pests. This reduces the time and cost of additional resources for care procedures.
  3. Two terms of fruit ripening. Early sweet cherry bears harvest at the beginning of the warm season, the late variety pleases the owners with ripening of fruits in the middle of summer.
  4. Ripe berries do not crumble.
  5. Regular, abundant fruiting.

Some gardeners consider the self-infertility of early and late cherries to be its disadvantage. This distinctive feature will not disappoint with the right pollinators around the tree.

Landing features

Planting early and late cherries is a simple process. Its implementation will not require significant time, material resources. It is enough to follow the recommendations of experienced gardeners, so that the result is a high-quality, healthy planting of the Michurinsky variety.

Recommended timing

Planting seedlings is recommended in the spring. Autumn rooting of the plant can be unsuccessful due to early frosts. The tree will not have time to acclimatize.

Choosing the right place

The landing site should be well lit. Michurinsk cherry does not like shade. Outbuildings should be kept out of the way without creating artificial shade. The site for the seedling must be protected from drafts, cold winds. Keep the distance between landings. The best option: 2 m - between the seedlings, 3 m - between the rows of trees.

The soil for the Michurinsky variety must pass moisture well. Sweet cherry does not like swampy soil. It becomes the cause of decay of the root system.

What crops can and cannot be planted nearby

Trees with a wide, spreading crown will not make good neighbors for early and late cherries. They will create shade for the seedlings, reduce the amount of harvest to a minimum. The best option for the next planting will be pollinating varieties.

Selection and preparation of planting material

Garden equipment for planting seedlings must be prepared in advance:

  1. Shovel for holes.
  2. Rake, hoe, hoe for loosening.
  3. Fertilizer.
  4. Wooden stake, rope for fixing the handle.
  5. Water.

Landing algorithm

Planting begins with the selection of a seedling. There are several important points worth paying attention to:

  1. Grafted seedlings take root better. They are less affected by plant diseases, harmful insects.
  2. Shoots, trunk must be in good condition.
  3. The rhizome is developed, without dry processes.
  4. A smooth bark is a sure sign of a healthy seedling.

After a successful choice of a seedling, they begin a phased planting process:

  1. Prepare a pit with a diameter of at least 60 cm.
  2. Garden soil is mixed with organic fertilizers.
  3. The mixture is poured into a recess, a wooden stake is installed.
  4. The seedling is lowered into the hole. Its roots are straightened. The distance to the ground must be at least 5 cm.
  5. Gradually, they begin to fill up the soil, tamping it around the seedling.
  6. Abundant watering at the end of planting is a must. After that, the earth is loosened, mulched.

Cherry follow-up care

Early and late Michurinskaya cherry is an unpretentious variety. Standard maintenance measures should be performed regularly, in accordance with the needs of the plant:

  1. Watering. Moisturizing is carried out once a month. Young seedlings need 3-4 buckets, an adult tree - 5-6.
  2. Pruning. The formation of the crown is carried out in the spring. Places of cuts should heal before the onset of the first cold weather. The lower branches are left the longest. Each next level is made shorter than the previous one by 70 mm.
  3. Fertilizer. They begin to feed the tree from the second year of life. Urea is used in autumn, superphosphates in spring.
  4. Preparing for winter. Before the onset of cold weather, the earth around the trunk is dug up, adding organic fertilizers there. This will create additional protection for the root system.
  5. Prevention of plant diseases, insect pests.

Diseases and pests, methods of control and prevention

Disease / pest


Control method / Prevention


It affects leaves, fruits. Most often it manifests itself in June in the form of small red spots, bloom. Affected areas of cherries fall off

Processing "Hom", a solution of Bordeaux liquid.

It is not recommended to leave fallen fruits, foliage under the tree.

Fruit mite

The insect infects the foliage of the tree. It deteriorates, falls off. The variety stops blooming - due to a disease, the kidneys are not formed

Spraying with insecticides is used to combat the pest. An obligatory preventive measure is considered the cleaning of the cherry trunk from the old bark.


Sweet cherry Michurinskaya has long won the recognition of many gardeners. The variety has exceptional advantages: dessert taste of fruits, abundant harvests, unpretentious care. Thanks to these distinctive features, the fruit and berry culture has become widespread in various regions of the country.


Sukhorukov Mikhail, Voronezh

Sweet cherry is a favorite fruit of our family. We planted several varieties on our site. Most of all, in terms of taste, we like the Michurinsky variety. The fruits are large, sweet, juicy. We collect a lot of berries in one harvest. Enough for conservation and just eat. Early and late Michurin cherries grow in our garden. They delight us with ripe fruits at the beginning, in the middle of summer.

Vasilyeva Ekaterina, Yekaterinburg

I was looking for an unpretentious fruit tree for my garden. The grandson ordered cherries. I planted three species. The Michurinsky variety is one of them. I did planting seedlings according to all the rules. Unfortunately, by the beginning of the next season, only the Michurinsky variety survived. He turned out to be more prepared for the cold temperatures in winter. Five years later, the tree still feels great. More than one harvest of sweet berries has already been harvested.

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