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How to use granular cow dung

Friends, good afternoon! Yesterday I bought granular cow dung. Who has experience, share how it is better to use, pour or breed? Thanks in advance. How to breed, how much to pour?


I buy horse manure in granules, when planting strawberries and tomatoes I put a handful in the hole, and doing herbal dressing in a 60 liter barrel, I breed 1/3 of the package + ash + humistar + radiance 3 half of the package.

And I insist granular in a barrel, breed and water. Why is it good, there are no parasites and weed seeds

Everything is correct, but it can be strewed and mixed with the earth in the holes, if there is no humus, it is much better than unripened compost. I bought 6 bags of horse with sawdust, and when I planted potatoes, I put horse granulated into the furrows. Under the cucumbers, the humus was already pouring hum, ash and all kinds of different things. And I insist on cow dung, I’m so used to it.

And I bought sawdust with Horse Dung, except for mulching, where to use them? They regularly clean stables, give them inexpensively, I can often take

So it is with me, only it is humus, it is necessary in bags and in the sun, I think in the fall, or the weight will not be excellent humus and add to the holes.

At the center of natural agriculture, they advised me to breed it better!

I planted tomatoes, the land that I bought was bad, not just a single worm, it was strange, I put horse humus, ash, eco-WMD fertilizer, silicon, peel husk and fungus weed in the holes. One stalk broke, well, let's see what happens, I buried it.

I agree, buy land and humus, like a lottery once bought humus, and there are broken glasses, and synthetic twine, and wire, stones and tin cans, you can see the dunghill was used as a trash. And they bought land of the type from the forest, and it is denser than our clay. All the same, I will begin to restore the land by the siderats, more reliably, and I have read about the bear from my colleagues in the group, I don’t want to bring it with the earth or manure.

We have clay and loam, and you have to buy something and manure and land all the time, but the quality has become terrible.

can granules be added to flower pots and not diluted in water?

Granular manure (cow, horse, chicken) can be used both in dry and in diluted form. Which way to use depends on what you use manure for. For example, to prepare a site for the subsequent planting of cultivated plants, it is better to use granular manure in dry form. Sprinkle manure over the soil surface (up to 15 kg per 100 sq. M), dig a plot to a depth of 10-12 cm and pour plenty of water. Such preparation is best done in the fall.

If you intend to use granular manure in the form of fertilizer already planted plants, it is better to use a solution diluted with water. Approximate dose of use: up to 6 liters of solution per 10 sq.m. (1.5l per 10 sq.m chicken). Granules are poured with water and allowed to infuse for several days until the lumps are completely dissolved.