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How to use chopped dandelion and wormwood on the plot

We bought a cottage near the forest, the land is good, well-groomed, but a lot of dandelion and wormwood. All weeded and stacked to dry all together. Where can this good be used? Is wormwood harmful for rastukha? Can make warm beds, or mulch?


On compost

Wormwood can be mulched, and a flowering dandelion in compost, it is sown

Yellow dandelion is suitable for mulch. When the seeds ripen, it is white.

Are you a dandelion in compost. Seeds ripen and spread throughout the garden.

Yellow dandelion ripped quickly ripens and spreads all its seeds

Dont know. For 3 years I have never noticed this. I mulch with a dandelion, nothing grows anymore. Well, nettles in some places.

I read somewhere that if a dandelion grows under a fruit tree, then the fruits will be sweet. Maybe that's why all our friends like our tangerines.

I also found such an article about useful weeds.

But I don’t know the name. Fir-trees are like that. Where to? Still digging a bed with strawberries. A lot of weeds with roots and strawberry itself were gathered. Put all this stuff in a small barrel. The layers were covered with urea. How much should this cocktail cost? Last year, she was packing PE. In the spring it opened, and there even began to sprout something. In general, I let it all under the bushes. Need to wait a couple of winters when it is completely processed?

Fir-trees, I suppose, are horsetail, an indicator of highly acidified soil. So you need to produce or make dolomite flour.

Yes, the soil is very acidic. She scattered flour, ash and chopped shells. How do cucumbers behave in such a land? I'm going to put them there