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What to do with rotten and rotten stumps on the site

Tell me, please, bought a summer house, and there are many rotten, rotten stumps. What to do with them? Will they burn out? While we do not plan to set up beds and greenhouses.


Burn, uproot, delete by any means! Anthills form in rotten stumps, and this is a disaster for plants.

uproot them and burn, there will be ash.

They are rotten on top, in the underground there may still be very sickly roots. We were uprooting last year, so we dug up such “dinosaurs” ...

It is possible to bury rotten wood down warm ridges; it will gradually rot and give heat the heat-loving plants need. But since you do not plan ridges, burn them, although the benefits in this case will be several times less.

Oyster mushrooms grow on our rotten stump. I bought oyster mushrooms three years ago. Processed mushrooms, and poured waste on a stump. That was in May. And in September, oyster mushrooms on one side of the stump grew. Twice cut to the cold. In the second year in August, our stump began to delight us - I cut it off three times. In that year I look, on the other hand, the mycelium is developing. I think there will be more this year. And just sprinkled the stump with waste from mushrooms. If you want, try it.

honey mushrooms will grow well too. )

we have one stump, let the oyster mushrooms grow! Thanks for the info.

Lyudmila, and then in the mud you will not get any harmful animals? If not, then I will use your advice: I was just thinking where to get the filler for the lower layer of high beds. Thanks!

so they will be deep underground. The warm ridge is multi-layered, rotting wood is in the trench below, branches of shrubs (currants, cherries, etc.) are on top, then grass, tops and dead wood, then earth. If anyone starts there, it’s the bacteria that will process the wood. Although there may be goosebumps, but in my area I do not suffer from their invasion. A warm ridge can warm up to 10 years, my oldest so far is only 4.

thank you so much for the tip!

and tell me, please, do these rotten hemp need to be processed with something before laying in the bottom of the garden bed?

Tell me, what is the depth of the trench? and what height did you raise the beds?

I didn’t process anything, I just laid it on the bottom and that's it.

I’ll tell you how I made my ridges. My beds are fenced with wooden sides 30 cm high. The depth of the trench I have to the height of two bayonet shovels, this turns out 2 times 25 cm = 50 cm. Here below 25 cm will be occupied by the largest trees, then the next 25 cm - branches, dead wood and grass, and everything else - the earth. Each layer of organic matter can be layered with a small layer of earth. It should be noted that over time, organic matter decays and the earth sags, it will be necessary to pour it later (next year). So that organics can decay faster, you can shed EM drugs (East, Radiance, etc.). In general, it’s better to read about warm beds in “Your Fertility”, they also have video workshops on natural farming.

Lyudmila, thank you very much! it turns out that the bed from the bottom of the trench to the sides is about 80 cm ?! 50 cm below ground level of wood, branches, dead wood and grass, and + 30 cm - earth. Thanks again to you and excellent harvests!

Thank you very much for the detailed answer and advice!

and you handled the sides with something? here gardeners write about used oil as a coating for the sides for high beds, but I have doubts

can whiten just?

No, I didn’t process anything. After the purchase, we still bring the plot in order, dismantled the barn and put these boards on the sides for the ridges. The plans to make the sides higher and process until it was determined by what. Valery Medvedev has a video on YouTube “How to build universal warm beds” on YouTube, he tells in detail, he also gave advice on how to process it. Good luck

Yes, something like this turns out.