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How to process potatoes with Lazurite

Hi friends! I bought Lapis lazuli for the first time, I want to process a plot with potatoes. I just don’t understand, can you just spray on the ground when the potato has not yet risen, or wait until it rises? Unsubscribe who used.


Processing is best done before germination of potatoes.

I’ll sneak the same until the potatoes have sprouted and the grass has already appeared. I will be done 1 time.

That year, she planted beetroot and sprinkled the beds. There was no grass, no beets. So just sprinkle the potatoes.

What is lapis lazuli used for?

Well, there is still a tomato painted, it probably is also possible.

We sprinkle until the potatoes sprout. It helps in one garden, there are no weeds during the summer, and in another they also continue to grow. As if different sprinkles. And so already the second year. What’s the matter, we don’t understand.

I processed tomatoes and potatoes, I can’t say well, not bad. And for beets, carrots, turnips, there is an Excellent student, but you need to bite it when the weed has 2 leaves, also not bad.

For some reason we don’t have an excellent student and no one even heard of him, I mean sellers.

Lapis lazuli - soil herbicide for potatoes, good to use. When there is enough rainfall. I apply 3-4 days before the emergence of potato seedlings. In addition, after 7-10 days after planting potatoes, it is necessary to loosen the grooves of the potato, thereby destroying part of the weeds and destroying the soil crust, if any. Thoroughly treat the soil with lapis lazuli, according to the instructions, and forget about potatoes for 2, or better for 3 weeks. Through the film formed by the herbicide no weed will break out except for wheat grass. If it rains during this period, the effect will be better. After 3 weeks, it will be possible to spud potatoes.

The plot will be clean until the fall. This herbicide, only called Zencor, is used by farmers and is very pleased with the results.

Can you tell me if it can be used for early potatoes?