How to salt cucumbers in a barrel or oak tub for the winter: grandmother's recipes, video

Salting cucumbers in a barrel is a primordial Russian tradition. In the old days, everyone prepared them, regardless of class and material well-being. Then large containers began to give way to glass jars. It may be much more convenient to store them, but such delicious cucumbers were no longer possible.

Now there are small barrels and tubs with a capacity of 10-20 liters, which can be kept even in a city apartment. But many housewives simply do not know how to salt cucumbers in them. But the most difficult thing is to prepare the container and choose the right vegetables. The salting process is simple.

Cucumbers will never be as tasty as barrels, pickled cucumbers in jars.

Features of pickling cucumbers in a barrel

Cask cucumbers are loved for their rich, spicy taste and aroma. But the vegetable itself is bland and has a faint, barely noticeable smell. When salted, the delicate aroma of freshness inherent in cucumbers disappears altogether.

The taste and smell of salty is largely due to the spices. There is a standard set of foods that are put into cucumbers. But they also need to be chosen correctly:

  1. Dill is the No. 1 spice for pickling cucumbers. Young grass and freshly opened yellow flowers will not go into the barrel. It is necessary to take the one who is waved up to the waist, with huge umbrellas, empty stems and foliage that has begun to dry out. Such dill is used completely, breaking or cutting into pieces. Only the root is thrown away.
  2. All traditional pickle recipes contain black currant leaves. They are placed in their entirety, having previously washed out, so that they give off their aroma already in the barrel.
  3. Cherry leaves are not always used, but in vain. They make the aroma subtle and add piquancy.
  4. Traditional recipes for cold salting of pickles in a barrel use horseradish leaves. They do not have their own taste or smell, but they make vegetables vigorous and crunchy. In order for cucumbers to become "thermonuclear", horseradish leaves are replaced or supplemented with pieces of peeled root. Almost all recipes allow this.
  5. Oak leaves are usually placed in jars, plastic or stainless steel barrels to give the cucumbers their strength. Or in containers made of beech, linden or other wood. Except for oak. There is no need to put these leaves.
  6. Hot peppers not only add spice to cucumbers, but also fight mold. So you have to put it on.

Important! Few modern recipe for pickles for the winter in a tub will do without garlic. But if you put it on, the fruits will not crunch and become less tight. The choice is up to the hostesses.

Optional ingredients for spice lovers include tarragon and thyme. Some consider their aroma unnecessary when salting cucumbers, others always put these herbs.

When salting cucumbers, you can use any spicy herbs, but you still need to observe the measure.

For those who have not cooked vegetables with tarragon or thyme before, it is recommended to start with a three-liter jar. If you like it, next season use a container when salting a large volume.

To take iodized, finely ground salt, such as "Extra", is categorically not recommended. Only stone, unrefined or marine. Otherwise, the cucumbers will be “wrong”.

Water must be used spring, well or purified. For pickling cucumbers, it is better if it is tough. For this, 1 tbsp. l. calcium chloride purchased in a pharmacy is dissolved in 3 liters of water, if the latter is from the tap, it must be boiled and cooled.

If there is a keg or tub, but for some reason there is no lid, it doesn't matter. You can make a wooden circle with a diameter slightly smaller than the neck of the container, place it on top of a sterile tissue and press down with a load. From time to time, the cloth will have to be washed. As a last resort, the piece of wood can be replaced with a suitable diameter enameled or food-grade stainless steel lid. For convenience, it is turned down by the handle.

And the last thing. Cucumbers are placed in three-liter jars "standing". They are placed flat in barrels. If someone wants to spend a lot of time vertical immersion - please, but the taste will not change from the way of installation.

Preparing a barrel or tub for salting

New wooden barrels should be prepared 2-3 weeks before pickling the cucumbers. This time is needed to remove tannins. They are completely filled with clean water, which is changed every 2-3 days.

Used barrels and tubs made of wood are soaked until the leak stops. Then the containers are filled with boiling soda solution. On a bucket of water, take from 50 to 60 g of calcined, or 25 g of caustic. Allow the solution to act for 20 minutes, then rinse the barrels thoroughly with cold water. It is better to do this outdoors with a hose to completely remove the baking soda.

Stainless steel and plastic containers are washed with sodium bicarbonate dissolved in hot water. Rinse thoroughly.

Important! Directly before pickling cucumbers, the container is poured over with boiling water.

The container for pickling cucumbers must be prepared carefully

What cucumbers are suitable for pickling in a barrel

To salt cucumbers in a barrel for the winter, you need to choose the right fruits. They should be the same medium size - gherkins or those that have started to turn yellow are not good. It is better to use freshly harvested cucumbers, but for the townspeople this is difficult to achieve.

Therefore, you should go to the market as early as possible and try to buy the fruits first-hand - from farmers or grandmothers who sell surplus from their own garden. You need to take cucumbers of the same variety and size, then they will be salted evenly.

Heavy, cool fruits are most likely harvested in the morning, at least in the evening. The light and warm ones obviously had time to lie down, and the flesh, most likely, is flabby. Crispy cucumbers will not work when salted.

The best greens are with a white nose and longitudinal stripes. True, to find such is a great success, when they appear on sale, they are instantly sold out. If you did not manage to find the greens with white marks, then taking the pimply ones is quite possible. But there are certain subtleties here:

  1. For pickling, take cucumbers in a "Russian" shirt - with large sparse tubercles and sharp black thorns. Their length should not exceed 11 cm, and the diameter in the thickest place should be 5.5 cm (better - less, but it depends on the variety).
  2. To pickle cucumbers, choose a "German" shirt. Her bumps are also black, but small, located so closely together that they almost merge. Fruit length should be from 3 to 11 cm. It is advisable to choose late varieties for pickling.
  3. Cucumbers with white pimples are considered not very suitable for whole-fruit harvests. They are used in prefabricated salads.
  4. Cucumbers with a smooth peel should not be taken for blanks at all. They are eaten fresh.

To get crispy cucumbers when salted in barrels for the winter, they are soaked for several hours in very cold water. You can put pieces of ice in the container.

The best pickled cucumbers have black bumps and white longitudinal stripes.

How to pickle cucumbers in a barrel for the winter

There are many recipes for salting barrel cucumbers. But they should not be cooked in a barrel for the first time - suddenly they will not like it.

Advice! First you need to prepare several recipes for pickled cucumbers in three-liter jars, providing labels. And to make a large volume of one that all family members liked.

The exact amount of cucumbers is not given in the recipes. Fruits can be of different lengths, thicknesses and densities. Therefore, the weight of cucumbers, even for a 10-liter barrel, can be very different.

An old recipe for pickling cucumbers in a barrel

Nowadays, few people have 200-liter barrels, so the recipe is given for 10 liters. For large containers, the amount of food must be proportionally increased. This is how it is correct to salt cucumbers in a barrel so that they are crispy and firm, without garlic.


  • cucumbers - how many will fit into the barrel;
  • black currant leaf - 30 pcs.;
  • dill stalks with umbrellas - 6 pcs.;
  • hot peppers - 3-5 pcs.;
  • horseradish leaves - 5 pcs.;
  • salt - 2 tbsp. for 1 liter of water;
  • a piece of horseradish root as thick as a finger, about 10 cm long.

The amount of water depends on the shape of the cucumbers and the density of their packing.


  1. Wash cucumbers and herbs. Peel horseradish root, cut into pieces or rub. Cut the hot pepper into rings.
  2. Remove 2 sheets of horseradish aside. Put the cucumbers flat in the barrel. Greens, chopped horseradish root and pepper can be placed on the bottom of the container or interspersed with fruits.
  3. Fill the barrel with cold water. Drain, measure, add salt. You do not need to boil the water - the liquid must be returned to the barrel as early as possible so that the cucumbers do not lose moisture, and it will take a long time to cool. The salt is just stirred well. Finally, it will dissolve in the barrel.
  4. Pour the pickles over the brine. Put the remaining horseradish leaves on top. Close the lid tightly. Store the barrel in a cool place at a temperature not exceeding 6-7 ° C. Cucumbers can be eaten after 1.5 months.

Cold pickling recipe for cucumbers in a barrel

There are many delicious recipes for pickled cucumbers in a barrel. This one is one of the best. It is close to the classic, but adapted to modern realities - the keg can be stored just in a cool place. Even in villages today, not everyone has a cold basement, let alone city apartments.

Ingredients per 10 liter barrel:

  • cucumbers - how much will fit;
  • garlic - 2 large heads;
  • horseradish - a bunch of leaves;
  • dill - stems with umbrellas, but without a root;
  • black currant - a large handful of leaves;
  • hot red peppers - 3 pcs.;
  • hard water;
  • salt - 2 tbsp. for 1 liter of liquid.

Important! If the water is soft, pour in 1 tbsp for every 3 liters. calcium chloride.


  1. Wash greens and cucumbers. If the fruits are picked the day before or it is not known when, they should be soaked for several hours in cold water with the addition of ice cubes.
  2. Place a part of the dill, horseradish leaves and currants on the bottom of the prepared barrel.
  3. Lay the cucumbers flat, layering them with herbs, pieces of pepper and cloves of garlic.
  4. Fill the barrel with water, measuring out the amount of liquid. Drain it, dissolve salt, add calcium chloride if necessary. Return to barrel.
  5. To cover with a lid. Place in a warm place where the temperature will not exceed 20 ° C for 2-3 days. Then take out into the cold. After a month and a half, the cucumbers are ready.

Comment! If the container is covered with a non-native lid, periodically check the liquid level, adding brine if necessary. Replace the cloth regularly with a clean one.

The recipe for pickles for the winter in a barrel with mustard

Cucumbers can be deliciously salted in a barrel with mustard. It acts as a preservative, gives additional strength and pungency. The use of grains is recommended, but some farms successfully prepare cucumbers with mustard powder.


  • cucumbers - how much will fit;
  • garlic - 1 head;
  • horseradish leaves - a bunch;
  • dill - 3 large old stems without roots;
  • black currant leaves - 20 pcs.;
  • horseradish root - 10 cm;
  • salt - 2 tbsp. for 1 liter of water;
  • cherry leaves - 10 pcs.;
  • mustard - 5 tbsp. ground dry or 7 tbsp. grains;
  • water.

Advice! To make the cucumbers more dense and crisp, garlic must be excluded from the recipe. Add 1 tbsp for every 3 liters of soft water. pharmacy calcium chloride.


  1. The brine must be cooked in advance. It is difficult to calculate the amount of water, but first it is troublesome to fill a barrel with cucumbers, and then take them out and immerse them in a cold liquid so as not to lose their elasticity. If you do not want to do this, you can cook 4 liters of brine from rock salt and mustard. First add sodium chloride to the water. After boiling, remove the foam, throw in the mustard.
  2. Wash greens and cucumbers. Peel and cut the horseradish root.
  3. Place some of the greens on the bottom of the barrel, lay the cucumbers on top, layering them with leaves, garlic, roots, dill.
  4. Fill with fully cooled brine. Its temperature should be about 20 ° C.
  5. Cover and store in a cold place (6-7 ° C).

Lightly salted cucumbers in a barrel

Why make lightly salted cucumbers in a barrel? After some time (depending on the temperature of the content), they will become vigorous. Of course, for a large company, for example, when city dwellers gather for nature.

Lightly salted cucumbers can be made in different ways. But this recipe is the simplest, designed specifically for men who are absolutely incapable of cooking. Despite the fantastic ease of preparation, the cucumbers are delicious. And they are eaten quickly even by gourmets.


  • cucumbers;
  • water;
  • salt.

Very detailed instructions:

  1. Ask your wife where the salt is. This is where her participation in cooking ends.
  2. Go to the market or shop for cucumbers. When you have a bucket, take it with you, buy vegetables, as many will fit. If the container could not be found, take 10 kg. You can give the excess to your wife - she will be delighted.
  3. Wash (rinse) the cucumbers and barrel.
  4. Cut off the nose and tail of Zelentsov. Approximately 1-1.5 cm.
  5. Put them in the barrel as it goes.
  6. In order not to overwork, pour water into a liter jar directly from the tap, shake 2 tbsp. salt. Not completely. Pour into a barrel. Prepare the next batch.
  7. When the barrel is full, close the lid. Alternatively, you can pour out some of the liquid (about 0.5 L) and place a clean kitchen towel directly on top of the brine. The edges must also be in the container, otherwise water will drip onto the floor or table. Place an inverted large lid and weight on top. You can pour water into the same jar where the salt was diluted, and use it as oppression (weighting agent).
  8. Stay away from the barrel for three days. Then you can start trying. You need to try not to eat all the cucumbers before leaving for nature. If they stop, they will be tasty, but no longer lightly salted.

Advice! You don't need to change the cloth, even if the cucumbers begin to ferment. The wife will be so surprised by her husband's sudden culinary delights that she will do it herself.

Pickled crispy cucumbers for the winter in a barrel

Cask cucumbers are usually made without vinegar. But it is a good preservative, and some people prefer pickled vegetables to salted vegetables. No one bothers to cook cucumbers in large containers with vinegar.

To make the pickled greens better crunchy, you can pour vodka into them when salting. If you do not mind. For each liter of water, add 50 ml of the product. Garlic should not be put at all.

Ingredients for 10 l:

  • cucumbers - how many will fit into the tub;
  • red hot peppers - 3 pods;
  • currant leaves - 20 pcs.;
  • horseradish leaves - a bunch;
  • dill stalks - 5 pcs.;
  • vodka - 50 ml per 1 liter of water;
  • vinegar - 200 ml;
  • horseradish root - 10 cm;
  • salt - 2 tbsp. for 1 liter;
  • water.


  1. Wash cucumbers and herbs in cold water. Peel and rub the horseradish root.
  2. Place some of the greens on the bottom of the barrel. Place cucumbers on top. Cover with remaining leaves and roots.
  3. Measure out the required amount of water. Add salt, vodka, vinegar, pour cucumbers.
  4. Seal with a lid or put oppression on top. Send the barrel to a cold place. Cucumbers are ready for use in 1.5 months.

Pickled cucumbers with coriander in a plastic barrel

A plastic barrel is not the best container for pickling cucumbers. Even when it is intended for food. If the hostess decided to cook vegetables in it for the winter, then it is better to just salt it, without adding vinegar, alcohol, aspirin and other "aggressive" products. Fermentation processes will take place there anyway. And so that they are not too intense, the container should be placed immediately in the cold.

Advice! Before you cook a whole barrel of cucumbers with coriander, you need to make sure that family members will eat them. And make a 3-liter jar for a start. Not everyone likes this strong, aromatic spice.

Ingredients per 10 l container:

  • cucumbers - how much will fit;
  • dill - 5 old stems with umbrellas;
  • garlic - 2 heads;
  • horseradish root - 10 cm;
  • red hot peppers - 3 pods;
  • black currant leaves - 30 g;
  • tarragon - 30 g;
  • salt - 2 tbsp. for 1 liter of water;
  • horseradish leaves - a bunch;
  • coriander seeds - 3 tbsp. l .;
  • water.


  1. Wash cucumbers and herbs with cold water. Place in a barrel, alternating with spices (except for coriander).
  2. Measure out the amount of water. Dissolve the required amount of salt.
  3. Pour into a keg, add coriander seeds.
  4. Cork up or put oppression. Put away in a cold place.

A simple salting of tomatoes and cucumbers for the winter in a barrel

There are many recipes for salting vegetables together. Most of all, tomatoes and cucumbers are eaten in winter. When the house has a cold basement or cellar, and the family is not too large, it makes sense to salt them together. It should be borne in mind that the taste of both products will change somewhat.

The suggested recipe is one of the simplest. It is cooked with sugar, so that the fermentation will be intense. Until it stops, it is not recommended to clog the barrel with a "native" lid. From above, the workpiece is covered with a clean cloth and oppression is placed. At first, you will often have to remove the foam, change the rag and add the brine. When fermentation stops, the barrel is topped up with salt water and corked.


  • salt - 2 tbsp. for 1 liter of water;
  • sugar - 1.5 tbsp. for 1 liter;
  • horseradish leaves, black currant, dill;
  • water.

The main ingredients are tomatoes and cucumbers. They are put in as much as will fit in a 10-liter container. It is impossible to name the weight for sure - it all depends on the size, density and freshness of the fruit. The best proportion for this recipe is 70% tomatoes and 30% cucumbers. You don't have to stick to it exactly.


  1. First you need to boil the brine from water, salt and sugar. Shifting vegetables back and forth is not worth it, tomatoes are easy to damage. It is better to make the brine a little more, for example, 4 liters. This should be enough, if it remains, pour it into a jar and put it in the refrigerator, it will be needed in the future.
  2. Greens are placed on the bottom of the barrel, then cucumbers, on top - tomatoes. Pour in completely cooled brine.
  3. Place in a warm place with a temperature of 18-20 ° C. Press down with oppression. They regularly remove the foam, change the cloth, add the brine.

When fermentation subsides, move the container to a cool place. But they do not clog the lid, they keep it under oppression.


Salting cucumbers in a barrel is a responsible process. Prepare containers and vegetables thoroughly. But spices can be added arbitrarily, among the required ones - only salt. Even dill, horseradish leaves and black currant are more a tribute to tradition than a necessity. True, pickles with them are much tastier and more aromatic.

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