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How to process boards for high beds from decay

Dear summer residents! I decided to make a couple of tall beds, fenced with boards. Tell me, what to process boards from rotting? I want not very expensive and effective.


We were soaked in several layers with Senge (such yellow), and then painted with color impregnation.

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agree! And even if there is no waste oil - you can at any one hundred and pour it there for free))

In no case will mining the entire garden in this rubbish be. My mom did ...

We have warm beds with impregnation covered with a special and inside plastic bottle stapler.

indeed, it is logical that the poisons from the used oil can fall into the soil, which means that your wards in the land will suck.

You can not pour mining into the ground so that the WHOLE garden in this rubbish is not. Just soak the boards. Oils do not dissolve with water if you remember a high school chemistry course. This means that the plants will not be able to stifle anything from oiled and dried boards.

did they cut the bottles?

Yes, they cut it. Picked up an even part.

not for nothing they say that there is already a whole generation of exam. it’s difficult to retrain them if they haven’t taught at school. or just understand the impregnation so that with a watering can walk around the garden and water it all

Now the bar is being processed by this working out (foundation) of greenhouses. and nothing… ! all things grows)