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How to plant potatoes in beds under hay

Hello, how to plant potatoes in beds under hay? What will be the crop?


We plant, the crop is super! Under hay there is always moisture and nutrients. From year to year the hay will rot and the yield will increase. You can see in my group the fund for raising agriculture, there are all the photos of how we plant. By the way, not only potato TVK are planted. Also tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, garlic. Harvests are beautiful, weeding, watering and gardening do not need to be plowed. Potato under hay withstands night frosts to - 15, checked!

and can you cover with hay when the potato sprout start? Do I need to cut the furrows?

can you read more about planting tomato, cucumbers, cabbage and garlic under hay? Or just mulch vegetables with hay, straw?

A neighbor planted a deep furrow, put hay into the furrow, put potatoes on the hay and covered it with earth. Harvest good, all the potatoes are flat

Yesterday we planted potatoes like this - a neighbor suggested - a hole is a potato, if there is ash, straw and earth. Let's see, we hope for a harvest, he had last year

So you can plant if the earth is not clay. Someone ate potatoes under a straw, one leaf is left. I’m not experimenting with her anymore.

Lyudmila, we spread the potatoes on the ground, a distance of 35-40 cm and cover with hay (in the straw the crop is lower) 10 centimeters high and 40 wide. As the potato begins to hatch through the hay, cover another 10 centimeters, and so several times. For a tomato, we make a bed of hay, trample it, then we carefully rake it in a cuttle and there we plant seedlings with earth from a glass. Everything. Water once a week if the summer is very dry. We plant potatoes for hay in late February, but then a layer of hay 20 centimeters must be done so as not to freeze. Pidosers as usual in early May. We do not plow a garden, we cannot tolerate beds in search of hay. Just in the spring we add hay from above and that's it. Hay needs a lot. A potato under hay does not require watering at all, even if there is no rain. Tomatoes once a week and two.

you can dig it into the ground and then how it will grow, cover it with hay. But we are just sacking the land and covering with hay. We do not do any moon, furrows, etc.

for the first time I hear about planting tomatoes under hay)) Thanks for an interesting idea! Please drop the link to the group that you mentioned, I did not find anything. Thanks!

I have the first entry on the page. See