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What to do if ants appeared on a pear

Tell me, on a young pear ants, the leaves are twisted. What to do?


Aphid sits in twisted leaves, expand the leaf, and the ants carry them.

This is a leaflet. I have the same thing on a pear. It is necessary to treat insecticides with karbofos or other drugs.

You can spray with a spark.

And be sure to make hunting belts from ants, otherwise ants like a pear more than an apple tree.

As I wrote below, anoint the barrel with salted oil with a smell)

The whole trunk?

Poured linseed oil over the entire barrel

I used gel from ants “Brownie” with the smell of vanilla. She smeared circles around the trunk. Thus, for two years now we have been fleeing aphids on trees. Before they just didn’t spray, it didn’t help.

And if there are bees, then what to process?

Ants “milk” aphids. The treatment is carried out against aphids, then the ants will not climb the trees. We still have no flowering, I process it with Intavir.

You can fitover, it is natural, but still handle in the evening