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Which is better to buy a shovel

Which is better to buy a shovel

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Tell me, please, which is better to buy a shovel?


It depends on why, and for whom.

I have a fiscars. True, six years later the plastic handle broke! Changed to black

It’s molten so that the stalk is svarin with the leg itself. Otherwise, everything may fall apart.

I never thought about it. Any.

Fiskars is great! They bought cheaper shovels, everything quickly fails and dulls. And fiscars has been serving for 3 years and there is no demolition 🙂

Rail steel

We bought in Leroy titanium

Take a shovel in your hands and try to dig, as you like, for you. In order not to be heavy, comfortable, buy one.

What kind of land. I broke how many shovels, titanium too. Until I bought it, I don’t know the company, the whole iron one, with an orange pen. It’s very convenient for me, my husband isn’t. Says short.

Definitely Fiscars. It is lightweight, durable, with a large selection of different sizes. Digging both adults and children and everyone is happy.

Shovels made of rail steel are sold, they say good, I also want to buy one.

Bayonet spade!

Not cheap. From 400 rubles and will forever serve. Belorussian are good.

They praise titanium, they are light and durable, or firms, Fiskars, they have super cleaver too, as Guzel writes with an orange pen.

About the cleavers - apparently defective, on the second block you just cracked it yourself (not the handle, but the cleaver)

Hope for digging positive reviews on the hand cultivator. You can watch the video - how to work with a manual cultivator, if interested. They dig it so famously.

Yes, you are unlucky, our chipped 8 years old faithfully, this year flew off the handle and was glued with some kind of super composition, but there is still an option to replace the formation. Hatchet on wooden and still serve.

Fiskars are the best. Our 8-year-old assistant even bought a Fiskar shovel. He loads the earth into her cart and carries it to high beds. The shovel is light, the assistant is not tired yet (although probably the motivation in the form of kinder chocolate also helps him)

I bought a shovel from rail steel 3g ago, I can’t get enough of it, chic! Persuaded the boss to buy! The land at work, construction debris, a little sprinkled with earth, the whole site ennobled, and the shovel like new!

I will definitely buy it.

I’m not overjoyed with a titanium shovel, lightweight and does not stick anything. Mom has been using these since Soviet times, dad pit them very much. But after buying a walk-behind tractor, he generally does not favor anything except him. But on heavy clay soils, it can break. The year before last, my mother and I managed to break two pieces, although before that they had served for 20 years or more. I can’t say anything about fixar, they didn’t use it. Somewhere I already wrote about a garden tool, I'll try to find it.


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