Pinching petunia: step by step photo

Pinching petunia: step by step photo

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Multi-colored voluminous petunia bushes have already won the hearts of many experienced and novice florists and gardeners. Their flowering period is mid-spring and before the first frost. They are used to decorate summer cottages, flower beds, balconies, verandas, restaurants and cafes. This flowering plant is not whimsical. However, one of the most important agrotechnical issues deserves attention, since the development and abundance of petunia flowering depends on it. This article will show you how to pinch a petunia.

It will be about why you need to pinch the petunia. And also you will learn about how this process is performed and what important points must be observed in order for the pinching of the petunia to be successful. Additionally, the question of how to simultaneously propagate petunia by cuttings will be considered. In addition, a thematic video will be provided to your attention.

What is the use of pinching

Petunia bloom begins 3 months after germination. The growth of the plant is directed upwards - towards warmth and light.

Warning! If you do not give the petunia to pinching, then its stems will grow until they collapse from overload.

In view of this, pinching or shortening of the top of the main stem is used.

By cutting off the central stem, a new growth point begins to form, thus, the petunia grows to the sides. This contributes to an increase in the number of branches, and, accordingly, buds. Pinching the petunia helps to develop a more lush and beautiful bush. In addition, this exercise improves the quality of flowering.

Important! After pruning, petunia spends all its energy on the growth of green mass, so the development of buds stops for several days.

However, new, larger buds are later formed on the lateral shoots.

To make the petunia bush voluminous and beautiful, it must be pinched several times. Moreover, this must be done already at the seedling stage. You can start the first pinching after the first five true leaves appear.

It is better to do this after landing in open ground. However, if the plant has been indoors for a long time, due to the lingering spring cold, then pinching should be carried out after the appearance of five mature leaves. Otherwise, the petunia will grow, and you will not be able to form compact bushes.

Pinching and pinching. What is the difference

Pinching is the removal of the growth point, which is carried out at the stage of growing seedlings. So, already at an early stage of development, a compact bush with lateral shoots is obtained, on which beautiful flower buds are formed.

Pinching is carried out with a sharp garden knife or nail scissors. Such an event must be carried out very carefully. Beginners in this business usually implement the formation of an adult plant by pinching.

Pinching, unlike pinching, is carried out on an adult plant. This technique allows you to propagate the variety using cuttings.

A month after the first pinching, the side shoots are shortened, which promotes their branching. All subsequent trimming is for decorative purposes and is optional.

Conditions for pinching

In order for the formation process to go smoothly, it is important to follow some formalities. So, you should prepare all the inventory in advance.

To carry out this manipulation, the gardener will need:

  • Nail scissors for pinching.
  • Garden knife or pruning shears.
  • Firmed seedlings with five large leaves.
  • Container for collecting cuttings.

It can be concluded that pinching is just as important a process as sowing seeds and picking seedlings. Therefore, you should not be frivolous about this stage of petunia care.

Some rules

You have already learned a lot about how to pinch petunia correctly, however, we suggest you familiarize yourself with some more rules that will help you succeed in growing this flowering plant.

  1. Overgrown seedlings are not suitable for pinching. Therefore, keep an eye on the seedlings.
  2. The pinching process does not last long. The top must be cut off so that at least five leaves remain below.
  3. If the petunia is transplanted into open ground, then it is pinched about three days after the transplant. So, petunia will have time to take root and pinching will not lead to its death.
  4. A sterile tool should be used to cut the shoots.
  5. The cut must be done in such a way as to minimize damage to the sprout.
  6. To make the buds larger, petunias need to be additionally fed with special fertilizers.

Associated reproduction of petunia

Neatly cut tops of petunia shoots can be used as cuttings for plant propagation. To do this, the cuttings are placed in water and when roots appear on them, this indicates that it is time to plant them in the ground. In this case, the lower part of the stem should be cleaned of leaves, leaving a few at the top. Planting cuttings is done quite tightly. In order for the sprouts to take root, they need to be watered and sprayed, as well as fed with fertilizers. Some gardeners use growth stimulants.

After the cuttings get stronger and grow, they also need to be pinched. Elite and expensive varieties are more capricious, they can suffer from temperature and moisture changes, as well as from the effects of wind and rain.


If you follow these rules for caring for petunia, you can grow beautiful bushes of this flowering plant, which will be no worse than in the photo given in this article. In addition, we suggest you watch a thematic video that will complement your knowledge base:

Watch the video: How To Grow Petunias From Cuttings and Care PetuniasEasy and Works 100% (September 2022).


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