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Growing onions Exhibit through seedlings

Good evening! Who has the experience of growing onions Exibishen through seedlings? Share it. you are welcome.


I have all disappeared in the snail. I didn’t hatch, but a whine.

My snail was excellent. But then it began to turn yellow due to the fact that it planted too early. Now I will adjust the landing time. By the way, planting from a snail is very convenient. Now I have already landed in Fr. G.

I planted last year. Out of 4 packs, only 24 grew

I planted not all seeds in the snail 5/4), I planted 2/5 in the garden, I was no longer at the cottage 🙂 on Friday I will see what happened 🙂

I went perfectly a month ago in a greenhouse transplanted into an og

Sowed April 1 in containers with land. Has ascended quickly and amicably, all seeds. Before disembarking at a permanent place, he grew well, and immediately brought him to the balcony. During this time, he sheared 5 times so that he would not fall. Landed May 8 in the exhaust gas. I’ll go tomorrow, I’ll look at how I’ve taken root.

I had a bad germination in the snail, planted March 28. I haven’t landed in the exhaust gas yet.

I didn’t succeed in the snail, in the trays they sprang up beautifully and grow quickly 🙂 and in the snails my onions all disappeared, only the leek was preserved a little

She planted both in the cochlea and in the eggplant, in the cochlea I liked the fact that it was more convenient to plant it. Planted a week ago in the garden, standing as a soldier, leek planted three weeks ago, is already gaining strength. Water often, otherwise it dries. Harvest will boast later

Last year, mom brought seedlings in bags of milk. It has grown large, comparable to that of sevka. But it is not stored at all, it is immediately necessary for processing.

I planted in a snail, on paper with Epin, leeks, Exibishen and Black Prince, germination is excellent. I did not hurry to pour the earth into the snail, I waited for the first haircut of the pen. MAY 1 planted in the garden, now the whole has risen. Let's see what's next!