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How to get rid of weed in the yard

How to get rid of weed in the yard

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Hello, tell me how to get rid of weed in the yard? 10 acres, burdock and nettles, digging does not work, as there are many stones in the ground. Thanks to all.


weeds must be picked with hands together with stones; otherwise, dig up and sow unavailable.

We'll have to dig up stones at the same time. Well grow on stones. Imported soil, at least in the beds, if there is no land. But expensive.

Treat Tornado, Hurricane or similar.

I plant there is nothing that is not needed is the yard

Get a goat) she will eat everything green

Shed some weed poison stronger. I would spill boiling water with a strong salt solution (a pack in a bucket). So brought nettle and plum overgrowth.


the goat doesn't seem to eat burdock))

they sweep away everything on the way))

then we get it)

You can still use a trimmer once every two weeks. In three years you will have a lawn!))))))

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