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How best to plant nasturtium

Tell me, please, how best to plant nasturtium (on the package it says 3-meter)? Is it possible to start up a fence from a profiled sheet, it will not burn?


We sat by the barrel, climbed onto it. Just seeds poured into a corner) must be planted again, delicious in salads)

She is generally tenacious, as for me. For a long time we rained self-seeding)

Who! Nasturtium in a salad? it's a flower. Or I misunderstood

She is edible, and leaves and flowers)

We added vegetable salads, but it turns out a bunch of uses)

Well, thank you! Let's eat

She still has silver leaves under water) they repel water and it reflects, our crayon really liked it)

And after the flowers of nasturtium bloom. Green seeds form. We collect and pickle them, the taste is like capers! we also use leaflets in a salad. And I plant them along the canopy and it turns out like a curtain of flowers and leaves!

Tell me, please, how to pickle? The recipe?

In the flower garden, where the nasturtium sat last year, the seeds roll around with balls, do they get it? Close up with earth?

It seems to me that they will sprout, but you can close up)