Laura beans

Laura is a variety of early ripening asparagus beans with a high yield and excellent taste. By planting this variety of legumes in your garden, you will get an excellent result in the form of tender and sugar fruits that will complement your dishes all year round.

Variety characteristics

The Laura asparagus bean is an early maturing, disease-resistant variety. She is not afraid of infections such as anthracnose and bacteriosis. A distinctive feature of this variety is its high yield, during the ripening period the plant gives 1.5-2 kg of finished products from 1 m2., which is suitable for eating after heat treatment, conservation and freezing for the winter. A plant of beans in the form of a bush, compact in size, the height does not exceed 35-45 cm. From the moment of germination to vegetative maturity of this variety takes 50-60 days. It is convenient to harvest, because Laura beans ripen almost at the same time, the general harvest period lasts up to two weeks. The pods are uniformly yellow in color, have the shape of a cylinder, 9-12 cm long, 1.5-2 cm in diameter, do not have fibrous and parchment layer.

Most of the pods are found on the top of the bush. Each shoulder has 6-10 beans, white, with an average weight of 5 grams. Laura beans are rich in proteins, mineral salts, as well as vitamins A, B, C. Pleasant to the taste, almost not boiled soft during heat treatment.

Growing recommendations

This variety of Laura beans does not require special preparation for planting. Seeds for seedlings are sown in separate molds in early May, transplanted into open ground in early June. This variety of beans is afraid of hypothermia, so the beans themselves should be planted in the ground at the end of May. Before the procedure, you should soak the beans for 1-2 days and make sure that the seeds do not dry out.

Sow to a depth of no more than 3-5 cm, at a distance of 20 cm × 50 cm, with an approximate density of 35 bushes per 1 m2... The first sprouts of Laura beans appear in a week and need deep loosening between the rows.

Secrets of a good harvest

A good result of the work done is important for every gardener. To enjoy the harvest of Laura beans, you must adhere to the secrets of proper care.

Important! The Laura bean variety is warm and light-loving, does not tolerate drought in the soil and requires abundant watering.

It is necessary to feed with mineral fertilizers at least 2 times:

  • Primarily - as soon as the first shoots appear, fertilize with a nitrogen-phosphorus composition;
  • Secondly, it is necessary to add phosphorus-potassium fertilizers, before the formation of buds.

When Laura's asparagus beans are fully ripe, the pods can be harvested manually and mechanically, which is well suited for harvesting in large areas using special equipment.


Alexander, 56 years old, Rostov

Several years ago, a neighbor at the dacha recommended Laura, a variety of asparagus beans, and said that I would eat and remember with a kind word. And indeed it is! Now every year I plant only her, and every time I remember him. She is very good. A large harvest from a small plot, and the taste is simply delicious. The wife cooks borscht, so the grandchildren ask for supplements. And as we preserve for the winter, so with the whole family, so that there is more, so that everyone will have enough of this yummy. Now I advise you this variety of beans, so that later they will remember me with a kind word!

Inna, 34 years old, Samara

I am not a very experienced gardener. But this variety of Laura beans just amazed me with its yield! I cooked and stewed beans, and added different kinds to salads. The taste is simply excellent. She treated all her friends, even closed several jars for the winter. When people ask me if I will now plant this variety in smaller quantities, I say with full confidence that no! There should be a lot of such good! Laura beans are both tasty and healthy, and if you know that you have grown them yourself, without any chemicals, then eating is twice as pleasant!

Stanislav, 29 years old, Kherson

I am engaged in entrepreneurship. I rent a lot of land. I have been planting Laura beans for a long time. Gives a high yield. She does not get sick, she does not need to tie her up, and the demand for it will never disappear. A dream for an agronomist. Has excellent qualities for storage and transportation, even over long distances. I'm never afraid that I won't be able to sell. It leaves quickly, and buyers have no indignation. Make big orders for next year in advance. I advise everyone!

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