Top dressing Humate +7 Iodine: methods of application for tomatoes, for cucumbers, for roses

Top dressing Humate +7 Iodine: methods of application for tomatoes, for cucumbers, for roses

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Ways of using Humate +7 depend on the culture and the method of application - watering under the root or spraying. Fertilization allows to achieve a significant increase in yield due to the restoration of the natural fertility of the soil. Almost all summer residents note that this is a very effective tool, which is one of the best.

Description of feeding

Humate +7 is a series of universal fertilizers of complex composition. The mixture is based on high molecular weight ("heavy") organic substances, which are formed as a result of natural decomposition in the soil. These processes are due to bacteria, the number of which determines the fertility of the soil.

In the composition of the fertilizer, almost 80% is occupied by organic salts (potassium and sodium), the rest is accounted for by microelements:

  • a mixture of nitrogen N, phosphorus P and potassium K;
  • iron Fe;
  • copper Cu;
  • zinc Zn;
  • manganese Mn;
  • molybdenum Mo;
  • boron B.

Due to its rich composition, the Gumat +7 fertilizer is mainly used for feeding depleted soil:

  • with a low content of the humus layer;
  • with an acidic reaction of the environment (after the liming procedure);
  • alkaline with a small iron content.

Important! The predecessor of Humate +7 is Humate-80 - its composition is similar, but supplemented with microelements.

Types of feeding

The Gumat +7 series includes several types of dressings. They differ in their composition and purpose.

Humate +7

A universal remedy, which contains humates and seven trace elements. It is used to accelerate growth, prevent diseases and increase yields.

Important! Trace elements are present in the form of chelating compounds. Thanks to this chemical form, they are very quickly absorbed by plants, so the result is noticeable already in the middle of the season.

One of the convenient forms of release is dry powder (10 g)

Humate +7 Iodine

In the composition of this drug, iodine is present as an additional component (0.005% by weight). Basically, it is not intended for the development of plants, but for their protection from pests and diseases. Therefore, treatment with such a drug allows you to protect cultures from fungal infections and other pathologies.

Humate +7 trace elements

Classic organic mineral fertilizer with a balanced composition. There are several ways to use Humate +7 trace elements:

  1. Soaking seeds and bulbs.
  2. Top dressing of all crops 2-3 times during the season.
  3. Autumn watering of fruit and berry trees and bushes for normal wintering.
  4. Application to the soil during digging in the spring.

Humate +7 V

The drug is in liquid form with a similar composition (humates and compounds of trace elements, dissolved in water). It is used as a top dressing and growth stimulant. The systematic use of the product increases the yield.

Purpose of application

The tool is used for several purposes at once:

  1. Soaking seeds and bulbs, other planting material to increase germination.
  2. Seedling processing for a quick green mass gain.
  3. Application by root and foliar method to increase productivity, plant resistance to various diseases.
  4. Embedding in the soil to enrich its composition, increase the number of beneficial bacteria and other organisms.
  5. Improvement of the fertile properties of the soil after its chemical treatment (for example, after liming).

The use of the drug improves yields and prevents the development of diseases.

Forms of issue

The product is available in three forms:

  1. Dry powder, readily soluble in water. It can be stored for several years, the composition is inexpensive, and the concentration can be easily adjusted depending on the required dosage.
  2. Liquid form is a concentrated solution that must be diluted with water to obtain the required amount.
  3. The tablets are compressed powder. This form is especially convenient for novice summer residents, since it will not be difficult to calculate the required amount of funds for a specific processing area.

Liquid Humate +7 is sold in canisters of different sizes

Impact on soil and plants

The preparation contains all the necessary trace elements and organic compounds. Its use has a lot of positive qualities:

  • increases soil fertility;
  • accelerates the development of plants;
  • promotes good seed germination;
  • increases productivity;
  • improves resistance to various diseases.

How to breed Humate +7

Composition Humate +7 should be diluted in water at room temperature (you can pre-defend). The instruction depends on the form of release:

  1. Dissolve dry powder or tablets based on a universal ratio: 1 g of the product (about a third of a teaspoon) in a standard 10 liter bucket of water. With this solution, you can treat 2 m2 soil.
  2. Liquid: 1-2 ml (15-30 drops) for 1 liter of water or 10-20 ml for a standard 10 liter bucket of water. The bucket is used to process the same amount of soil (2 m2).

Advice! The drug is applied only in small doses, since it is a concentrated mixture of substances. If there are no scales and other measuring devices, you can be guided by the fact that the color of the finished solution should resemble weak (diluted with water) tea.

Instructions for use Gumat +7

The tool must be used strictly according to the instructions so as not to add too much fertilizer to the soil. Therefore, it is necessary to calculate the dosage in advance based on the treatment area.

Instructions for use Humate +7 Iodine

Excess fertilizer can damage crops. For the correct use of Humate plus 7 iodine, the following ratios are observed:

  1. For seed treatment, 0.5 g is dissolved in 1 liter of water.
  2. For the preparation of potato tubers and seedlings of fruit, berry crops and ornamental plants: 5 g per standard bucket of water.
  3. Root application of top dressing for different crops: 1 g per 10-20 liters of water.

Instructions for use Humate +7 trace elements

Depending on the composition of the drug, dosages may vary. For Humate +7 trace elements, the ratios are as follows:

  1. Soil processing - sprinkle 10 g of powder over 3 m2 area.
  2. Seed treatment: 0.5 g per 1 liter, hold for 1-2 days.
  3. For watering plants: 1 g per 10 liters.

Humate +7 refers to a universal dressing suitable for any crops

Application rules

The dosage of the fertilizer Humate +7 iodine and other products from this series depends on the purpose of use. To increase soil fertility, to process seedlings, seeds, various concentrations are used.

To improve the composition of the soil

In this case, the dry powder does not need to be dissolved in water. It needs to be scattered evenly (together with sand) in an amount of 10 g (half a tablespoon) for 2-3 m2 area. The site is pre-cleaned and dug onto a shovel bayonet. After the top dressing is scattered, it is embedded in the ground. Then the earth is given a little rest and begins to plant.

For soaking seeds

Powder or liquid Humate +7 must be diluted in water, but not in the usual ratio, but 10 times more. Those. take 10 g of powder per 1 liter of water, not 10 liters. The seeds are thoroughly mixed and soaked for several hours or days (but not more than the period that is needed for this type of culture). After that, the seeds should be immediately planted in a garden bed or seedlings.

For feeding seedlings

To obtain a healthy harvest, it is recommended to use Humate +7 already at the seedling stage. The composition is introduced by the root method. For this, a solution is prepared according to the standard ratio: 10 g per 10 l or 1 g per 1 l. The frequency of application is once every 2 weeks. You can start after the emergence of shoots.

Advice! If other fertilizers are used when growing seedlings, they must be applied in an amount of no more than 30% of the norm.

Ways of using Humate +7 Iodine for tomatoes

To process tomatoes, take dry potassium humate +7 iodine in an amount of 1-1.5 g per 1 liter of water or 10-15 g per 10 liters. This amount is suitable for processing 2-3 m2 area, i.e. for 6-10 adult tomato bushes.

Application of Humate +7 for feeding cucumbers

The dosage is exactly the same as when feeding tomatoes. The agent can be applied in two ways:

  1. Root: once every 2 weeks, up to four times per summer. You need to distribute 1 bucket over 2 m2.
  2. Foliar: also once every 2 weeks, up to 4 times per summer. Dispense 1 L per 10 m2.

How to use Humate +7 for flower feeding

Flowers and other ornamental plants are treated like this: dissolve 1 g of powder in 1-2 buckets of water. Add weekly, using a 2 m bucket2... With the foliar method - 1 l per 10 m2.

Humate can be fed both indoor and garden flowers.

Application of Humate +7 for roses

For the lush flowering of roses, top dressing Gumat +7 iodine is applied 4-5 times per season in the same quantities as for other flowers. It is advisable to alternate root dressing with foliar dressings. Processing is carried out in the evening, in dry and calm weather.

How to use Humate +7 for indoor plants

Indoor plants are watered only in spring and in the first half of summer, when they develop especially quickly. Spend 1 g per 10-15 liters. Moisturize abundantly. You can deposit up to 4 times per season.

For fruit and berry crops

Consumption depends on the method of application and the season:

  1. Root feeding: 1 g per 10-20 liters, 1 to 5 buckets of water should be spent on 1 plant.
  2. Foliar dressing: 1 g per 10-20 liters. For a young tree - 2-3 liters, for an adult - from 7 to 10 liters.
  3. Autumn (or after transplant): 3 g per standard bucket of water. For 1 tree or shrub spend from 1 to 5 buckets.

Compatibility with other drugs

Due to its natural composition, Humate +7 is compatible with most other preparations - dressings, growth stimulants and pesticides. However, you should not use this product in conjunction with superphosphates and other phosphorus fertilizers. In this case, there will be no benefit, since when the substances combine, they form insoluble precipitates. The best option is alternation:

  1. First, Humate is brought in +7.
  2. After 2-3 weeks, phosphate fertilizers are added. Moreover, their dosage should be reduced by 30%.

The fertilizer can be used in tank mixes with almost any pesticide and other protective agents. Experienced summer residents recommend combining Humat +7 with the following means:

  • SILK;
  • Aquarin;
  • EM preparations (Baikal, Vostok and others).

Advice! Before using several fertilizers together, it is recommended to dissolve them in a small container and combine them with each other. If a precipitate has formed, the preparations must be added separately.

Humate 7 is suitable for most tank mixes

Pros and cons of using

When using Humate +7 iodine according to the instructions for use, the reviews of almost all summer residents are positive: this drug is recommended by 90-100% of buyers. They point to several tangible benefits:

  1. Universal purpose: the drug combines the functions of fertilizer, growth stimulant and fungicide.
  2. Can be used for all cultivated plants (in general, it is enough to apply 3-4 times per season).
  3. A noticeable increase in yield.
  4. Improving the composition of even depleted soils.
  5. One of the best value for money: the drug is available for almost any summer resident.

Often, buyers indicate that the product has no drawbacks. However, in the reviews, some summer residents argue that, according to the instructions of Humat +7, iodine solution must be obtained in small doses, which is difficult to achieve at home. However, this can be dealt with by using a regular kitchen scale.

Security measures

The product belongs to the 4th class of danger, i.e. it does not pose a threat to humans and pets. Therefore, when processing soil and plants with Humate +7, it is not necessary to apply special safety measures. However, contact with the solution should be avoided:

  1. In the eyes - in this case, they should be rinsed under a stream of water of moderate pressure.
  2. Inside - you need to take several tablets of activated carbon and drink them with plenty of water.

In exceptional cases, with the appearance of various symptoms (burning in the eyes, pain in the abdomen), you need to seek medical help.

Also, the Gumat +7 fertilizer is not phytotoxic, it is safe for all groups of plants - cultivated and wild. Does not have a harmful effect on beneficial insects (ladybugs, bees, and others). Top dressing components do not accumulate in the soil, so processing can be carried out regularly.

The product does not pose any danger to humans, pets and beneficial insects

Rules and shelf life

The drug can be stored for three years from the date of release. Standard conditions: room temperature, moderate humidity, away from food and medicine. It is necessary to restrict the access of children, as well as pets.

Judging by the reviews of summer residents, Humate +7 iodine for feeding can be stored even in dissolved form. If the agent remains after processing, it is poured into a glass or plastic container of a dark color and kept in a dark, cool place for 1 month, i.e. until next processing. But if there is a lot of surplus, it makes no sense to store them for several months. In this case, the residues are discharged into a ditch or into a public sewer.


Ways of application Humate +7 is chosen depending on the purpose of use and the composition of the soil. The tool can be applied by root and foliar method. It is used to treat seeds and seedlings. When using, you must strictly follow the instructions, since an excess of organic matter and minerals is harmful to most plants.

Reviews on the use of fertilizer Gumat +7

Irina, 45 years old, Kostroma

I use Humate +7 for begonias and orchids - they are quite capricious, so they may not bloom at the slightest discomfort. I just don't like messing around with fertilizers. Even if you buy a complex one, you need to add organic matter. And here everything is simple: in Humate there are already organic salts and all sorts of minerals. I think this is a great option for the lazy. They say that the product is suitable for a summer cottage, flower garden, vegetable garden, etc.

Anna Viktorovna, 56 years old, Tyumen

In our conditions, it is difficult to harvest tomatoes, peppers and other capricious crops. But then I decided to try the tool Gumat 7, especially since it is inexpensive. I spread one gram per bucket of water, watered it all summer every 2 weeks. Then I counted everything: it turns out that I collected 4 kg from the bush of the same tomato, and usually 3, cucumbers also gave more (by 15%). Next season I plan to use this remedy again.

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