Apple Dream

Apple Dream is a well-known variety that bears harvest at the end of summer. To obtain a high yield, a suitable planting site is chosen and the tree is regularly looked after.

Breeding history

The apple tree of the Dream variety was bred by the All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Horticulture named after V.I. I. V. Michurin. Parent varieties: early ripe Pepin saffron and winter Papirovka. The Dream variety became widespread in the central region of Russia.

Description of the variety and characteristics with a photo

Apple Dream is a popular summer variety that produces crops before fall. Apples have good marketability and taste.

Adult tree height

The apple tree is of medium size and reaches a height of 2.5 m. Rarely do trees grow higher than 3-4 m. The trunk of the apple tree is straight and strong, the vigor of growth is average. The bark is reddish-gray, young branches are greenish-brown in color.


Medium and large-sized Mechta apples. The average weight of fruits is from 140 to 150 g. The maximum weight of apples is gained when growing a seedling on a dwarf rootstock.

Fruits are one-dimensional, rounded. The color is greenish-yellow. Under the sun's rays, a pink blush appears in the form of strokes. The pulp of the apples Dream is white with a pinkish tinge, loose, with a weak aroma.


The average yield of the Mechta variety is 120 g of fruits from each tree. With good agricultural technology, up to 150 kg of apples are removed. The crop is stored in cool conditions for no more than 1-2 months.

Winter hardiness

The Dream variety has good winter hardiness. The apple tree tolerates cold winters without additional shelter.

Disease resistance

Apple Dream is not very susceptible to fungal and viral diseases. For the prevention of diseases, it is recommended to carry out regular spraying.

Crown width

The Dream apple tree has a spreading crown, about 1 m wide, round-conical in shape. Regular pruning of the tree helps to shape the crown. The shoots are highly leafy. The leaves are large with a matte surface.


The Dream variety is not self-fertile. To obtain a crop, pollinators must be planted within a radius of no more than 40-50 m from the tree.

Varieties that bloom at the same time as the Dream are chosen as pollinators: Melba, Antonovka, Borovinka, etc.

The frequency of fruiting

Fruiting of the apple tree The dream begins at 4 years old. Under favorable conditions, the first crop can be removed 2 years after planting.

The yield is influenced by weather conditions and agricultural technology. Fewer apples are harvested after a cold winter or during a drought than in more favorable years.

Tasting assessment

Mechta apples are characterized by a sweet and sour taste. The tasting properties were given a rating of 4.5 points out of 5. Apples are suitable for a daily diet, juicing, jam and other types of processing.


A place for growing an apple tree Dream is prepared in advance. If necessary, change the topsoil and start digging a hole. Works are carried out in autumn or spring.

Site selection, pit preparation

A seedling of the Dream variety is planted in a sunny place, protected from the effects of the wind. The apple tree grows well on light fertile soils.

A hole is dug 3-4 weeks before planting. The optimal diameter is 50 cm, the depth is from 60 cm, depending on the size of the root system.

Sand is added to the clay soil, and a drainage layer of expanded clay or crushed stone is arranged at the bottom of the pit. Any type of soil is fertilized with humus and wood ash.

In autumn

The Dream apple tree is planted in the fall, in September or October after leaf fall. Before the beginning of winter, the seedling will have time to adapt to new conditions.

For autumn planting, it is not recommended to apply nitrogen-based fertilizers to the soil. Otherwise, the kidneys will swell before the winter cold.

In the spring

Spring planting is carried out after the snow melts and the soil warms up. It is important to plant the apple tree before the sap flow begins.

It is better to prepare the planting hole in the fall so that the soil shrinks. After planting, the seedling is watered with a solution of any complex fertilizer.


The yield of the Dream variety largely depends on care. The apple tree needs watering, feeding and pruning. Preventive treatments help protect the tree from diseases and pests.
Watering and feeding

In the spring and summer, the young tree is watered every week. A bucket of water is poured under each apple tree. In a drought, the volume of moisture is increased to 2-3 buckets. After watering, the soil is mulched with compost or humus, dry grass or straw is poured on top.

Mature trees are watered during flowering and early fruiting. At the end of summer and autumn, the application of moisture is stopped so as not to cause excessive growth of shoots.

Advice! In late autumn, abundant watering is performed to protect the apple tree from freezing.

Top dressing of the Dream apple tree is carried out according to the scheme:

  • in the end of April;
  • before flowering;
  • during the formation of fruits;
  • autumn harvest.

For the first feeding, 0.5 kg of urea is used. Fertilizer is scattered within the trunk circle. Urea promotes shoot growth.

Before flowering, the apple tree is fed with complex fertilizer. For 10 l of water add 40 g of potassium sulfate and 50 g of superphosphate. The solution is poured over the tree at the root.

The third feeding provides the Dream apple tree with useful substances necessary for pouring the fruits. In a bucket with a volume of 10 liters, 1 g of sodium humate and 50 g of nitrophoska are dissolved. The solution is used to water the apple tree.

The last dressing helps the trees recover from fruiting. Wood ash is embedded in the ground. Of the minerals, 200 g of superphosphate and potassium sulfate are used.

Preventive spraying

To protect the dream apple tree from diseases and pests, preventive treatments are required. The first procedure is performed in early spring before the swelling of the kidneys. Add 700 g of urea to a bucket of water. The solution is poured over the soil in the trunk circle and the tree branches are sprayed.

After flowering, the Dream apple tree is treated with Karbofos or Actellik insecticides. For the prevention of fungal diseases, preparations based on copper are used. Spraying is repeated in late autumn after harvest.


Thanks to pruning, the crown of the Dream apple tree is formed and the yield increases. Pruning is carried out with an early vein before the buds swell or in the fall after leaf fall. Sections are treated with garden pitch. In the summer, dry branches and leaves that cover apples from the sun are removed.

A full-fledged pruning begins at 2-3 years of life of the apple tree. The shoots are shortened and leave 2/3 of the total length. They also eliminate shoots growing inside the tree. With this treatment, a five-year-old apple tree will form a crown, which does not need further pruning.

Shelter for the winter, protection from rodents

The trunks of young trees in the fall are obliged with spruce branches to protect against rodents. In an adult apple tree, the trunk is treated with a solution of lime.

The Dream variety tolerates winter frosts well. For additional protection, they carry out podzimny watering and spud the tree trunk. The soil in the trunk circle is mulched with humus.

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

The main advantages of the Dream apple tree:

  • commercial and taste qualities of fruits;
  • good productivity;
  • early maturity of the variety;
  • resistance to winter frost.

The disadvantages of the Dream variety are:

  • the need to plant a pollinator;
  • limited storage period for fruits;
  • unstable fruiting;
  • tendency to crack apples in high humidity.

Prevention and protection against diseases and pests

The main diseases of the apple tree are:

The apple tree is attacked by many pests:

Insecticides are used against insects. Spraying is carried out in spring and summer. All treatments are stopped 3-4 weeks before harvesting.


Apple Dream is a time-tested variety. Dream apples are not suitable for long-term storage, so they are best used for home canning or included in the summer diet.


Yana, 25 years old, Nizhny Novgorod

Last year I got the first harvest from the Dream apple tree. The tree was planted 4 years ago. Apples are characterized by white firm pulp and high juice content. The taste is sweet and sour, the aroma is mild. Hopefully the apple tastes better in the hotter summer.

Alexander, 38 years old, St. Petersburg

The Dream variety attracted by its high scab resistance. Even without treatments, the trees do not show signs of the disease. The Melba apple tree stands out for its winter hardiness, but later it begins to bear fruit in comparison with other varieties. If ripe fruits are not picked in time, they begin to crumble. Apples sit for a long time after being removed from the tree.

Valentina, 62 years old, Lipetsk

The Mesta apple tree has been growing on the site for many years. Fruit ripening does not start at the same time. The taste is very rich, sweet and sour. The apples are large and juicy, white-pink, under the sun's rays they acquire a bright streak-like blush. I use them to make juice and jam. The average weight of fruits is 150 g. The tree has grown to 2.5 m, it is very convenient to pick apples from it.

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