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Will tomatoes burn from manure

Hello, tell me, if in a greenhouse where peppers and tomatoes will grow, put manure in a small amount, will the tomatoes burn?


They will not burn out, they can simply build up a large green mass to the detriment of the fruits.

Tomatoes do not like manure; they will start to eat fat.

What for?

I don’t know with my mother they love manure (horse and not fresh for at least a year). We are right in the furrows where they plant them, but there we have (in the country) clay. It seems always with tomatoes, and in very decent quantities. We always send boxes for food and for treating everyone and grandmother to Moscow, and we have enough food for salting and the whole family with friends, and we sold it before last year (last year there was no time for this). But we really and always plant them quite a lot.

The main thing is that it is not fresh.

Well, even fresh horse, only for cucumbers and other gourds.

Do not put a lot of manure or humus under the tomatoes - there will be little tomato

And what will not happen to cucumbers?

I have a horse, horse manure was left in the greenhouses in the winter in the greenhouse, everyone was dug up now, now I worry if it does not harm tomatoes and cucumbers? Something by the eye is straight a lot of this manure

I don’t have to cucumbers, for my generally fresh bag I picked up a bag for stalls, but it’s not quite fresh for tomatoes, and how long before that I used soil in beds and what soil? We laid clay on the furrows, there wasn’t much fat to eat there, the land for many years before that was without any fertilizers, already rotted, it had been lying there for a year at least in a heap.

I don’t know what soil I have, I don’t know how to determine, but in general I try to fertilize every autumn, here with manure it looks like a bed